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Nintendo: Sony Feel Pressured To Launch PlayStation 4 Sooner Rather Than Later Due To Wii U

PlayStation Europe boss Jim Ryan has confessed to Eurogamer that the company would prefer to launch the PlayStation 4 sooner rather than later due to Nintendo’s announcement that the company will release its Wii U console sometime after April 2012.

“I think we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition [with the next PlayStation].”

199 thoughts on “Nintendo: Sony Feel Pressured To Launch PlayStation 4 Sooner Rather Than Later Due To Wii U”

  1. I agree. Nintendo will sell more if the others wait. I’ll be buying a wii u on launch day though. Ps4 will be $600 lol.

          1. that is possible, but i expect sony to want to bring out big guns of some sort to counter what the wii u is expected to bring to the table. and as i recall, sony lost a little money on each system they sold with the ps3 so they would probably want to actually make money on their next console

    1. Nah, tablets are lame. No one wants it, it’s garbage. It’s a gimmick and a fad.

      This just in: Sony announces PS4 with a unique, revolutionary tablet controller unlike anything you’ve ever seen! OOOH! AHHH!!


  2. Just don’t release an unfinished product because you rushed it onto store shelves. I’d rather not see the model you wanted it to be come out 6+ months after the original model.

  3. i just bought the game saints row 3 limited edition and is garbage the headphones looks like crap the soundtrack cd sucks full of mistakes and the game is just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the game is just more of the same….

    1. this is a nintendo forum, i think your copy paste message was supposed to be about skyward sword, obvious troll is obvious

  4. Looks like its time for the old copy nintendo trick again. And it’s because nintendo takes risks. Sexy sexy risks.

  5. i dont think so ps4 will be so high success because of their many truly copies everything but the main is that the controller and the joystics are from nintendo!why didnt nintendo said that the joystic and the controller were copyright so sony and microdick wouldnt copy em!?anyway i ll buy a wiiu because nintendo do the best games ever made like zelda metroid dk.starfox.and something verry important.I WANT RAREWARE BACK.comon nintendo u can buy rare and its founders back just push ur self a litlle!!!!!if rare goes back to nintendo they will make epic games and CONSOLES like )games) banjoo kajooi.legend of fucking zelda(i like zelda),and the consoles will be better than pss which are dip shits!dr petter says!(16 years old but u lwill say that i am kids but i played n64 and I know exacly whats goin on trust me a litlle just a litlle some of u)

    1. You ever played the last 2 games rare made for nintendo? Trust me, they aren’t that good, their golden age was in the n64, after that they went downhill, nintendo let them go for a reason

      1. i meen my friend.nintendo was succesfull because rare had his rare hasnt got hi founders anymore ty to microdick!sorry to say but it hurts me too.i want them to return and kick asshes of microdick and take back rare!!!!!

    2. Nintendo tried to prevent Sony from entering Gaming since SNES days. Sony basically took what they had with Nintendo on the SNES CDi stuff and use it to guide them. That why the Sony controllers look like the SNES controller when PS1 first release it had no R2 or L2 no analog when PS1 launch. Then when N64 came with Analog Stick and Rumble Sony went and copied. NIntendo tried to sue them in America but they didn’t pass it. Sony basically used Nintendo idea to start and then start copying everything.

      1. ur right thats true since nintendo and sony cooperated to make the ps1 without the analog they copied everything that nintendo had.i wish nintendo to take back rare and its founders.not wish they must!

      2. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

        I don’t know if you’ve ever seen a PSx controller, but it did have L2 and R2 from the beginning. And it doesn’t look anything like the SNES controller. Not at all.
        And if you want to look at it that way, Nintendo “copied” (that’s what You would call it) some things of Sony too, I think ? Sony used CD’s first, didn’t they ? Even Sega used CD’s before Nintendo did. Sony used motion control before Nintendo, if I’m not wrong here. Sony had 2 analog sticks first, I guess. I’m not sure about this but I think Sony used memory cards on their gaming consoles before Nintendo did.
        The point I’m trying to get to is that every company kind of uses the ideas of other companies, they just improve those ideas and make them better.
        It’s just annoying to see people repeating the same shit over and over again. Try to look at things from different views instead of frequently accusing company A to keep copying company B.
        Without Nintendo’s ideas, Sony wouldn’t be there where they are today with video games. Vice versa, it’s the same of course. Without Sony, Nintendo also wouldn’t be there where they are now.
        That’s the way I see it. If you accuse Sony of copying, then you have to (and you actually do) admit that Nintendo is doing the same. But as already mentioned, I don’t see that all as “copying”, you do.

        1. They all challenge one another and try and stay ahead. If there was no competition and no copying then the gaming industry wouldnt be were its at today.

        2. Nintendo started to use motion controls on the NES! and you say that sony used motion controls before Nintendo? go do some search before making assumptions, search Power Glove on wikipedia.

          1. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

            “Sony used motion control before Nintendo, if I’m not wrong here. ”
            I said, “if I’m not wrong here”. That means I was not sure about it.
            I did hear something about power glove before, that’s why I wasn’t sure about Sony being first with motion control. But I couldn’t remember it.
            But thanks for reminding, I won’t forget next time (:

      3. “That why the Sony controllers look like the SNES controller when PS1 first release it had no R2 or L2 no analog when PS1 launch.”

        What the hell are you talking about? They look nothing alike.

    3. Although you do have a point, I think the video game industry has some distinction here… Video game companies try to brand each other all the time, Nintendo has been the main target of negative branding attempts since Sega was in the game. Sony picked up where they left off.

      Should we turn the other way when Sony’s CEO declares the DS (touch feature) a gimmick, declares the Wii (motion controls) a gimmick… and then proceeds to release products with the same features five years later? I think people and organizations should be held accountable for what they do and say.

      It is not relevant who first tried something (be it the power glove or eye toy, neither of which have any similarities to the Wii from a visionary perspective)… What is relevant is the vision a company is trying to push, what they believe the industry should be. The truth is, this is Nintendo’s vision, Miyamoto’s vision, it has not changed much and many will come and go trying to claim it as their own.

      We can look at the Wii as Nintendo’s test at expanding the scope of the original vision, and expect that a vison of larger scope will materialize going forward.

  6. I hope not. =(

    Spending money on a WiiU and the PSVita is already gonna be a strain on my wallet. I know I want a PS4 too so I really hope It doesn’t come soon. I want them to take their time with it. The PS3 is just fine the way it is. It doesn’t need an upgrade.

  7. “We’re going by the 10-year plan, no matter what! Nintendo isn’t even a blip on the radar to us. Who cares about their iPad with buttons used to play their games? We ain’t never scared!”

    less than a year later

    “W-we should probably release sooner so we don’t get destroyed.”

    Darn it, Sony, I was on your side about the Wii U situation when Microsoft decided to rush their console to get it out a year earlier than planned and you showed no intention at first. I thought you guys were arrogant enough to wait. Oh well, I’ll be getting a Wii U and a not-PS4 anyway.

  8. What that sucks but if the play Station 4 sooner rely good then i might be ok with that but they did not make a video about it discrving how good it its so i am not shore wich one is better

  9. and dont listen to sony too much they say some lies sometimes.also i have a ps1 with no joystics!!!!! doesnt give u an idea that i said before!

                    1. i am not a troll (maybe a kid 16 years old).and i know that u are trolls because u are sony fanboys.and secound i was tired the last time so i did some mistakes in writing.but ask and other people who agrre with me!troll!

            1. Sony needs to be hated on, the pure ignorance and complete stupidity in that company proves they’re not the best, they are a failure in the industry of gaming whom should have never came into gaming in the first place. I will laugh my head off when I see the entire company burn to the ground, I really will.

  10. Nice… ppl might hate sony but they bring something to the table… they make the gaming industry interesting and they make Nintendo work even harder!!!

    1. i like to think that it’s nintendo that makes nintendo work harder. since when did sony have influence over anything nintendo does nowadays?

  11. Doesn’t matter to me either way, because I don’t play playstation games. Either way, it might be a good idea because if they release it later, most people would have bought the Wii U because it already came out and playing it, not wanting to buy the PS4 because they already spent money on a new system and games. They’re trying to get those people who aren’t fans of one system or another and just like to buy the latest greatest thing.

    1. man ur fully surprises yes!the ps4 will late so the math problem has been solved toonight!and the ps4 will cost 1000$ so the wii u 400$+/

  12. Tim and Chris Stamper (1982–2002)
    Microsoft (2003) (present)

    TIM and Chris whare are u ?come back to nintendo and buy back ur OWN COMPANY RARE!

  13. i dont think its pressure, its just that they dont want to be late again. either way i think there is still a 2013- 2014 release… and a lot of fanboys in this page gotta calm down lol.

    1. It’s because the ps3 lost to the 360 BECAUSE it came out a year later. They were a year late and lost to 360 because of all the time where 360 was the only next gen console you can get.

      Expect the same for the wii u. People won’t get it because it’s the best, people will get it because it’s the only one out.

      1. lets get one thing clear. this gen isnt done yet, ps3 sales are rapidly increasing, so just because the xbox 360 had a good start doesnt mean it “won”. have you forgoten about the ps3’s original price? one of the main reasons people didnt bought one.

        do you remember the dreamcast btw. the FIRST 6-gen console? 2 years after its release the ps2 came out. the dreamcast was discontinued because of slow sales prevented by the ps2. you see release dates dont matter if the console isnt hyped enough. yea the wii u is gonna get sales when it comes out, but you might not know what happens when the next-box and ps4 comes out.

        1. No the Dreamcast failed because Sega had spent massive amounts of money trying to stay a float after the 3 to 4 failed system, they didnt have the money to pump in to the Dreamcast to compete with a Sony. Nintendo is sitting on massive bank do to wii and ds sale. Sony lost massive amount of money this gen so there in Sega position so to speak. They can’t wait cause Ninten and Micro got the money to stay on top

  14. Tim and Chris Stamper

    if those gyes come back to nintendo they make sure that they will kick xboxs and sony suckss playstations assh so u must care a litlle because they did the gratest games for n64 like golden eye,lylatwars etc…

  15. BLAH BLAH BLAH PS4 gonna have the same games but sequels and a bunch crappy new IPs for sony and slighty better graphic that will cost $500-800 dollars, that will have Vita features and copy wii u, same controller same strategy, and same lame CEO who claim they are winning that Jack Tretton.

    1. Ps3 has psp features…..

      Ps vita will be able to play ps3 games on it…..

      Get over yourself.

      If companies didn’t use outside ideas and improve upon them then there would be no reason to make anything better. I.E. the ps move having wii motion plus functionality before the wii had wii motion plus functionality.

      1. are u crazy stealing ideas is criminal!and they can thing to do better things not to steal turn ur mind on!stealing improoves that u are a criminal and cowered that u dont want to make ur own!!!!

      2. that’s all sony seems to do. they take an idea as it arrives early with nintendo and then releases the same concept when it becomes more advanced to seem better. i’m surprised sony didn’t put out a PSP with dual multitouch touch screrens after the DS, which can only be touched in one place at a time.

        but these copies don’t really matter, since sony’s portable systems generally sell like crap (especially when compared to nintendo’s) and there’s like 2 games that make any kind of worthwhile use of the playstation move.

        1. copy is a copy and steal is steal.they steal money like that.criminal companies like sony who steal ideas are for the u know.and u must care because they mustsnt steal!

      3. ” I.E. the ps move having wii motion plus functionality before the wii had wii motion plus functionality.” – Winscar_Shinobi

        Wii MotionPlus release date:
        EU June 12, 2009

        PlayStation Move release date:
        EU 15 September 2010

    2. And rich “crappy new IP’s” are you referring too?

      Uncharted, inFamous, Heavy Rain, etc are all freaking fantastic games.

      You Nintendo kids make the rest of us gamers look like idiots. I didn’t believe it when my friends told me. But some of you are just as bad if not worse than rabid Xbots.

      Spot acting like jackass’. You give Nintendo fans like me who just like games a bad reputation.

        1. Nintendo uses 3DSLite! It’s super effective!
          Sony uses Bankrupt! Sony faints!
          You win! Nintendo gains 9000 EXP! You win 9000 yen! Wait!
          Nintendo is evolving!
          Nintendo evolved to Awesome Nintendo!
          Awesome Nintendo learned Nintendo 4DS!

        2. then nintendo used super smash bros attack to sonys characters (i think they are only 10) no health remeains! they must go to the pokemon center to recover them hehe.

  16. Sickr, you have this amazing way of wording things, that warps the meaning entirely:
    Your article is quite misleading compared to the source…

  17. I don’t see it until 2014. MAYBE show something at E3 2013, but that’s pushing it. If they release it anytime before that, it’ll be crap.

  18. Good. That means Nintendo will have competition and will (hopefully) cause them to work harder to offer the better experiance.

  19. well i hate to say that but love to hear that!if sony late wo launce their console nintendo will make something new or improove the wiiu and kicks ps4 ashh.hmmm interesting but we must wait.

  20. What the PlayStation 4 will feature:
    -The same controller that’s been used since 10 years +
    -All 3D compatible games, so it forces the consumer to go out and buy a 3D TV which costs 3000+ dollars
    -The individual games which will run around $70, $80 for the online version!
    -A super duper blu ray player that’s even betterer quality than a normal blu ray player
    -A GPS system even though it won’t be portable!
    -And last but not least, the system alone is ONLY $1000! Hooray! What a bargain!

  21. now PS4 won’t be as good as Sony wanted it, because they’ll probably release it in early 2013 instead of 2014 like they planned, because there wont be as much technology available to Sony in 2012/2013 as there will be in 2014

  22. What the PlayStation 4 will feature:
    -The same controller that’s been used since 10 years +
    -All 3D compatible games, so it forces the consumer to go out and buy a 3D TV which costs 3000+ dollars
    -The individual games which will run around $70, $80 for the online version!
    -A super duper blu ray player that’s even betterer quality than a normal blu ray player
    -A GPS system even though it won’t be portable!
    -And last but not least, the system alone is ONLY $1000! Hooray! What a bargain!


      1. how the fuck was he being a fanboy by just saying wiiu hd zelda hd and all that shit you know what? just shut the fuck up!

      2. Uh… This is a Nintendo news site. The number one thing you would expect are Nintendo fanboys (closely followed by Sony trolls).

        1. Sony trolls? Because we like both the PS3 and the Wii?

          Grow up you Nintendo cock sucking moron. I think Nintendo would be ashamed to have fans like you idiots on this site.

          1. I am not talking about people like you, in fact I admire people who can like more than one console. The fact of the matter is that the majority of the people who are on this website are Nintendo fanboys, but many Sony trolls have found this website and are taking advantage of it, by releasing their unjustified hatred of Nintendo to get reactions.

            It was a joke, get over it.

            1. The Nintentards on this site like yourself James are the ones who turn it into a haven’t for trolls. I haven’t seen a SINGLE Sony fan bash Nintendo yet almost every Nintentard on this site has bashed Sony.

              Don’t project your bad attitude and asinine trolling onto other people.

          2. silence u unstudied kid! james (not from pokemon) tells the truth so get the fuck out of here or just dont read the comments and see the news!

      3. No stop hating, Sony is scared out there mind right now. To prove my point Sony is try to market vita as a wii u like tablet for the ps3. I own the Ps3 so don’t got all defensive and upset just face the facts……Sony is sweating bullets right now. They lost money and positioning with the PS3 now their being rushed by Nintendo and now Micro. Their not ready but they got to play the game and they got catch off guard trying to do to much with Ps3! Pride comes before a fall!! Remember that son

  24. i just bought the Wii U and is garbage the Tablet looks like crap the soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the games are just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the console is just more of the same….

    See what I did there? :P

    1. i just bought the ps4 and is garbage the Tablet looks like crap the soundtrack sucks full of mistakes and the games are just ok, the controls are not responsive at times but the console is just more of the same….

    1. well as far as everyone knows PS4 wont habe better graphics than PS3 it will have slightly better graphics than the PS3 but it wont be near to Wii U’s graphics because sony said “do not expect a huge graphical update on the next console”

      1. Ummm, Wii U Specs are barely better then the 360 and right in line with the PS3. Nintendo is playing catch up in the graphics department.

      2. u r litlle f… nvm i dont know.anyway we dont know lets see and i hope sony to stop making copies and cooperate with a company like nintendo (but not nintendo and sega)

  25. You guys are pussy little fan boys get over it! I’m a fan of all three systems they all have they’re ups and downs and that all have something worth playing so you guys should stop wanking and actually talk about the subject instead of saying which is the better console

  26. Huh, really? Wasn’t the PSMove supposed to extend the lifespan of the PS3 by 2 more years?
    Wait, the move is a piece of garbage? Oh, right.

  27. LOL! They’re talking about MS and the rumors of a new Xbox. Not the Wii U. It’s laughable that you could even try as soon their comments this way. The Wii U is going to cool but Sony need not to worry because once Vita comes out, you have the PS3 and the Vita to complete with Wii U.

    This is a silly article written to bait fanboys into a fan girl war.

      1. And where in my comment did I imply the 3DS was dead? I just bought one and I love it. Just like I love my PS3, the Wii and my PSP.

        You kids on this site need to grow the f**k up. Nintendo and Sony are both great gaming companies who make fantastic games. Why do you a**holes need to turn almost every article on this site into a Nintendo dick sucking contest?

        Get off your knees and start enjoying games for the games. Not your retarded fanboy wars.

        1. Thank you for this dose of truth. Though it will likely fall on deaf ears.
          I respect any gaming company when it does something worthy of respect. Nintendo is my preference but each company has unique things to offer.

        2. Heh, don’t even bother trying to talk sense into the senseless. It’s a waste of time, and I would know, as I’ve traveled that path many times myself. :/

        3. To me, your comment implied that you are a Sony fanboy, and you thought that Nintendo was going to be beaten by Sony through the use of the Vita/PS3-4 combination that so obviously copies the WiiU’s two-screen gimmick. I thought it also implied that the 3DS is dead, due to the fact that you did not mention it in your comment, but you mentioned the Vita.

          I apologise that I took your comment in the wrong way, but the fact of the matter is that you did not explain your opinions properly.

          This is a Nintendo news site. Get over yourself.

          1. I didn’t need to explain. My comment was clear. You decided to put words in my mouth not because you thought I was a Sony fanboy, but because you’re stuck on Nintendo’s dick and at the mere non mention of the 3DS you turn into a defensive dickwad and start trashing other people.

    1. What? Wii U is what cause Microsoft to Move forward that caused Sony to move. So Wii u is the reason! Ps3 is a great system that was design to last 10years but time hAs not been kind to sony.

  28. You know what would fuck Sony over? If Nintendo just didn’t release the WiiU and didn’t talk about it until 2013. Then Sony would have no-one to copy! :p

    But I joke, competition is a very good thing, as long as Nintendo keeps up with the specs and online this time.

      1. Ok then, I have come to the obvious conclusion that you are a troll that hates my guts for the idiotic liking Nintendo better than other video game companies. For your infomation, I own both a PS3 and a Wii, and I like both of them very much, but just prefer my Wii, and Nintendo as a company. If you have a problem with this, please tell someone who gives a shit, and stop bothering people which have different opinions to you, and go to a website devoted to the whole of the video game industry

        Have a good day sir.

        1. I don’t hate your guts. I don’t even know you. I just think your comments are idiotic and childish.

          Gent bent asshole.

  29. Okay, calling Microsoft “microd#ck” doesn’t solve anything. We all like Nintendo, but just cause we like them doesn’t mean we can’t like Microsoft too. Face it, Microsoft makes good games. I like Nintendo better, but I also like Microsoft. A few Microsoft games are better than Nintendo games, cause everyone makes bad games and good games (more bad than good for Sony though). Nintendo is superior overall, but Microsoft is great as well. However, the only game I’d want on PS3 is Uncharted 3, MAYBE Ratchet and Clank, but besides that, Sony sucks.

    1. In comparison to Nintendo and Sony though, MS doesn’t really make that many great games. Their biggest seller is CoD which is a multiplats. In looking at just exclusives, Nintendo and Sony have them beat by a longshot.

    2. Uncharted, infamous, heavy rain, Killzone, ratchet and clank, sly cooper, metal gear solid 4, gran Turismo 5, ICO/Shadow of the Colossus, The Last Gaurdian, 5 God of War games, Little Big Planet and that’s just the exclusives. Not to mention the plethora of quality multiplat games on the PS3 that aren’t possible on the Wii.

      Compared to what MS has? A bunch of Halo’s, Gears of War and that craptastic Fable series?

      You may not prefer Sony over other companies but you cannot say they suck unless you’re just some bitter little child who prefers arguing with people on the Internet to actually playing good games.

  30. Jaded (Heath Miller IX)

    Good comments, fewer trolls, I like it!

    My thoughts, PS4 will not be released at the super high price the pS3 did, mainly because Blu-Ray tech is lots cheaper. Also, with the 3DS price drop, Sony sees that initial price hikes are not healthy.

    Nintendo took a dive, and is positioned to climb again, this is their typical pattern. They always look like their about to go down before they step it up. WiiU will be a huge success (my unprofessional opinion), and other consoles will copy elements of the WiiU over time. It’s fine, it’s how the industry works.

    I will say, I’ll be surprised if PS4 is not able to play with the Vita, Sony surely would want to mimic that trick from the start.

  31. Nintendos IPS

    Star Fox
    Punch Out!
    And More.

    Sonys IPS (The ones Jawknee listed)

    Microsoft IP’S

    Kinect Sports
    And the normal, but what makes Microsoft popular, CoD, Halo, and BF3.

    Those FPS games are pretty much the only reason why people buy XBOX 360.

      1. Nope. I’m new to this site. Thought it would be a great place because there aren’t any Nintendo dedicated news sites but I thinking maybe it’s not such a great place after all given the amount of trolling that goes on here and misleading articles like this one.

  32. I am quite amazed and disappointed that Nintendo has so many fana that make Xbots look good. Games are supposed to be fun. Instead you immature, inane little children turn it into a pissing contest between rival companies that Nintendo and Sony probably has no idea is going on. This article is BEYOND misleading and proves that Nintendo has a rather childish fanbase. They deserve better than you basement dwelling trolls.

  33. I have some friends that believe that the Wii U is a dumb idea, they also believe that Nintendo is getting old because it’s been around for over 30 years, making video games similar to one another and should get out of the Gaming industry (they are mainly either Microsoft and/or Sony fans), this however proves them wrong, they are even putting pressure on Sony due to the Wii U being released next Year, Sony I feel has a disadvantage either way, if Sony release the PS4 early, there is probably going to be alot of complaints of it being too rushed and/or not thought through, if they release it later (2013-2014), the Wii U will have a large advantage over PS4 due to lots of decent games being released by then for lots of different audiences so Wii U would have flied off the shelves by that time, plus the Wii U we all know will have all the series we have all known and loved for many years, like Mario, Pokemon, Zelda etc. Yes I am a Nintendo Fan, but I feel that Sony shouldn’t rush the PS4 as the PS3 has still got alot left to do in it’s life time, so they should focus on the PS3 aswell, the 3DS is also set to beat DS’s sales in the first year ending because of Mario on the system, but I still see strong competition going on with the 3DS and the Vita, but I feel the 3DS will win on that, not sure whats happening with Microsoft’s new console, but at the end of the day, Nintendo I feel is the strongest company and sould be influenced for that, we wouldn’t have any great video games today if Mario didn’t debut, lol

  34. Oh great another crappy console rushed to the market because of fear of the competition. Well I won’t be getting a PS4 right away or possibly at all. The Wii U is a must buy. I love that I will be able to take a console game and play it in my hands like a handheld within a certain parameter. Plus Nintendo franchises in HD? Yes please!

  35. Ha I guess sony learned to stop underestimating nintendo.I remember sony saying motion control was a gimmick now low and behold the move 6yrs later lmao :)

    1. Ha, this article is obvious Nintendo fanboy troll bait and you fell for it. Read the source, Sony is obviously talking about MS but this troll of an author tricked you along with the other Nintendo worshipers into bashing Sony.

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  37. “””
    Jim Ryan, president and CEO of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, has argued while media focus might be turning the the unannounced next generation of consoles, Sony is still committed to the PS3.

    “There’s still a lot of unfinished business on PS3,” he told Eurogamer in an exclusive interview.

    “If you look at PlayStation 2, now in excess of 150m units installed globally, a huge majority of that was done at price points of £120 or lower. [With PS3] we’ve only just hit £199 in the UK, so clearly there’s a considerable untapped part of the market there.”

    At the launch of the current generation Microsoft had a considerable head start, launching the Xbox 360 in November 2005, a full year before the PlayStation 3. Ryan said Sony are to avoid making that mistake again.

    “I think we would consider it undesirable to be significantly later than the competition.”


    Obviously, it is not Nintendo they are worried about. Sony is feeling pressured by Microsoft. I think the industry as a whole doesn’t see Nintendo as competing with Sony or Microsoft, because Nintendo always do something drastically different. Thus, most people who own a PS3 or Xbox360 also own a Wii — they coexist. Microsoft and Sony see each other as competition. I think they both realize by now that they CAN coexist with Nintendo — just not with themselves.

    Except in the handheld sector, where Nintendo and Sony shall join forces to take down the evil that is Apple’s iPod Touch, iPhone, and iPad. ;P

    1. I wouldn’t say that as Nintendo has only made one system that wasn’t made to compete with the others. Personally, I can definitely see the Wii-U competing with the systems that Microsoft and Sony will put out.

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  39. My God… almost every freaking post on this website turns into a damn fanboy war. I thought IGN was bad… Sure I like reading the articles on here (informed me about a lot of stuff before any other website) but there is always someone posting SONY SUCKS etc. and then it all goes to hell… Not gonna lie I love Sony more then Nintendo, I play my PS3 more then my Wii (The only game I want for it is Skyward Sword and that will probally be the last game I buy for it compared to the many I want for PS3) but It dosent mean I hate Nintendo. They are my 2nd favourite company. Now insert troll replies below lol.

  40. i am telling ya that the wii u will have super games and amazing and better than sony and i dont care if sony will have either the best resulation,or th best graphicks(shoot wood),nintendo games are more more and more better than the sonyss games and i meen it!they are the best.some of u now u ll tell me that super mario or zelda are games for thing i am saying if some1 say that ocarina of time is for babys then that meens that he didnt play a real game like this.i have played ocarina of time since i was 2 years old on n64.and i have it on my wii(gamecube).

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