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Nintendo 3DS: CVG Reviews Mario Kart 7 And Says It’s The Best Mario Kart Game Ever 94/100

British gaming publication CVG has awarded Mario Kart 7 a whopping 9.4/10 and have stated that it’s the Mario Galaxy of the Mario Kart franchise. Eurogamer have also reviewed Mario Kart 7 and have awarded it 8/10 stating that it’s a handheld technical marvel. Mario Kart 7 is released December 2nd in Europe and December 4th in the United States.

67 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: CVG Reviews Mario Kart 7 And Says It’s The Best Mario Kart Game Ever 94/100”

    1. I like Double Dash, but the game was really lacking compared to DS and Wii games. Sure, it’s the only one with double racers, but they stripped down the gameplay and did not have enough modes of play to make it fun by yourself. The multiplayer is great, but I still think the game was “slightly” inferior to the recent Mario Kart games.

  1. maybe I should go to europe the 1st of December, buy mk7 the 2nd, come back to the us the 3rd, then show it to my friends the 4th… just kidding that’d be expensive and useless.

  2. I’ll be the judge of that. I remember some people saying the same thing about Mario Kart DS and I didn’t rightfully care for that. Hopefully this won’t be the same scenario.

  3. I Am The Yeti. You Are Scum

    Why is Mario Kart DS the pinnacle? What about 64? Anyways….can’t wait for the game! Finally a 3DS game to play online (besides Street Fighter of course)

      1. The Rainbow Road on MK Wii was too easy! That was the first track I raced and I won it online 3 years ago when there were good racers! That was my first track because I was a guest at my friend’s house.

  4. Looking forward to it if it is as addictive as Mario Kart DS and the only reason I stopped is due to the phat DS’ weight on my grip.

    Also the online better be flawless.

  5. I just hope snaking is reduced to where it does not break the game online. I used to snake on MKDS, but that’s only because that was the only way to win most of the time. It felt like a chore, even though I could do it.

    From the looks of the videos, the drifting is similar to Mario Kart Wii, which is good. I do hope the online will be superb. :)

  6. Has mario kart ever scored really high on reviews? Don’t care how it scares. Kartin’ ain’t about the score, it’s about the fun. Come on now.

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