Nintendo DS: Grab Yourself A Victini With Reshiram And Zekrom’s Moves Next Week

Nintendo has announced that it’s giving Pokémon fans another chance to claim Victini as their own from December 3rd – 31st. This will be a level 50 Victini with Fusion Flare and Fusion Bolt, which are Reshiram and Zekrom’s signature moves.

Victini also comes with V-Create, a powerful Fire-type move, and Searing Shot, which is another fire move. The Victini will come holding a Fire Gem, which is a consumable item that can power up one of his Fire-type moves one time. Victini is downloadable via Wi-Fi.


  1. Man, someone really needs to ban these “First” posters. Don’t bother commenting if you don’t have anything relevant to say.

    In any case, I already have a Victini from the first event, but it seems this one knows special moves the other one doesn’t, so I’ll be snaggin’ this one up REAL quick. ;)

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