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Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Of America President Says Nintendo Has Learned Lessons From 3DS Launch, Won’t Happen With Wii U

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime has told Brazilian website UOL Jogos that the company has learnt important lessons from the Nintendo 3DS launch and promises a strong line-up of games when it launches Wii U sometime after April 2012.

“In terms of lessons learned, we need to ensure we have a strong line-up of games when we release hardware – especially titles from Nintendo. Looking back, maybe we did not have the best lineup of games on 3DS.”

“And that’s why sales were not so good, which forced us to make some drastic decisions and reduce the price.”

“Since we did it… our sales have been very good. And we have high expectations for the 3DS this Christmas.”

51 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Nintendo Of America President Says Nintendo Has Learned Lessons From 3DS Launch, Won’t Happen With Wii U”

  1. Nintendo have been in the gamest industry for nearl 3 decades. How did they not know this already? A child knows this.

    1. Simple. They never tried the tactic before, as they allowed the 3rd party companies a chance to release some big titles early on…that didn’t work out too well but there were still some rather good launch titles for the 3DS, regardless.

    2. They relied too much on the 3DS hype and on third parties. The 3DS hype was big, as they were able to sell a lot of unit at launch, but the third party support was not good. For that reason, Nintendo were forced to slash the price on the system early on because their development cycles are usually longer than that of other companies, so they couldn’t just release their games when they were not finished. Those long development cycles is something Nintendo fans have gotten costume to. Then there was the fact that the 3DS did not have important features, such as demos and stuff, that people usually want in their new system. That way, even if there are no games out, people can still enjoy demos. Also, the 3DS is still pretty low on actual 3DSware games. The Wii has been able to survive this year on that alone, so they really messed that up.

      Considering the games they’re releasing shortly like Freaky Forms (finally!), it seems they have indeed learned their lessons. I’m interested to know what Nintendo plans on delivering on the Wii U.

    3. Because
      NES launch with Super Mario Bros + Duck Hunt
      SNES launch with Super Mario World
      N64 launch with Super Mario 64
      GC launch with Pikmin, Luigi Mansion
      Wii launch with Wii Sports

  2. Good news and bad news…
    Good: Lineup might be good.
    Bad: We should expect the Wii U to be slightly overpriced, and stay at that price for longer than 6 months.

  3. Coming out of Reggie’s mouth, I wonder how credible his words are. He needs to give us those Operation Rainfall games to regain our trust. I’m gonna be buying the Wii U when it launches, but I better see there being a Mario title at launch, Ninja Gaiden 3, Batman: Arkham City, Darksiders II, and even Pikmin 3.

    1. I’m giving him the benefit of the doubt. Reggie is the typical corporate guy who sugar-coats his words (and he does it to some degree here). But, his statement does run parallel with Iwata’s statement about the 3DS’s poor performance. If he at least confirms mistakes have been made and will make efforts to rectify that, then it does give me some optimism that they won’t repeat the same errors with the Wii U.

  4. Really? They think it was just about titles?

    The price killed my interest as well as everyone else I know.

    After the price drop it started selling better even with a weak line up so hmmmm.
    Line up or price?

    1. Probably more so the lineup, since you don’t go out and buy a console and don’t buy any games for it. The price probably set a few off, but I think the available titles was a larger impact. I waited until the eShop launch to get mine (due to no games). More people would have early adopted if OOT was a launch title along with something like Mario 3D Land.

    2. It’s been getting a stronger lineup. Star Fox 64 3D, Kirby Mass Attack, Professor Layton… now with Mario 3D Land on Sunday and Mariokart 7 coming up quickly sales will explode with the new Nintendo titles.

    3. I would say line up. There was interest in the system, but there were not games to match that interest. Even with the price drop, the 3DS has been selling a lot, but the games are not. A lot of people are using it to play DS games, which is why the DS is not selling as well anymore. Had they had the games, the 3DS could have sold at its original price maybe not to everyone, but a lot of people who were ready for the upgrade would have bought it.

  5. the industry has changed a great deal over the past 30 yrs. not to mention this is the first time since the Sega Gamegear has the “Gameboy” had such a heavy competitor. smart phones are squeezing into the market even though most of the apps are horrid. (angry birds, com on folks, ever play worms… way flippin better!)
    handhelds will dominate the market again when they get the online service like a cell. question is weather Nintendo wants to get involved the cell business, because that’s the step needed to fight with the smartphone competition.

    1. We waited years to even get the black Wii. The Wii U is not a handheld, you know. The 3DS is something you carry with you, so you get a color that matches your preference. The Wii U, a home console, will be available in colors that may match your room, so it’ll be white or black. New colors may appear, but they would look silly at the start.

      1. They tricked us with that image with 5 different colors before launch (for the Wii). None of them made it except the black one. That one didn’t come for a long time either.

  6. Nintendo made two mistakes with the 3DS launch. First, the price was a little too high, which they corrected quickly enough. Second, they allowed the 3rd party companies the chance to take the forefront of the release.

    It was something that everyone COMPLAINED they didn’t do with the Wii. Does anyone remember how companies complained that they weren’t selling because Nintendo’s games were overshadowing them?

    Yeah, it turns out that third party companies aren’t eager to actually take the risk when they’re given the ball. Imagine that. I can’t see Nintendo making this mistake again. And maybe in the future the third parties will actually deliver when they’re given the chance.

    Yeah, I don’t believe that latter one either.

  7. It’s really a shame that the 3DS launch strategy didn’t work out that well because it sounded great in theory. Nintendo allowed 3rd party developers to have their time in the spotlight to make their games known.

    Unfortunately, it seemed to turn back on Nintendo when almost none of the games were well recieved, although I hear Pilotwings is pretty good.

    1. Not liking Aurielle Rounsaville? :-)

      Well if I had the option I’d have to say Yes to her, but I can rest easy knowing that’s not gonna happen. Also don’t think my girlfrend would appreciate it.

  8. The price was the most crippling factor to the 3DS launch. I only bought a 3DS at launch because it can play DS games and I was about to buy a DS to play some old games of mine (sold my DS years ago) and when I heard the 3DS would play my games I thought might aswell, then when I saw the price my heart skipped a beat, I nearly didn’t buy it but thought to hell with it and got it anyway. Then when i looked at the library I became more frustrated at how little games it launched with. I didn’t like ANY of the games the 3DS launched with, I bought Rayman 3D anyway but its still in its shrink wrapper to this day. The first 3DS game I played was ocarina of time 3D.

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