Nintendo Wii U: Square Enix Discuss Their Next Generation And Current Generation Untitled RPG

Square Enix’s Ryutaro Ichimura has told Famitsu that he has finally ‘graduated’ from the Dragon Quest team and is busy working on a number of titles including a possible next generation RPG. Depending on the timing, they may release the game for next generation consoles which could include Wii U which comes out sometime after April 2012.

Famitsu has shown off some pieces of concept art which include buildings that appear to be out of middle ages Europe, and middle ages European style characters. Although the game may appear Westernised the developers are trying to make the game appeal to everyone. What sort of RPG would you like from Square Enix on Wii U?


  1. Final Fantasy 10

    Ps3 HD remake, can’t wait….. Should make it for wii U too, everyone should play it.

  2. Make a Kingdom Hearts like game combing Nintendo and Square. Also, that FFX HD remake, bring it to the Wii U.

  3. if im correct square enix made chrono trigger (back then they were called square) so i say that they should make a chrono trigger 2 for Wii U

  4. what ever it is, i hope they use their new lumines Engine soon :D or what ever its called, i wanna see it soon.

    1. ^THIS

      Kingdom hearts 3. The world ends with you. I want em….

      But give me a new Chrono, and I’ll be happy to wait until 2020 for them.

      Just NO MORE final fantasy…PLEEASE. TOO….MUCH….FINAL…FANTASY.

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