Nintendo 3DS: Metroid II Coming To Nintendo 3DS eShop This Week

Nintendo Europe has announced that Metroid II will be appearing on the Virtual Console section of the Nintendo 3DS eShop this Thursday and will be priced at £3.60/€4.00. Nintendo of America has yet to announce when the game is coming to North America.


    1. Nintendo is probably not doing a 25th anniversary for Metroid because they are focusing on Zelda this year, like Mario last year. Nintendo doesn’t want to do two anniversary’s in one year it will make it less special. I myself love Metroid and I most likely see Nintendo celebrating the 30th anniversary when they would have released more games for the series by then.

  1. i just bought the game skyward sword limited edition and is garbage
    the wii remote looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

    1. OK, and that has what to do with Metroid II being released on the Nintendo 3DS?

      And that’s fine if that’s your opinion, but most would disagree. Why you bought the bundle when it shows the “crappy” Wii Remote Plus on the box is beyond me… Unless you’re trolling. In that case, I’m done here.

    2. This guy is a troll he’s been sending out the same post on all the most recent topics. Why would he buy the limited edition then say it’s crap, no one does that. And since he can’t explain why the orchestra soundtrack is mistaken he’s just a fool I’d like to see you better you sad douche. Dumbass calibrate the controller properly and since waggling throws the calibration off on wii motion plus if clearly playing it wrong if you even brought the game in the first place frickin troobs

    3. For the controls it depends on you position in front of the tv and sensor. If you sitting in a chair that make you see over the tv it will not be accurate because that wiimote plus will act strange base on you position. Also the game has a Calibrate.

  2. M2 was an extremely difficult game. My very first gameboy game ever way back in the day, like 18 or so years ago (whenever it first game out.). No map, difficult gameplay, looking forward to playing it again.

  3. Hooray, the worst Metroid game! Relatively, of course. Given that my main reason for playing Metroid II is to sit and listen to the SR388 theme, I’ll give this one a pass.
    Now give me my Fusion Nintendo.

    1. Seriously, Nintendo has treated Zelda like royalty all through this year. Zelda is my personal favorite gaming franchise, but honestly, they need to give other franchises some time in the spotlight.

  4. Nintendo also forgot this year was Donkey Kong’s 30th b-day. (as well as Mario’s aka ‘Jumpman’)

  5. Metroid II was the first “real” game I ever played. To this day the soundtrack is stuck in my head. I am SUPER amped.

  6. They need to release Super Metroid on the eShop. Minish Cap too.

    I never played Link’s Awakening. Worth getting the DX version from eShop?

    1. why would they put a super nintendo game on the eshop they only vc eshop games is game boy game boy color game gear and turbografx-16

      1. Apparently it’s more than just those systems as NES and Gameboy Advanced games are also coming down the pike.

        Nice try though…

    2. Agree, SNES games need to go to the eShop. I’m hoping Minish Cap makes it for the remaining Ambassador games.

      Yes Link’s Awakening is definitely worth it. I love that one.

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