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Nintendo: UK Interactive Entertainment Says Nintendo Should Stop Making Consoles

UK Interactive Entertainment chairman Andy Payne has told attendees at the Develop Liverpool conference that he believes both Nintendo and Sony should stop making video games consoles and should instead embrace mobile platforms such as the iPhone or Android smartphones. What do you think to his comments?

“I think it would be a massive relief to both Sony and Nintendo to become content-only,” he said. “Right now, they might not even know it. You know that thing where you take drugs and you think it’s the best thing in the world? Then you get off them and go, ‘What was I doing?’

“Imagine any Mario or Zelda property being on the iPhone or an Android phone. They’d get £10 or £15 for it, because people would want to pay to have it on their phone. They would. And that would be amazing. And Sony’s content is amazing. I mean, Uncharted … it’s just brilliant! I’m not knocking those guys, because they really do make fantastic games. And when we kind of get that bit over, wouldn’t it be refreshing to have Nintendo really making stuff for the iPhone, Android, and all the other stuff that’s around?”

252 thoughts on “Nintendo: UK Interactive Entertainment Says Nintendo Should Stop Making Consoles”

    1. All you people are just nintendo fanboys/girls I totally agree with this guy think more and more people only game on phones now and nintendo should tap this market, may not abandon there own devices completely but definitely get into the mobile games market

      1. No he’s not an idiot, he just has a different point. Unlike other guys who just trash Nintendo, Payne is instead saying that consoles altogether must dissapear, inlcuding Sony’s. (although it seems curious that he didn’t say a thing about MS). Plus, he expressed himself in a more proper way.

        I still disagree with him. The Wii was really innovative and PS3 was a powerhouse at its prime, soboth companies do great consoles, and should not stop doing so.

        1. He didnt say anything about MS cuz they already made a phone to track Xbox stuff,but i believe gaming on a phone and a console are two different things,on a console u can hold so much more memory for more in depth games,and even if they put old 8-bit games on a phone,it just wouldnt be the same,plus when the Wii U and Playstation 4 come out,i think this guy will take back his statement when he sees how epic they will be

          1. I agree. Also Nintendo wouldn’t be able to do a proper Zelda game on an Smartphone because
            A there is no buttons so all the menus will be on screen cluttering it up
            B With the size of memory on a phone Zelda wouldn’t be as big or as good as it is know

          1. Actually, his wording makes it quite clear he thinks there should be no more consoles. Though he didn’t name drop MS, they’re part of it.

            Wouldn’t agree, but I go further into that down the page.

      2. No, it’s not that. I’d rather play games on a console than play on a smart phone any day. And almost all the people who make games on phones are indie developers who make mini flash-like games. I don’t like playing flash and indie games and I don’t think I ever really will again.

        1. Plus with consoles, you don’t have to pay bigger bills to use them. I’d rather keep my simple phone and a portable console on me.

      3. No, While I see your point and his as well, Console gaming allows more in-depth gaming and much more replay value and length.

        1. Its like saying we need to get rid of Movie Theaters and just have everything shown off the Television as a TV show/short.

      4. nintendo, sony’s playstation, and even xbox are in a different market than the iphone. Hec, people have coplained about motion controls and that they arent classic video games which they like but at least it can be used as a normal controller. Imagine the reaction to a touchscreen interface that the iphone is restricted to?

      5. More people playing games on a smart phone doesn’t make an argument. Those games are more often then not small in scale (matching it’s price) and are just a time waster more than anything (not saying the can’t be fun, but this is true). Obviously more sales would go to a cheap and fun thing, but it doesn’t, in the slightest, replace the bigger and better counter-parts. The scale and detail of games on console far outweigh those cheap games on smart phones. BY A MILE. Would I rather play LoZ Skyward Sword or angry birds. hmmm Would I rather play Skyrim or a crappy scaled down version on my iphone. hmmmmmmm. I mean sure preference goes into it, but many, if not most, would prefer to pay full price for a FULL game then to pay for a cheap and limited version. When phone’s can pull of current gen or next gen console graphics and power without sending the price through the freaking roof (virtually impossible) and their controls suck a lot less (many more factors can go into this) then you or this guy can talk.

  1. Yeah, like you could play real and awesome games on an Iphone oder android, without any controller and stuff. wtf is this guy thinking?

      1. Well to be honest I loved Phantom Houglass because of its bottomless scheme, and I think that on’es one of the finest and most innovative games the DS ever had, so I wouldn’t have a problem with a controllerless hardcore game.
        But of course, there ARE indeed many other issues with smartphone gaming, such as battery life (while the 3DS and Vita already hadveshort battery life, playing on a smartphone is even worse), different configurations depending on your phone’s brand, et cetera. Plus, robbers will always prefer to take your shiny, pretentious smartphone away than a gaming console, a mere “toy”, so I’d prefer keeping my phone in my pockets and play on my DS/PSP.

  2. WTF o.O Is this a troll? Or are they just stupid… Those f***ing re****ed phones that doesn’t even work in an entire fu**ing year shall save our games? We can’t even finish our games before thoose mo****fu***ng excuses for cell phones dies.

    Oh, and did I mention the crappy quality of thoose su**ing crap phones?

  3. I cannot even DESCRIBE how much I laughted. Some random arogan douch somes in and say they should focus on mobile phone ? Who the heck is he to know better than nintendo themselves ?

    He must look like the biggest idiot ever right now. :’)

      1. I know how to spell too. Arrogant*
        Having or revealing an exaggerated sense of one’s own importance or abilities.

        Oh the ironing./joking (and I did it on purpose.)

    1. Lol no they aren’t they’re the worse as of the past gen. The wii was subpar to the 360 and ps3, and the wii U is barely a step above both. Expect the 720 and ps4 to blow it out of the water. They still wont switch to a HHD like EVERYTHING ELSE, which would make it easier for everyone. I mean a 20 GB flash drive?! Take 5 out for OS and bam 15 GB of data you can store. I have a terabyte hard drive on my ps3. It’s full and thus I have another 500 GB external drive. They didn’t make the jump to blu ray, which allows for games to be 5x larger. Everyone goes on about nintendo being innovative.

      Nintendo only has innovation with controllers. No Nintendo games have brought anything new to the table since the 80’s with the exception being Zelda SS with the sword play.

      But why bother? I’ll prob just be called a Sony fanboy….. Dispite me owning nintendo products since I was 7……

      1. I haven’t turned on my xbox 360 for over a year, its a useless machine and the hardware fails randomly. One day over a year ago i turned it on and it worked fine, turned it off, turned it on again an hour or so later and it had a hardware error. I sent the thing off to get fixed since i was told by xbox support that it was a problem with the console itself after giving them the error number, anyone cut a long story short they sent it back said it was fine still didnt work and turned out to be the hard drive had randomly corrupted itself so i lost all my data and had to get a new one sent to me. Haven’t played it since and like i said that was over a year ago.
        The ps3 is a wonderful console, my 2nd favourite of this gen. I use it now and then and have only taken up like 20-25GBs of its 320GB hard drive so no problems with memory there.

        Then theres my Wii, my favourite console of all time atm. Why is it my favourite? Because I can play almost every nintendo game from back in the day through the simple to use virtual console and many more from 3rd parties. I’ve downloaded a ton of titles and still got plenty of memory space left and even when its full I can just start filling up SD cards which is really handy. As for lack of HD, sure HD is nice but who needs it? We’re nintendo fans we don’t judge a game by how it looks we like a game for how fun it is to play and the quality put into the game itself. HD will be a nice addition on the Wii U but thats not a penultimate feature in my eyes.
        Also, Nintendo will never use blu-ray or DVD format for their games for one very smart reason, copyright. They make their games on nintendo propriety discs since that means people cant as easily make copies of games which I love since I am against piracy of games, look how it destroyed Sega with the Dreamcast.

        1. I don’t know who you are and you don’t know me but let me tell you that you are my hero for that wonderful comment

      2. well apparently the PS4 wont have a huge graphical update from the PS3 so i doubt it can “destroy” the Wii U which is a shitton more powerfull than PS3 in prototype stage

      3. High Definition is all that matters in games, is that it?

        So, let me get this get straight: A game can have unresponsive controls, repetitive and shoddy gameplay, ear rape voice acting and vomit inducing dialogue, but so long as the graphics are awesome, it’s a 10/10 game?

        Please gtfo. And don’t come back.

      4. @shinobi.

        Um solid state is the future yet did you not hear about USB drive support? That will rape any properitary drive ms and Sony make for their systems. Also the wiiu will be hd done right. No 15 fps games with horrible textures and even worst controlls.

        The hd gen was very forgettable since it was all pc ports and hype that did not pan out. Server issues that where solved years ago on the pc still pluague this system.

        This was the stop gag gen and Nintendo won it with a gc and motion controls lol. That is how bad hd gaming was on consoles. When hd console players wake up like pc gamers did expect he consoles to pan unless they have a truly playable system that isn’t just about hype. How some one can still be impressed with the horrible quality of hd gaming on consoles is beyond me.

        As for the subject at hand. Apple hardware can barely run fast pace action games. Also games can’t take full advantage of the hardware thanks to the os. A controller option could be designed using blue tooth but where are the apple first party games? Also this guy has no idea how much these companies would loose supporting competiting hardware and how much they make off branding along with accessories.

        Ms is looking to bring out a beast of a system that will be bloated, while sonys only hope is two vitas duck taped together. With out a new format to push they are dead in the water. Nintendo is about to have the holy grail in fps controller and no one sees it coming.

        1. Really? You’re complaining about this gen being all PC ports and unoriginal while you say MS is going to have a better console than Sony? Sony console games are japanese and original while MS only has PC ports and FPS’s.

          1. Hardware is what I’m talking about which means yes ms could have better third party games. Sony games from this gen and last are very forgettable. Since most of those games don’t even require skill. He wanted to talk hardware and Sony just has hype. There is a reason why sonys original games are not being bought by the mw3 fans. It’s simple Sony doesn’t make games yet. They make horrible b rated stories. At least in mw3 you get features for you know game play. Yet if you really want games we all know nintendo is the go to guys. You may not but that’s your problem not ours.

            1. The reason most people don’t know about Sony exclusives is because Sony doesn’t spend Millions like microsoft on advertising. Sony has great exclusives but will never spend money that could go towards a game on superbowl advertisement.

      5. The Wii U can hold up to 25GB single layer (although I think that’s the current limit). Blu Ray?

        All of your other points are simply petty greviences with the hardware… there’s a reason there’s multiple consoles, and that’s to appeal to different people.

        Oh, and for innovation look towards the N64, GameCube, and Wii. Not just controller-wise, but gameplay-wise. I’m not even going to try and list what they are. This is coming from a Sony fan, who’s owned almost all of their gaming products.

      6. How would you know the Wii-U is only a step above the 360/PS3. It’s plenty more powerful than either systems. Ntm, it DOES have the OPTION to use an EHD so if you feel the need for a 1 TB EHD, buy one. Ntm, the discs for the Wii-U will use the same amount of space as a Blu-Ray disc so all of your points are invalid. Though, the funniest part of your statement are about their games.

  4. No. There are a variety of reasons, but the biggest is that Nintendo/Sony wouldn’t be able to sustain themselves on software only. At least, not without lowering the quality; once they do that, they cease to be unique, and become just “another developer.” Sony/Nintendo are quality, AAA titles; other developers have filled the void between “AAA” and “crap”. If Nintendo/Sony lower their quality standards, not only will they still wipe out the competition (for no reason whatsoever, because Sony/Nintendo’s games will become just as good as any other game), but hundreds, if not thousands, of developers’ sales will fall rapidly. They’ll pretty much be kicked out of the market.

    Don’t forget that, unlike handhelds which last for 5 years minimum, a phone will last you until the end of the year at least. After that, developers will just move on to better and more powerful devices to develop their games for.

    1. “They’ll pretty much be kicked out of the market.”

      By “they” I mean the small developers who make generally good quality games for phones (for their price).

    2. It’s the PC/Mac of portables! Well, minus the advantages of having one. :P

      Typing this on an iPhone, btw. I like it for other things.

  5. In a way he points something out that he doesn´t even know. He really likes the Nintendo games. He miss some really good quality titles on the smartphones. He knows what Nintendo has to offer and he knows he is willing to pay for it. Hence Nintendo will still sell games and hardware in the future.

  6. Zelda on an Android Phone… hell no! I want to play it on a console or PC. Mobile devices aren’t made for games like that, it’s just clumsy!

      1. FInally some ppl who think like me, and the games on the phone r terrible and the touch screen is only good for texting and if even that because the ds/3ds touch screen is much better with the stylus ps. i know i am a nintendo fanboy

  7. I thunk the Mobile platforms are getting a little scared. They cannot compete enough against consoles where gameplay is involved.

    Plus, I want to play my games on a console, personally. I want buttons, triggers, analog sticks, duel screens, touch screens – thumbs down for content only. I think Nintendo and Sony need to keep making consoles.

  8. Android, iPhone, and what? The Wii is one of if not the highest selling console ever, Nintendo should sacrifice their legacy to develop for a couple of phones? And Sony? What about Microsoft? Does this guy want Nintendo and Sony to make xbox games?
    Lmao, please.

    1. Before any Non-Nintendo follower bash you; The Wii is the highest selling Nintendo Console, but second place in Videogames Console. All just because Sony keeps producing and people keep buying stations 2, Why? I don’t know… because is Cheaper than Wii perhaps, or because it’s a Big crap and it keeps people buying a new console every time it stops working like every shit sony do… Or it’s because is a amazing console.. >.>? I really don’t know… But Meh….

  9. … Oh my f*ckng god, really, this sh*t again? I mean, come on, how many more fans are you going to have to piss of? I mean… Honestly, the fans have said: This is a horrible idea, and trust me, Sony fans are probably saying the same thing. Iwata has even said: Nintendo won’t make games for other companies, as long as he is president. Also, can you imagine playing a 3d Zelda game without buttons? Imagine playing Metroid, Kirby, Star Fox, Mario, Pikmin, ect. without buttons? Try playing Kingdom Hearts without buttons, or Uncharted, you just can’t. Gaming isn’t gaming without buttons, so this is a horrible idea. Now, stop, stop with these stupid ideas, and stop with trying to destroy the video gaming industry!

  10. It’s really insulting that this fucking asshole is likening consoles to drugs. :/ I’d rather play a real game on my fucking TV than play something for iPhone (which I only play to pass time when I’m not at home). Nintendo makes awesome games that /suit their consoles/. A game like Skyward Sword would NOT be possible with a fucking iPhone.

    1. Don’t take a left… I’ve seen the future and it’s not pretty. Take a right, that’ll take you on the right path to ending world poverty, all possible wars, and eliminating this “phone only” gaming realm. Oh, and here’s a shotgun; I foresaw that you’ll need it. I’m commenting from the future.

  11. I just can’t consider that. Theres no drug in the world like to imagine that. You noted this tguy talks about taking drugs and imagine???? I guess he is in Drugs.. >.>

  12. But then Nintendo wouldn’t have anywhere near the amount of control over their games. Also they would be at the mercy of those systems specs and features meaning that they couldn’t be as creative or wouldn’t be able to be creative in the way that they wished.

    This might be true if the games weren’t as rooted to the hardware as they currently are.

  13. What’s this? Jealous of Nintendo and Sony’s creativity?

    That guy’s ridiculous. He’s trying to kill gaming industry. If they embrace mobile platforms such as the iPhone or Android smartphones, NO MORE REAL GAME!

    1. he is crazy but,sony hasnt creativity they always steal.but when i heard that fucking trololo to stop making games i wanted and i want to complaint to other companies to close that fucking company or call the police and get that gye who said that he wants to sttop making games!

  14. You know that thing where you take drugs and you think it’s the best thing in the world? Then you get off them and go, ‘What was I doing?’

    Don’t think this guy has quite reached that point yet to be quite honest. Think he is still on the drugs.

    1. You were the first to last. Now I am. =D

      Anyways, WHAT? I agree, this guy is just jealous of Nintendo and Sony. And, he must be on drugs. Nintendo makes better games than iOS games.

  15. Zelda and Mario content for 10$~15$? That would kill nintendo, minimun would be 35$, we are not talking about games that are made in 6 months but 5 fucking years.

  16. it’s truth Nintendo sucks at making consoles but awesome at making game’s Nintendo fans need to stop it and face the fact’s your console sucks like %90 of your games suck you know why? cuz people can’t make good games on the wii they need HD they need good online they need awesome controller’s they need pizza do you nintendo fans know how much games your missing out on by not getting a ps3 and xbox 360!

      1. i like how you talk about the bad things and nobody give’s a damn xbox dont have it no more so ha you just a faggot who cant face the facts

        1. xbox now has the flash of death. and the only “bad” nintendo console would be the virtual boy because the NES, SNES, N64, GC, Wii, Gameboy, Gameboy color, gameboy advance, DS and 3DS are fucking amazing. also nintendo has some of the best games ever so… also the HD and online stuff you were talking about? leave that to Wii U which is a million years better than the PS3 or 360 and dont bullshit me with the “oh PS4 and 720 will destroy it” because sony said that the PS4 wont have a huge graphical update from the PS3

          1. you fanboys need to know that wiiu will not be more powerful then ps3 and xbox 360 who hell said that?! 50% more powerful my ass get the fuck off nintendo’s dick and open your eyes

            1. Actually, the next console for the other 2, actually confirmed by Sony, won’t be huge leaps from their previous ones. Powerwise, they will be less about visual improvements and more about efficiency. Their next big steps are toward interface, be it online, offline and controlwise.

    1. Hey, back in MY day Nintendo was the most powerful console maker there was… NES, SNES, (not N64), GameCube…

      Then again, I did buy a Genesis… but that simply proves power doesn’t mean anything if the games are great.

        1. you are right the N64 was the best one of its gen so was the gamecube the only nintendo console that isnt powerfull is the Wii but it gave us motion controls and amazing games

        2. But that’s the problem; the console was powerful, but it couldn’t be used to its full potential because of memory. Textures, character models, length of the game, all contribute to how “powerful” the game is, and they all need more disc space, which the N64 lacked. It’s also the reason exclusives usually look much better on the PS3 than the 360; the 360 might (probably not) be able to handle some games better, but the disc space doesn’t allow that.

  17. They’re all idiots, SONY should stop making consoles, that i agree with, but NINTENDO? FUCK NO!!!! Nintendo games on a fucking iPhone or any iDevice for that matter is bullshit. i would NEVER waste my money on an iDevice even if they had Zelda or Mario games. I love the Mario and Zelda games, but on an iDevice, HELL NO! They belong on their proper consoles, Nintendo is too awesome to waste time or money making stuff for the SHIT that is, iDevices! I don’t care how much less expensive the games would be on an iDevice, its not the point, i would pay ANYTHING for a Zelda or Mario game, as long as its on a PROPER NINTENDO console. I think Apple should stop making iPhones and shit like that because they’re trying to enter the console wars and they don’t even have a proper console! If anything, its Apple, Sony and ESPECIALLY Microsoft that should STOP making consoles so Nintendo can dominate. Microsoft should stop ASAP because their consoles ALWAYS have defects, like the Red Ring Of Death. Nintendo is BUILT TO LAST. My brother threw my Gamecube out a Second Story window, in the RAIN, it bounced off the concrete driveway, landed in the mud, and it STILL WORKED. I refuse to waste money on anything that is NOT Nintendo.

    1. Not to rain on your parade (no pun intended), but why should Sony leave the console “wars”? I think 2 console manufacturers is the perfect amount, just like it was (mostly, besides a few, much less successful console makers) in the 8/16-bit era… once three manufacturers came about, it took two generations then one was kicked out… then Microsoft came in… guess someone should be getting kicked out now.

          1. Wait, why don’t Nintendo fans hate Microsoft? They stole Halo from Apple (this is probably why), but then again they also stole Rare (and haven’t done anything good with them since) and, besides the late introduction of Kinect (rip-off of the Playstation Eye), haven’t innovated in ANYTHING.

            1. i dont really hate microsoft what happens is that is more logical for them to get kicked because they dont have that many exclusives for what i know the gears of war saga ended with the 3rd one and bungie is no longer with them to develop halo which is a really big disadvantage for them. as for sony they will fall when the Wii U eats the PS4

  18. Guys an idiot! I don’t want companies like them to go that far and place their games on mobile devices. They deserve their own consoles for us to play on.

  19. So what he’s trying to say is Nintendo should stop trying to make money… Sure, not like they need the money to make games or anything

  20. This shit with the iPhone and android and how Nintendo should make games for them needs to stop! Big name games aren’t meant to be on phones! This guy is an idiot for opening his mouth. It’d cost Nintendo and *shudder* Sony money because their sales would drop because people won’t buy the games. Especially those who are on phones all day at work. What a way to relax! Go on your phone some more! Jesus fucking Christ!! Sorry for the rant and length of this comment. My bad.

  21. Phone games have 90% of the time god awful controls. There is no way that a phone game will ever as engaging than Zelda, Uncharted or any other successful game franchise. This guy is an absolute idiot, and knows nothing about gaming.

    Also, he said nothing about Microsoft. Pretty obvious this guy is a Microsoft fanboy which was given a pedestal to state his stupid opinions no one cares about. No gamers want to pay on phones rather than consoles. Fact.

  22. This guy should stop saying such stupidities, he wants us hardcore gamers to be playing shitty angry birds like games

  23. Hmmm… so this guy’s logic is: “When people stop playing amazing games, sitting confortably in their living room on a nice TV, they will realize that they were stupid, and want to play cheap garbage 1-2 hour long games with no innovation, on a screen the size of their hands.”

    Congratulations dumbass, you fail. You fail hard.

  24. Sometimes a phone can’t compete with a 42″ tv screen. Someone must be paying this guy to make such outlandish comments!

  25. Then does that mean all the little boys and girls will have to buy iPhones and shit? Imagine a 7-year-old playing with their new iPhone playing Mario.

  26. What is Nintendo had an embraced phone like sony and the xperia play? Nintendo sets up a deal where they get control over the production of the phone(insuring the quality of products Nintendo produces.), they create a custom UI for the android OS, only Nintendo games can only play on these custom Nintendo phones, and Nintendo gets a cut of the sells for every phone sold. Heck Nintendo could create the phone from scratch; OS, hardware design, and all. These phones well have specs like the Nvidia Tegra 3, with features like Intel’s WiDi, 720p+ display on 5′ screen, controllers that connect via bluetooth, etc. there is a lot that can come from embracing mobile phones. Let the flaming begin.

    1. whether you all like it our not, change will happen whether ppl like it or not :/ thats true in life and even more true in technology. phones will take the place of PC’s, then phones will become obsolete not long after b/c we will be able to play games in our head b/c computers become integrated with our brains.

    2. You mean…. a small 3DS that is able to make and recieve calls? What about the other side of the coin? How much would they spend in mobile tecnology , agreements with telefony companies and things like this? How expensive would it be for consumers? Finally, why would Nintendo take such risk just to follow a trend! They already have their own loyal public and is not smart to risk them and risk Nintendo’s credibility with such unsecured enterprise!

  27. Thing that SOME people don’t get: – Nintendo is not ONLY about profits !
    – Nintendo is about quality and tradition !
    – Nintendo is about knowing their clients !
    – Nintendo is about new VIEWS and not following trends!
    – Nintendo is about EXCLUSIVITY !

    If you understand this things, than you understand why Nintendo is not interested in mobile gaming like IPhone and Android mobiles!

  28. Again I say, idiots like this, apparently have never been to a geek/anime/comic convention. And it is a particular shame in this case as London has some of the biggest and best cons in the world. Lame.

    1. I don’t think cons are an issue, here. I’ve been to cons four times already and I don’t see where you’re getting at.

  29. This fella just wants Mario uncharted etc on his phone and thinks by saying this it will happen lol. They would be crap on the iPhone what a joker.

  30. Maybe Nintendo should just release a 3DSPhone and make these guys shut up. I’d rather have a gaming device that doubles as a regular phone than the opossite.

  31. “You know that thing where you take drugs and you think it’s the best thing in the world?”
    The only person on drugs is that guy.

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  33. Wow he’s stupid about this. Why would Nintendo choose to make less money (and trust me, they would) making games for phones when they could make about 40 times more money from the games AND make a profit off the consoles? That’s something people never seem to consider, yes iphone games sell in high numbers, but they’re being sold for what, about 1 dollar each? Angry Birds has likely made less money across all platforms put together than Nintendo does on one high selling Mario or Pokemon game (500 million compared to about 800 million)

    Plus, funny they don’t say that about Microsoft. I wonder what company he’s such a fan of…

  34. OK, listen, this go to all those stupid persons who think nintendo wont succed anymore, that nintendo’ games suck, that Nintendo should dissapear. Dont you know its becouse of Nintendo that the videogame’s industry exists. Nintendo has created a lot of videogames and characters that we WILL NEVER FORGET. Nintendo has the 2 best videogame series, Zelda and Mario, and you should know they will not dissapear, ever. Start thinking, and realize that nost of iphone games are not good, they only sell becouse of its price, mnost of them SUCK!!! GO TO THE HELL IF YOU SAY NINTENDO ISN’T GOOD!!!

  35. I don’t have a reliable smartphone to play games :'(… And other than that the controles on thes phones suck…. Ever tried playing that dead space game for pad and stuff… The game is okay but not as fun as the console version… That’s just my example of how everyone plays games on a phone and such but it’s not they’re primary go to for gaming… It’s they’re keep them occupied for a short period of time gaming

  36. This guy is such a fag he should get a medal nintendo and sony are better off making consles and handhelds i been a part of nintendo when the 64 came out so really mario on a phone utter bs.

    1. Playing tloz on any phone would be so shitty. Only on a Nintendo console. That’s where you get the best gaming experience!!
      I hope the smartphone phone market crumbles and Nintendo revives it with their own phone called the NEP (Nintendo Entertainment Phone).

  37. Absolutely no Nintendo and PS games on mobile devices. If the home consoles are gone. I’m done with gaming and collecting all together.

  38. Why does everyone like him think that everyone has these busy lives that never give us any down time at home?! If I’m home… I’m gonna play on my tv! Not on my phone! Rediculous, consoles won’t die!

  39. Wow, another idiot that thinks Iphone games are really part of the gaming community. Iphone games are just to waste time when you have to wait for someone/something. Like, when you are taking a sh*t or when your waiting for someone to go drink some coffee. Now, what Nintendo and Sony make are games that we enjoy and wouldn’t mind leaving some other matters on the side to really enjoy them. Iphone games should be the ones to go away.

  40. Will these idiots never under stand that an iphone or android game is nothing more than a mini-game… On another thought who the hell in their right mind would buy a phone from Nintendo and Sony. Don’t get me wrong I understand he thinks they should just make shitty applet games, but lets face it if either company were going to give up the portable console game for something like this neither would allow their content to be 3rd party for a has been product like the iphone or an android.
    I call iphones has been because I owned one in the past and recently got an android. I wish I could have the year of my life I wasted with an iphone back.

  41. He doesnt know what hes talking about, pones are ment to be, guess what? Phones, while some games are fine, theyre something to do when bored when u dont have a console with you, if i had to choose between the phone games or nintendo games (on console) id give up phone games in a heartbeat.

  42. Worst Idea Ever.
    Playing Nintendo games on other platforms feels wrong,you know those people who try to recreate Nintendo games on stuff like Little Big Planet,you feel sick playing those levels.Plus smartphones?….FUCK THAT,MAN!

  43. That. Guy just wants to play zeldaa on his iphone, there’s no other foundation to his arguments… why would anyone take him seriously?

  44. Oh, boy. The hounds have been unleashed. XP

    As much as anyone might believe smartphones are the only viable non-PC/Mac game platforms going forward, they really aren’t at a place where they can properly handle games like the ones named.

  45. What the FUNK?!?!
    Why in the FRICKIN’ FUDGE would either company do that stupid thing?
    FUCK NO!! This chairman is…. gah!! I shouldn’t say that on the internet…

    Nintendo already said that if they put their games on a phone, they would cease to be Nintendo, and they wouldn’t stay in business anymore. The gaming market would drastically change.
    Some of you don’t understand the delicate balance Nintendo provides to this industry. Without them in the picture, the gaming market would grow stagnant.
    Same goes for Sony. If they did this (which they’re possibly more likely to do), the market would change. Not a good change my friends. I don’t want a phone-making company to hold all the cards and control MY gaming market.

  46. This where I say “A phone should only be that, A PHONE”. Because really I haven’t liked the sudden transformations smart phones have become today. Though I have nothing really against them, I just feel like there’s too much stuff on it now a days, it’s lost it’s identity, a device made for communication not fooling around with useless apps or gaming.

    A smart phone shouldn’t be used for gaming of THIS level like this idiot wants to propose. The main concern for consumers and their smart phones today is one thing: Battery Life. I see most people complaining that they charge their phones the night before and by the half of the day, the phone’s battery is nearly depleted. If people would be playing a big name video game on their smart phone, the poor thing wouldn’t be able to hold out for more than 3-4 hours. So it’s basically a waste of time to put something so big into a tiny little phone. I prefer a console MADE for it and my TV screen over a phone that would possibly leave me blind faster.

    Besides whatever happened to that Playstation phone they made? Didn’t that turn out bad too?

    1. 3-4 hours? Ha, 2-3 hours on a very undemanding game. 1.5 hours or less on anything more intense, like Asphalt or, the bane of all batteries, Infinity Blade (30 minutes in after full charge and I’m at 20%. Another half hour (Apple’s battery algorithm states 20%, you’re at 40-50%) and it’s dead.).

  47. Where is vito16? AH! I see the story is about Sony being told by an analyst to leave the market too. Obviously that means vito16 isn’t going to whiteknight for him. Lulz.

  48. I love my Android. I really do. But I hardly ever play games on it. If games start coming out on smart phones from Sony and Nintendo it just will not work. PERIOD. Also the only input is multi-touch which is not very precise. So games like phantom hourglass just won’t work on it. If needed to see an example on the results of this just look at the Street figther, Devil May Cry 4 ports for the ipod. The games on smart phones are meant to be pick up and go only type of games ONLY ( well for now). I will keep my 3ds and Vita for both pick up and go type of games with my serious gaming type of games.

  49. I hate gaming on my phone. I bought an Android, thought it might be fun to have games on it and apps, and honestly, the games are the things I use the least. I don’t find mobile games to be that intuitive, they’re not that addictive, and they’re not very deep. They’re just shovelware. With TVs developing the way they are, I don’t see why we’d want to downgrade from up to a 60″+ TV screen to a 8″ screen. I wonder if this guy was talking about handhelds? Because it is worth noting that he didn’t mention Microsoft, who is the only company that doesn’t have a portable game system. Either way, I’d rather have a 3DS or Vita than a Phone with games. I have yet to find a game that I’d rather play than a console or portable title.

    What’s funny though is, it’s not that people are abandoning consoles for phone games, it’s that everybody’s got the phones, and there are tons of free games, so it’s easy to download them. People don’t necessarily play them, it’s just that they download them. More people have a phone than a gaming console, and with games easily available, a lot of which are free, it’s easy to get them. It’s not to say it’s a better platform, cos honestly, I have not been impressed with any games, Angry Birds included. It’s fun, yes, but still… I’ve played the EXACT game on Neopets 3 years ago.

  50. i think these people are stupid and only see it from one point of view! we can have both mobile and console gaming at the same time. i hat games on mobiles and i never want to play a console Zelda or Mario or Metroid on a mobile! seriously WTF!

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  54. These idiots need to get there mouths sewn shut. Dedicated hardware will always make better games. Too much fragmentation on Android platforms and Apple is very restrictive. If we want to keep seeing great games, it has to be on dedicated hardware…

  55. Oh Hell no! I dont want be gaming on a phone, true games belong on your 50 inch flat sxreen! no matter what console! You are limited to so much on a phone.

  56. Not sure if this guy is really really stupid or a massive troll. If nintendo and sony left hardware to other people the quality of their games would plummet! Both companies push the limits of their own hardware. If they left hardware to other companies they would just be limiting the amount of content they are able to put out……. Yeah this guy is just straight up wrong…. He needs to sit in his kitchen and drink and think about what he’s said

  57. Have u tried playing a good game on a phone. what a laugh. i have an android phone and when i play a good game more often or not it crashes and my son has same problem with iphone. never had problem with nintendo ds.

  58. What does he mean by gamers would look back at Nintendo consoles and think “what was i doing?” Today, people still worship the N64 and the SNES.

  59. Nintendos been 120 years in the game industry (Starting with card games)

    Nintendo’s been 30 years creating video game consoles, Nintendo will NOT stop.

  60. Oh look. Another Microgame developer who thinks he can play with the big boys.

    Does he honestly think that something like Uncharted or Zelda would be the same on a fucking phone? Does he not understand a single damn thing about gaming or something?

  61. Oh, I see how that would work, I mean the iPhone has fantastic graphics, much better than that of the Wii and everything. Even the Wii U! And we all love playing games with only a touch screen, no button input or anything, gosh this guy’s a genius! And Nintendo wouldn’t lose any money or anything due to the loss of hardware.

  62. I couldn’t help but laugh when i read the header, but it was when i read his reasons that i almost fell out of my chair.

  63. Articles above this one: Mario 3D Land Fastest-Selling Handheld Mario, Skyward Sword Fastest-Selling Zelda Game, Wii has record Black Friday sales numbers.

    Yep, nobody wants consoles. :P

  64. What a fuck head! I like to come home after a hard day and sit on my ass to play a game. Plus, the wii motion plus is still great. The iPhone is a phone, keep a phone as a phone with extras, not a fucking game system.

  65. Alex Delderfield (ADEdge)

    Wow, epic fail. This guy clearly knows nothing about the game industry… He should know better than to comment about things he doesnt understand.


  66. To me it seems he just wants them to quit consols and make games for them so they make more money.

    Portable devices don’t hold a candle against proper consoles. Except ofc at being portable.

    And, yes he is an idiot!

  67. My take:

    I’d love to see Nintendo branch out into the iPhone market simply for more 2d-based games (i.e. a new Zelda game like A Link To The Past), however I don’t believe they should stop making consoles. The great thing about consoles is that they’re specifically aimed at gaming, unlike the smartphone market. You can do more with consoles, and while they’re more expensive, your gaming experience is that much broader and more in-depth.

    Sony, on the other hand, could probably benefit from going content-only. They’re last console offering, while selling decently as of late, is still the least popular console on the market. That’s not to say it’s the end of Sony, because Nintendo bounced back after the lackluster (by comparison to PS2 and XBOX) performance of the GameCube, despite having many titles that fans consider hits. So there’s no reason to think that one black mark (so to speak) on Sony’s record would preclude them from the console market.

    With special regards to Nintendo, consoles need to stick around and evolve. Nintendo is doing a great job of that. Some people are less willing to try new things, others revel in it. The fact that the Wii U appears to cover both sides fairly evenly, as well as bring Nintendo’s platform well into the HD market, seems to suggest that this console will be more successful than even the massively popular Wii was. I see no reason to stifle that flame just yet.

  68. why are you all just saying this is terrible
    of course your gonna hate it but why do i care
    Every single person on this will have the same view as you – this is nitendo news
    stop just saying whatever you think because someone cares
    literally the only people your going to affect is everyone who agrees with you
    If you are going to make a point, make it where people can see it
    this is just you fanboys all agreeing to something that is completely pointless you all agreeing on

  69. As a fan of Nintendo since the day I played on an N64, I don’t agree with Nintendo being told to stop making consoles. However, technology is expanding and if there are new ways to make a console or a game better, I’d say go ahead and do it. It’s what gaming and the advancement of technology has been about. If games are already possible to play on iPods, android phones etc, why not try?

    So yes, I do like the idea of Nintendo making games for android phones. It’s a bigger expansion for the company, and perhaps an even wider audience. Yeah, the graphics may not be as fantastic as you’ll see on a bigger screen from a console, and personally, I don’t own an android phone to know the graphics on them, but I’d be tempted to have one if games by Nintendo/Sony (i.e. games that I’m interested in) branches out to that industry. To be honest though, I have played smaller versions of games like Streets of Rage on an iPod, and it’s not that bad. So it is possible to have them.

    The only disadvantage of it though is perhaps overheating of the item being over used and perhaps slow down the controlling of the game/phone. But to resolve that maybe they could make a special hardware system that USB attaches to the phone or whatever and will contain the game when you insert the game card in it.

  70. Better watch out the kiddies are going to come out swinging. Don’t tell kids that their system is crap. Sony doesn’t need to stop making consoles, they have great games on their consoles: third and first party. Nintendo is just about software which article hits on and why it should stop making consoles. But Sony and Microsoft gaming consoles add much more in multimedia and tv services along with games, they have lasting power.

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