Nintendo Wii U: Next Call Of Duty Game Will Be A Sequel To Black Ops?

According to the rumour section of the Official PlayStation Magazine the next Call of Duty title which is due out sometime late next year will be a direct sequel to 2010’s blockbuster Call of Duty: Black Ops. The game will once again be handled by Treyarch and is a likely candidate for Wii U.


      1. I like the list, you seem to know this series well, I would just put Blackops higher ( for letting me play as JFK alone) , just out of curiosity what are: UO, Br1 and FH?

    1. Wait don’t tell me there making the next COD game for the Wii U :( Make one more for the Wii…PLEASE

  1. With how Black Ops ended and after finding out all the hidden info in it, it comes to me as no surprise that it would continue the same story.

    Will it have a new engine? I highly doubt that. Treyarch modified the engine in Black Ops and it was a complete mess on all platforms except the 360.

    It would be EXTREMELY foolish to make a new engine for the CoD in 2012 because in 2013 its highly likely that the Nextbox and maybe the PS4 will come out, so they’ll just have to make another new engine for those consoles.

    1. Couldn’t they take the assets from the wiiU versions engine and optimize it for the ps4/nextbox, instead of making an entirely new build? I swear that the difference in power won’t be as dramatic as a lot of people are trying to convince themselves it is. Some dude wants 3, count them, 3 gtx580s in the next xbox!! I was dying from laughter!! The things you see on neogaf!

      1. Wow… that dude is a fool!
        It would cost well over $800 just for the graphics cards!
        GTX 580s use so much power and spew heat like a volcano.
        The console would melt during a menu screen with that much power.

        1. I mean its the craziest idea of 2011(gaming wise). Massive losses, huge consoles, and im sure burnings of both people and houses! This guy doesn’t understand how heat and costs would destroy microsoft if they were to go through with it! Samarian level graphics aren’t going to be on consoles for a while.

  2. hope it not the same as Black Ops even as a sequel so that I can pick it up. Black Ops on PS3 got me bored. After Prestige 2

  3. And you act like this is a good thing? Keep all the little CoD idiots on the 360. They’re a disgrace to the fps genre.

  4. To be honest i really had fun with black ops so a sequel sounds really cool to me! as long as it’s a good sequel anyway… don’t start throwing troll comments at me for liking fps games. -_-

  5. Well yeah of course it’ll be a sequel to BO. Activition makes Treyarch and Infinity Ward alternate every year.

    1. Black ops was based in the era of the cold war, which is what happened after World War 2, which is what WAW is based on.. It features returning characters from WAW, (Reznov, Dmitri, the zombies protagonists) and was made by treyarch. So technically, Black ops is WAW 2.

  6. I can never get into those games. MW4 really sucked me in but after that….meh.

  7. I most likely wont get it. People here in america play call of duty way too much! And every new game is the exact same thing as the last. Its boring to me now, so thats why I wont get it.

  8. hmmm, seeing as there hasnt been a new timesplitters, and they (trayarch & infinityWard) basically ripped off all the modes from Timesplitters already, i wonder who theyll be ripping off this time lol

    1. Yeah, but this rumor goes way back to july(i think july). It also coincides with the CoD ironwolf and the treyarch supporting the wiiU rumors, again from a looong time ago. Let me find the links…

  9. Ooh! And I bet the one that comes after that will be called Modern Warfare 4!

    Come on guys, you’re milking this faster than you milked Guitar Hero. You don’t want to kill your golden goose, do you?

  10. CoD games now have a crappy single player campaign, but they’re still fun. The problem is that Black Ops was total crap. The only reason those games sell so much is not because everyone has it, but because people buy multiple copies of it. If you look at sales and compare them to people who sign up for online play, you will see the difference.

    Unless Activision doesn’t love money, the next CoD game for Wii U is pretty much confirmed. The Wii version sell at around 1 million because most people go for the others. However, if they can get the HD version on the Wii U, then they can get more of those.

    1. There are 50 million plus 360s in the world. Not all of them are on Live. Doesn’t take a genius to realize that not every copy of the game is in the hands of an online player.

  11. Isn’t surprising. Isn’t that roughly how it’s worked up to now? You had one Infinity Ward game, then one Treyarch game, repeat process. Modern Warfare, World at War, Modern Warfare 2, Black Ops, Modern Warfare 3, etc.

    It’s all just so Activision can release more Call of Duty games more quickly.

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