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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Of America President Talks Wii U

Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime believes that Wii U will disrupt the market in a similar way to Wii and Nintendo DS. Reggie wouldn’t go into specifics, but he did state that Nintendo will be taking advantage of the Wii U’s second screen and the all-round connectivity the console offers.

“The Wii U has to deliver a differentiated experience that can only be brought to bear through the use of these two screens. If all we do is a beautiful game in HD, it’s been done before. We have to take advantage of the second screen, we need to take advantage of the connectivity that the system will offer and, if we do that, we believe that we will yet again disrupt the market the same way we with DS and Wii.”

61 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Of America President Talks Wii U”

    1. If any one company has dominated the industry, there is no competition to drive the progression of the technology. It is competition that pushes these companies to do bigger and better and make better games for us, the comsumers.

  1. It has a chance to disrupt the market if:
    A) price is RIGHT
    B) Has a solid line up of launch games and more after launch

    No 500 console, I don’t see it being $400 either, just keep it in the lower to mid 300s and we got a very good deal.

    1. I agree with what you said. If it’s $400 I won’t buy it but $350 and with good launch titles, it’ll be even more appealing

      1. Ya right…ur going to not buy it because of a 50 dollar difference? please. Ur going to get it, stop foolin urself. The only way I’m not getting it is if its priced like the original PS3. If they do that they will lose me. I can do 400$ especially with a packed in game!!

        1. maybe you, but if its 350 that 50 can mean another game you could get at launch, ill be waiting till after a price drop either way.

            1. yea ur gona miss….moments of lag, then u’ll need some updates, games that you could get later with a good review…ur not gona miss out

              1. Ha! Exactly. No one misses out by going into a console mid-way through its life span. Most “launch” titles suck, the developers make better games once they get the hang of the console and its programming quirks, and “early adopters” make great beta testers to work out all the kinks in a system or game. :)

  2. I Like that Nintendo goes HD and a touchscreen has in his controler.
    But i don’t like the name Wii-U, i hope that they gonna change it.
    Nin-U our Nintend0 U our something.

      1. I hope so because my Wifi is only 2.6 Megs per second as of what said.

        Enthernet should boast it to almost 4 Megs as i lose lots through wifi.

        1. and the even more awkward silence when you don’t realize he was replying to himself.

          Click on his avy, they both have the same profile, he does this all the time.

  3. i’m behind on the news, as the U is going to be underpowdered compared to next gen ps and xbox is the U going to offer optional cloud gaming like onlive? i heard something about it. I dont really like the idea of cloud gaming but it would be good if a few year old dated machine could offer that to prolong its life.

      1. Exactly. Since we’re some time off from the next great leap in visuals, the only hardware advancements I see happening will probably only involve more efficient operation and energy usage. The numbers won’t change, but the best of those numbers will be more accessible.

        If the next generation is about anything, it’s interfaces. Online, offline and control, whoever has the best of these and holds the widest audience appeal on both ends will see good days here. Since Nintendo has the benefit of working with non-traditional control schemes for so long, bulding this into an otherwise traditional “analog and buh-tons” controller that can be used as such already gives them an edge against companies who are still figuring motion out. Give the console a good memory situation (at least the potential for one) and a much-improved online network, and the next few years could be very good to Nintendo.

  4. i’m behind on the news, as the U is going to be underpowdered compared to next gen ps and xbox is the U going to offer optional cloud gaming like onlive? i heard something about it. I dont really like the idea of cloud gaming but it would be good if a few year old dated machine could offer that to prolong its life. P.s. What is origin?

    1. Read my post above to see why I wouldn’t worry about it. The next great leap won’t be for a while, and developers, while they want something fresh and interesting to work with, also want familiar enough conditions in the meanwhile. The PS3 was solid proof of that.

      For those reasons, I wouldn’t expect Sony and Microsoft to be leaps and bounds beyond what Wii U does. If anything, the situation would be more like PS2’s as opposed to what the Wii experienced. If the library is right, along with improvements in memory (or at least the ability to add more) and a good online network, the system should thrive.

  5. Happy Zelda day!
    Well for European readers at least.

    Anyway, I’m happy to hear Reggie talking about the console like this. Just hope Nintendo aren’t the only ones who take advantage of the screen for more than a map screen. Though it’ll work well for Alien games just so you have the scanner they use “That’s in the room!”

  6. I love nintendo and will only buy their consoles. I need them to understand they are starting a new generation. I’m not at all a graphic whore… But they need to take full advantage of the specs from day one. The rumor is Nintendo is trying to win back some of their hardcore fans that left for ps360. If you are claiming that you need to show them from day one that this console is powerful, and has the mature games you are going to want to play. I can argue E3 2012 ois the most important E3 in nintendo history. Rumors suggest the others (Sony and Microsoft) will be announcing their consoles. Nintendo is going to have to put on a hell of a show to sway hardcore gamers.

    1. They’ve already got Ken Levine’s attention, so it’s looking like they’ve got something good behind the curtain.

  7. I plan on getting a WiiU (in black of course, don’t care for white-colored consoles) That way, I’ll be able to play those Wii games I haven’t played yet like Mario Galaxy and DKC Returns. I just hope that the console will be able to compete with the PS4 and 720, unlike the existing Wii against the PS3 and 360.

    1. well so far the Wii U will be the most powerfull of next gen becasue sony stated that thyere next console (PS4) wont have a huge graphical update

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    1. The new SSB is gonna be the greatest game EVER! :D Too bad it won’t be here for at LEAST four years, if Sakarai’s previous statements are anything to go by. :(

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