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Nintendo 3DS: Here’s A Couple Of New Mario Kart 7 Trailers For You

Nintendo has uploaded two new gameplay trailers for Mario Kart 7 which show off a host of loveable characters as well as some familiar locations. Don’t forget Mario Kart 7 is out December 2nd in Europe and December 4th in the United States. Has anyone got this pre-ordered?

38 thoughts on “Nintendo 3DS: Here’s A Couple Of New Mario Kart 7 Trailers For You”

    1. You use your 3ds for this site? Cool, I do too! I think the 3ds will let you post videos into youtube but I don’t know if you can actually watch them in the browser.

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  2. Absolutely excited for this game. Definitely pre-ordered since around E3. Mario 3D Land is 100% done, ready to take this game on!

  3. Ign gave this game a 9 the only complaints they had was there isn’t enough characters and the menus are bland…..they also said this is the best online game nintendo has ever made.

    1. IGN doesn’t have that big of a point since there’s usually around 16 characters (some are new anyways so..) and also I didn’t know the menus of a handheld racing game was supposed to be epic like a Michael Bay EXPLOSIONS (…movie)!!!

      1. But it is less than the wii version but this game looks better than wii version to me although I thought the wii Mario kart was the worst one although I never played the one for gba so I can’t speak about that one.

        1. If you’re a 3ds ambassador, you’ll find out soon enough. I did (and still do) kind of like the Rainbow Road on MK Wii since it was my first Mario Kart race (Hint: it was online and I won! manual, kart, 150 cc, etc. My friend said a manual kart would be helpful. He was trying to trick me but I made it backfire.) But that’s just my opinion.

  4. What the hell?!?!?? The Blue Shell is still flying, even though it has no wings! I thought they rebalanced this game, presumably by making it less powerful by travelling on the floor or something…

    1. It travels on the ground so it can hit the opponents in front of you then it lifts of the ground and then hits first player in the front instead of back.

  5. Do you get a discount for pre-ordering or is it the opposite? (Also, thanks Sickr for getting rid of noname, he’s really annoying he only mentions how bad the Wii and LoZ is.)

  6. I gotta get buff before christmas. (Tradition, always do it before playing new game, that way I don’t end up like….albert…)

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  8. Mario Kart 7 I amazing!! Lol my shoppers drug Mart sold it early and I got it today! 3 days before actual release date! You’ll love it. It’s so so fun!! Happy Racing!!!!

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