Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Want The Next Zelda To Be Completed In A Three Year Time Span

During the latest Iwata Asks segment Nintendo president Satoru Iwata asked Aonuma-san and Fujibayashi-san whether it would be possible to complete the next Zelda game in a three-year time span rather than the five years it’s taken them with The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword.

I really don’t know what to do! (laughs) For the next one, if we will build on the methods we established this time, we might end up getting into a rut.

That’s difficult. I’m thinking about the next game, too, and I feel like the hurdle is really high.

But there is a lot left that we didn’t do this time.

You have limited time and people, so there’s bound to be something left over. But five years is a long time. (laughs) Can’t you do it in three years next time?

Sorry! You’re right! (laughs wryly)

Sorry, I’ll think of something that can happen in three years!


        1. What about Impa, Midna, Tingle, Anju, Dampé, Great Fairy, Malon, Postman, Skull Kid, Talon, Ruto, Darunia, Saria, Ingo, Keaton, Koume, Kotake, Lake Scientist, Mido, Nabooru, Rauru, Fi…

          Yeah, not enough characters…

    1. The quicker a Zelda game gets completed, the worse it’s gonna be. So I’d think it would be better in a 5 year span, like it was for Skyward Sword.

  1. If they use the engine they used to make Skyward Sword I’m certain they could get a Zelda Wii U game done in 3 years, maybe even 2 or less.

      1. Me too. I love the look of Skyward Sword, it looks so much brighter and more colourful than what Twilight Princess looks like, TP looks all dark and gloomy which can make it have a slight depressing feel.

        1. I disagree… Twilight Princess may have a dark style but it’s graphics are very beautiful… I actually like TP better than SS so far. I haven’t played the game yet but it looks cool, I just didn’t like the graphics style

          1. With a new game from the Zelda searis we expecte to see somthing new from game play to graphics style some times real artistic some times realistic all of the time epic lets let Nintendo have there way with that because if thay stayed the same way all the time it would not be the same in my hart as it is sorry but thats the way i fill hope thay go more real with this one better story line too

      2. As much as I like this style or other means of visual experimentation, we do need the occasional Twilight Princess to showcase new hardware.

        I don’t believe Zelda has one definitive look in the realm of OoT/TP, but some do. Along with that, it can’t be denied that a heavily-detailed look like the one seen at E3 2011 would be a great demonstration of hardware capabilities that requires no explanation. All I ask in this instance is the kind of life in the color, surfaces, lights and such seen at E3 rather than the blander scheme of TP, if for no other reason than to keep TP as a distinctive look.

        Though it is a fine look, I would like to repeat the fact I don’t want every single Zelda game following having that look. I’m not asking for a visual style that doesn’t fit, but I encourage Nintendo to keep trying new and interesting visual approaches. One that comes to my mind is a more surrealistic presentation along the lines of Link’s Awakening and Majora’s Mask (that having hints of Expressionism), using perceptual illusions and out-of-place objects throughout the environments, dungeon or otherwise.

      1. yes it would, but I feel like Zelda is a series that needs change in graphical styles over different games.
        That’s why Majora’s Mask and OoT are often put into the same box.
        I honestly definitely wouldn’t mind the graphics from the trailer, but it would feel a bit *generic*, and Skyward Sword Graphics style wouldn’t feel very *new* because they’ve already been done before. Must be hard in a position where everyone expects you to do something new and you’ve already done almost anything :/

        I guess they’ll surprise us :D

        1. It’s a lot clearer when you look at the concept art. Due to the heavier outlines and shadows on characters in Majora’s Mask, along with the whole metal dark side aspect of the Skull Kid’s character, it has more of an expressionist vibe than Ocarina.

          While it could be said that Ocarina’s look is actually among the least distinctive of the console titles, it’s also a center focal point that all the styles lead to. It has a good amount of the bold color palate and charm of Wind Waker, Link to the Past and Skyward Sword, but the design, especially in Adult Link’s world, is closer to Twilight Princess.

          With Skyward Sword, I believe if anything they’ve helped break the polar perception of visuals, “cel shaded vs realistic,” and opened up more possibilities. I’m curious to see which one they’ll pursue in the Wii U’s second Zelda. Like I said above, it’s absolutely vital that the first Zelda on Wii U resemble the E3 2011 video as much as possible. There are plenty of people who only “forgave” Nintendo for Wind Waker because of Twilight Princess, so they’d be pushing away plenty of potential customers if they followed Skyward Sword’s look with anything else. I don’t want every game to look like that, but now’s the time for that.

  2. Don’t know if they can. It took 3 years between Wind Waker and Twilight Princess, then 5 to Skyward Sword. Say what you want but the 3 of those are basically the same gen, except motion controls. If the next is to be truly next gen in full HD, with Nintendo’s rep of being perfectionists, I can see it being released in 5 years. I hope I’m wrong.

    Finished Skyward Sword yesterday in about 42 and a half hours, according to Fi. That’s the main game with some side quests.

    1. Motion Plus was made in 2009. We got the news on Skyward Sword in 2009 or 2010. So basically it took 3 years to make.

      1. Maybe you’re right, but I understaood it was 5 years as stated in the article. And I’m sure 5 years is what’s been said before

      2. sure but the game was being developed two years before that, the introduction of motion plus was not planned from the start

    2. The motion plus was what made them take longer. They were having trouble figuring out how to use it at first. If they build Zelda Wii U off of the gameplay style of SS, then the only thing that would be new to them would be making it in HD. It’s pretty much like OOT and MM. OOT took roughly 5 years to make, and then Nintendo built MM using the same engines, which only took around 2 years. I don’t think HD will be too hard for Nintendo to get used to. I can see them finishing it in 3 years.

  3. Thats good! Hopefully they have one sooner for the wii U like in 2years???
    But still its good that they dont come out with the same game every year, thats what i like about Nintendo :)

      1. Second this. The game was specifically made for the Wii and Motion Plus, and Wii U offers no extreme shift in control which was the reason Twilight Princess even had a Wii version.

        Even if the Wii U controller were implemented as a menu and map navigator, to apply that across the board would take away from the more instant selection of items in Skyward Sword with the wiimote. I also don’t see additional sky islands and side quests being added, the only thing I’d consider a true basis for a second release.

        Twilight Princess is the only time a headlining series like Zelda has seen a game being released on two systems. Stop treating this like something Nintendo has always done.

  4. Zelda 3DS should really be stripped down to the basics. I think the art-style should be like the older games and the game should also be completely different.

    I think with handheld Zeldas, Nintendo should take bigger risks. I think the game should take some tips from Metroid. You start off knowing the basic story, you can go to each dungeon at any time in any order, there will still be side-missions and everything, and if you want to know more about the story, you need to seek out Gossip Stones which add backstory to the actual story. Link records everything they say in a notebook. So it would be something like scanning from the Prime games. Doing that would allow for more exploration.

    But the Wii U Zelda should simply stick with the gameplay style the fans like best!

    And I have an idea for an instrument Link could play: a saxophone! They could call it the Sacred Sax! Just a suggestion. And I want Child Link back for Zelda 3DS!

  5. Beat Skyward Sword last night and started Hero Mode. I really believe that it’s one of the best Zelda games yet, if not the best. There was just so much too it and they finally took the series to the next level. As far as the next Zelda game goes…if it takes 5 years to make an HD Zelda game that’s on the same level Skyward Sword then that’s fine with me. Though 3 years would be great considering that the series is honestly behind compared to other consoles exclusives…so they need to catch back up.

  6. Personally, I think Nintendo should put out a fully re-worked, HD version of Skyward sword. Then start getting their asses working on a good Storyline for the next Zelda.

    Sorry Nintendo, the bar is High, but for the sake of your fans, you must jump it. I’ve been playing Skyward sword, and Love it. Best be getting on a new LOZ for the WiiU!

    Maybe a Zelda where you get to choose you’re fate? (Good or Evil?) IDK

    1. An HD version of Skyward would be useless, it looks good enough as it is and the Wii U can play Wii games. And choosing good or evil would probably ruin the story, it tends to do that at times.


  7. For Zelda 3DS, even if the story has nothing to do with The Wind Waker Triology I still want it to be Toon Link

  8. Iwata don’t rush it please. Zelda is one series that need time and dedication, but I can see they want support for the Wii U as soon as possible, what about giving Aonuma a large scale team of 300 people?

  9. They better use the twilight princess graphics I like skyward swords but in looks to childish and i miss that dark sinister feeling you get from twilight princess

  10. I’m on the fence about this. On the one hand I would like an HD Zelda at launch for Wii U but on the other hand I want Nintendo to produce the best product possible.

  11. If they want that to happen, why not just start working on it instead of telling us what to do when some of us are still playing through Skyward Sword? I would prefer a real “first game.” Skyward Sword has an intro that talks about an ancient battle; that alone defeats the purpose of SS being the first game because there was an even bigger event that happened before it. I want them to truly start the story with no “prophecy” or any other form of prequel; I want a true first game. They can be more creative in thier approach and how they explain everything.

    1. How do you know they’re not working on it? Based on their past development cycles, they tend to start development right after the most recent one is released. The same goes with their consoles.

    2. if they wanted to make that then link wont fit in to the story and neither would Zelda

      this story is how Link and Zelda gets involved in the legend and how it continues with their future Links and Zeldas

  12. I’m honestly not very informed about the Zelda lore and the supposed timelines etc, but I would want a game that explains the flooding of Hyrule for Wind Waker.
    Also part of a gameplay change is that I would like to see an actual Zelda War. Like, you see the horizon, and the troops of evil slowly amass on that horizon, while you gallop on epona, sword up to the sky, with your troops behind you.
    It could be a sad ending, too, I would love that :P

    And I would still love a steampunk Zelda. Just think of the epic gear machinery in dungeons. You put the key in the lock and have a mini cutscene with all the gears turning etc :D He doesn’t need to have a gun, just a RUSTY sword, mechanized opponents etc. But I know that’s never gonna happen.

  13. I believed they were making a 3DS zelda game were they not? I’d rather not wait till the end of the 3DS’s life span for that…

  14. Sorry, but 5 years of waiting time is not f#*ing worth it. Who wants to wait for the end of the WiiU’s life cycle before seeing another Zelda game? I sure as bird crap don’t.

  15. I think it could happen. Majora’s Mask was completed in less than two years, and they could just modify the Twilight Princess engine and use the AMAZEBALLS graphics from the HD Zelda demo at E3 2011.

  16. I think they absolutely need to use the art style shown in the Wii U E3 demo. They need to show off the power off the console right off the bat.


  18. just bought zelda 3ds limited edition and it is garbage
    the wii remote looks like crap the orchestra soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the thing is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the thing is just more of the same…


    2. Hey idiot there is no zelda 3ds limited edition…. let alone with wii remote? Are you serious?

  19. This comment is sort of off topic of what you guys were talking about. Im mainly just posting for the game creators and its more about the game it self then the grafics or creation time. But I do think a few of your gameplay ideas are really good like the hole playing Ganadorf thing sounds cool. Like I said this coment is just story sugestions. The ending that Skyword sword presents for the Zelda games is really good, almost perfect in fact, and it leaves a great opening for the next game. Skyword sword explains the origins and as far as I can tell (mind you, I have not played ALL the Zelda games but I am a fan) the other games explain the rest, so, why not do something the other games haven’t done yet. The game ends with Zelda and Link in Hyrule (or atleast where Hyrule would be) together deciding to stay on the ground as there loft wings fly home, happy ending right. So, going from that ending there are two logical choices. One is that they make a game that sort of picks up at the end and continues with there lives later on and how Link has to protect Zelda after they decide to stay and there adventures together. Kind of like an in between games thing, but during the time in between the BIG adventures. The second option is that you go even farther back and do a game about when the war with Demus and the Goddes was still going on and have Link be the Goddess (or Zelda’s, which ever you want to call her) loyal soldier, servant, right hand man, protecter, general, body guard, or even her punisher. I mean like being the one who punishes her enemies, her prisoners, the creatures and/or people she can not forgive (do to an evil they did or what ever), or the ones she has condemned. Or maybe even have him as a kind of royal messager where he has to get information to and from the Goddes and other powerful figures or beings or what ever. I mean there are a lot of things you could do at this point, some make more sense then others but I’m not the game designers. They could totally go off on some other limb and do something that has nothing to do with the current story setup. It won’t make sense but it will work and people will play it because there good games and they like them. Or you could go with something closer and make something that plays off the current story opening or openings and play for more of the story facter of the game or games. Like I said I’m not the game makers so it’s pretty much up to them but I’m cool with what ever as long as they keep making Zelda games, I mean, I know they’ll eventually end but I’ve been playing Zelda games since I was a kid so it’s really going to suck when I have to see a great game like that from my childhood go. I just thaught I’d make a few suggestions and if you don’t like them, what ever, and if you do, great. I wish those game designers all the luck and creativity in the world.

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