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Nintendo 3DS: Here’s Exactly What Those Life-Size Mario Karts Created By West Coast Customs Look Like

Nintendo announced earlier today that it had teamed up with West Coast Customs to create two life-size Mario Karts. There’s the classic Mario Standard kart which comes with a hand-glider attached and also the Luigi Bumble V kart which looks like a bumblebee and also has a propeller to help it glide through water. Here’s a few snazzy photos.

51 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Here’s Exactly What Those Life-Size Mario Karts Created By West Coast Customs Look Like”

  1. I like that the bee kart has the propeler for WATER ans the fat-ass kart gets the GLIDER. Wouldn’t it make sense if it was the other way around? Nintendo fails at few thing and they are the ones that are easy to spot.

    1. If you had taken the time to read the full article, you’d notice that the karts are not drive-able. That being said, does it really matter if the glider is on the bee kart?

      1. I already knew that idiot. If you look a few posts down at Zacks post about if the karts are drivable I said no. Ironic isn’t it.

    2. I don’t know what you’re smoking but these two karts are of the same size. And as EVERYONE knows the glider is a new main feature of the game so it would make much more sense to put it on Mario’s kart as the same has been done to the cover.

      You fail at several things and they are all impossible to miss.

          1. Oh whatever I don’t care really I just want the game to come out RIGHT NOW. Please Nintendo stop the suspense by giving us the update

    1. if you click on the pictures theres a different page that says that it can’t drive. (There’s also a picture of Reggie Fil-Aime in Mario’s kart)

  2. lol, Reggie sitting in the kart… the karts look a bit big, but whatever, still cool. They should make regular sized Mario karts for consumers. Those would be fun to drive.

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