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Nintendo: Nintendo Responds To PETA Anti Mario Pro-Fur Claim

A Nintendo spokesperson has responded to the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals claim that the Tanooki Suit, which features prominently in the forthcoming Super Mario 3DS, endorses animal cruelty. Here’s what Nintendo had to say:

“Mario often takes the appearance of certain animals and objects in his games.”

“These have included a frog, a penguin, a balloon and even a metallic version of himself. These lighthearted and whimsical transformations give Mario different abilities and make his games fun to play.

“The different forms that Mario takes make no statement beyond the games themselves.”

100 thoughts on “Nintendo: Nintendo Responds To PETA Anti Mario Pro-Fur Claim”

        1. Actually, that anon was right, in the world of big corporations there is litterally NO SUCH THING as bad publicity.

          No matter how negative, any form of publicity is good publicity.

          1. Not really true. If it keeps more people from buying your products than it makes people buy your products, then it’s bad publicity.

            1. For the case of PETA, bad publicity is still good publicity.

              1) PETA says something stupid.
              2) People hate PETA.
              3) News spread; more people hate PETA.
              4) Everybody who hates PETA and never heard of them before learns of PETA’s cause.

        2. And in effect, wouldn’t Nintendo gain publicity itself by being mentioned that the “New Super Mario 3D Land coming out on 11-13-11” features the these(above mentioned) violations. Part of me thought, maybe it was a smear campaign orchestrated by Sony or Microsoft to keep 3D moral/momentum down. Ever paranoid much?

  1. People are offended about this NOW? Mario has been wearing suits of a wide variety (some animal) for two decades! Why wait until NOW to bring this up? It’s a dumb argument, anyway.

  2. It’s somewhat funny/weird PETA claims this Tanooki suit it’s related to animal cruelty and smashing turtles for several years now it’s not even mentioned -_-
    That seems weird to me, maybe their main goal it’s not related to animal cruelty itself (and yes, OF COURSE even if they mentioned that about turtles it will be RIDICULOUS)
    Mario it’s known as one of the most famous characters which comes from a company who it’s pro-everyone-factor.

    And this is a SUIT not a skin, it could be synthetic! And finally, Mario takes this form by obtaining a LEAF item, so, the real message Mario it’s saying it’s: “It’s OK to wear magical leafs” =P

      1. They actually did make a game against mario and KFC (yes, simultaneously), I think it was called Super Chicks Bros. or something. Look it up, its kinda werid O_0

  3. I stopped seeing PETA as an actual animal rights group a while ago. Now, I don’t know what’s going through their heads, I’ve never heard of anything they’ve done besides protest.

  4. A lot of companies usually take out the object of controversy just to appeal to these people who most likely don’t buy the product regardless of anything it has in it…

  5. I would’ve just said it’s a magical costume that’s actually made from cotton but this statement works too. Though watch PETA pull some bullshit out of their ass to completely disregard this statement.

  6. Hello! Its-a me! Mario! Imma sorry you PETA sub-humans are so a-stupid..but it’s ok don’t cry, my pal Link here will a-skin you guys instead.

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  8. Gets straight to the point, without unnecessary pretty words or runarounds. All they said were the facts, and that’s all they needed to say, since the facts speak for themselves. Good move.

    1. Very popular misconception, the Koopas are based on the Kappas which are actually demons in Japanese mythology, that explains why they can get out of their shells or use them as weapons unlike turtles.

  9. I’m surprised they even bothered. They could have mentioned that you don’t even get the suit from an animal though, but from a Leaf… hence it’s not ‘cruelty’.

    Then again, if it was, with the kind of Tanookis found in the Mario series (see, Super Mario Sunshine blue coin shop), that wouldn’t be too bad…

    1. lol they’ll start protests where they ask you to set your cats and dogs free. Except that’s the exact opposite of what PETA does.

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  11. The fact that Nintendo had to waste time responding to this really pisses me off. PETA is a hypocritical group that breaks serious laws on a regular basis. I’m very much for animal rights and because (not in spite, but because) of that I wish PETA were forcibly shut down. They’re an embarrassment.

  12. Nintendo could steal their thunder with a ‘Tanuki vs Tanooki: Know the difference’ online campaign. Educate PETA and others while tying it into promotion of the new game.

  13. PETA does sometimes go overboard with their passion for animal rights, but that does not make them stupid,idiots or losers. There are many people who abuse animals, and animal cruelty is no joke.

        1. You know, funny enough, PETA advocated to not use Euthanasia on animals yet once they find either a stray or suspected abuse on pets (majority of them not even true), they actually euthanize them.

    1. See WWW, for the truth on PeTA And how they were involed in a horrid crime that shock the city of Norfolk Virgina!

  14. I don’t get why they say absolutely nothing about the exploding dogs in CoD yet they go and attack the tanooki suit from Mario. Maybe they want people to think they’re all idiots.

  15. It’s kinda ridiculous tbh. Who even says the suit is made of tanooki fur?
    It’s like me dressing up in a dog costume and you jumping to the conclusion i’m using dog fur or something…
    It doesn’t even make sense.

  16. Mario’s items actually help him from life and death situations. Think about it, if you, a normal human being, just cannot possibly jump to the other side of a broken bridge, you would look for a brown leaf and use it to glide to the other side so you could meet your objective of touching a pole and sliding down.

  17. While we’re arguing about mario wearing racoon furs the mexicans are jumping the border without our knowledge! Get back to what’s important people!

    1. smfh its PETA you fucking moron, not the government. Good lord, and americans wonder why the world thinks the U.S. is full of idiots.


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  19. Whoa I just noticed this: Super Mario 3D Land has 3 in it just like SMB3!. No wonder they have the tanooki suit in the game. Silly Nintendo, o_O. And also if you look at an actual tanooki, their fur is brownish balck with patches of white, while SM3DL has only one color, brown. So technically, it is a mythical creature. Though it is similar too a flying squirrel. *Mysterious mysic*

  20. PeTA=

    Those idiotical Noobs from PeTA should look up the history and the Lengendary stories of the Tanooki/Tanuki (aka Japanese Racoon Dog) and should study how these wonderful creatures are a part of Japanese History and Culture and understand why the Japanese adore them!

  21. Lol idk about u guys but Nintendo should Make a game Or Free DLC that makes all the enemies in Super Mario Bros 2 look like people from PETA lol

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