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Nintendo 3DS: Check Out All The Characters In This Mario Kart 7 Trailer

Nintendo has released a new trailer for Mario Kart 7 which shows off a whole host of characters that will feature in the game. Everyone’s there from Mario to Wriggler. Sadly there’s no audio in the video but it’s well worth a watch. Mario Kart 7 is released December 2nd in Europe and December 4th in North America.

51 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Check Out All The Characters In This Mario Kart 7 Trailer”

  1. I do really hope, that Waluigi will be in the game. I mean, hello!? He is in the Mario universe since Mario Tennis on the N64 and his curcuit, the Waluigig Pinball is also in the game.

  2. Nintendo delayed super mario 3d land for 17 of november!!!! on Mexico im mad!!!!! Why nintendo keeps hating latin american players there’s not even a reward club here

  3. Aaaawh yeah. Some awesome sneaky little track reveals in here too. I’m usually a Yoshi man, but I may dabble in a bit of Shy Guy or possibly Man of Steel Mario if he isn’t heavy (which he will be – so… hmm). Problem with Wiggles McGee? His top set of hands are distracting as hell, I think!

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    1. He’s probably an unlockable character. Don’t worry, I’m sure there are more drivers available, it’s just that Nintendo doesn’t want to spoil everything in the game right now.

    1. coconut mall is the worst course from the Wii game. Koopa Cape is pretty solid. I heard Mushroom Gorge also made it.

      I’m more excited for the N64 classics: Koopa Beach (Used to be Koopa Troopa Beach) and Kalimari Desert (shown in video!). Those were 2 of the best ones from game (who am I kidding 95% of them were ‘best’ ones)

  5. okay, don’t get me wrong i love mario kart, but i saw like 5 or 6 courses in that trailer that I’ve already played! Why do they keep insisting on doing this?! Like, seriously, I just played Snes Super Mario Circuit on my wii…why do I want to play the same course again in a new mario kart game? -_-
    ugh…just wish they could replace those 5 or 6 with new ideas. it seems like lazyness.
    i saw, coconut mall, mario circuit, snes mario circuit, mushroom gorge, koopa beach and koopa cape, that maple tree one, the train track on from n64…prlly others too.
    so annoying!

  6. Hi all!

    Is it just me or this game smells really really good?!!!
    I mean i am a huge fan of every mariokart game since the very beginning but this time i can’t wait anylonger!!
    I’m really glad the snake won’t be possible, i’m really pleased with the old circuits and the new ones aswell as it’s gonna be a mix between experience and new things!
    Does anyone want to challenge me on the wii, i’m not driving a motorbike but a kart as i think it’s even better to win with a slower vehicle!
    Seriously it’s hard to beat me without cheating!
    Anyone tempted?!

  7. 1. This is not a trailer, it’s a compilation of the clips that show off the characters on the official japanese website. That’ why there’s no sound.
    2. I’ve read somewhere that these are not all characters, but I’m not sure. Waluigi is probably one of these secret characters since his track is in the game.
    3. About old tracks: there will be 4×4 new tracks and 4×4 old tracks just like on Nintendo DS. Also, the old courses have been modified for underwater driving and paragliding.

  8. LOL no Waluigi i rarely use him anyway beside i never seen someone online on mario kart wii use him that much. My top characters now are Toad, Wiggler, Lakitu, and ShyGuy!!

    1. LOL, yea I know! Get rid of classic characters like Waluigi and replace them with these totally new made-up ones!? Whats wrong Nintendo!?! Still excited to play the game but that would relly ruin it fr me if Waluigi wasnt in it!

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  10. Hey guys, if Lakitu is a playable character, then who`s gonna pick us up to the track when we fall from a cliff or in the water, and c`mon, who`s gonna stand there with the start lights on the begining of each course????

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