Nintendo 3DS: Metal Gear Solid 3DS Finally Gets A Release Date

Konami has finally dated Metal Gear Solid: The Snake Eater 3D during a press event commemorating the upcoming release of Metal Gear Solid HD Edition. Metal Gear Solid: The Snake Eater 3D will be released in Japan on March 8th.


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  1. So, we should have this one late next year in NA… oh well… let’s hope that Kid Icarus will be out by that time!

  2. I have MGSHD, and hey looks like this one won’t be out until after rising and MGS5 in the US.

  3. WOOHOO now i can tranfar the HD collection Snake Eater to my 3DS from my Wii! oh wait no the Wii isnt HD compatible so it cant get all the good games.

  4. i just bought the game skyward sword limited edition and is garbage
    the wii remote looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

    1. If you don’t like the game, why do you keep buying the special edition,

      god damn, you must have spent at least $420

      1. chill generic this is a damn troll ive seen this post on like 4 different articles its been copyed and pasted sooooo many times!

  5. Back on topic, I wonder if they would come up with better camera controls, like maybe the way you can aim in zelda. Instead on taking the important buttons away. That or maybe an automatic camera so we don’t have to worry. I’d just rather have more buttons rather than them to be occupied by the camera.

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