Nintendo 3DS: Apparently The Ten Free Gameboy Advance Ambassador Games Have Been Delayed Until Next Year

According to Nintendo of Spain the ten free Gameboy Advance ambassador program games that Nintendo promised for early Nintendo 3DS adopters have been delayed until sometime next year. It would make sense as Nintendo has been suspiciously quiet on the subject as they were supposed to be here this year.

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    1. Well yeah, but it’s under Nintendo of Europe so it won’t usually do anything different that makes it noticable…

  1. Fuck damn it. I hope Ambassador status switches over with a console transfer because I’ve been dying to use my sexy new Zelda 3DS.

    1. GBA MK, Wario Ware (GBA), Metroid Fusion, Yoshi’s Island, and one more that I can’t remember… Don’t worry, those are the only ones officially announced, there will be 5 more to make it ten.

    1. Nintendo are also the sort of company that wants that SOPA bill to pass through the house in America and make the world wide web become a place that would have no more free speech. But yeah… I’m not too surprised about the delay either, they don’t want to lose any money… just like Microsoft and Sony and any entertainment industry… they want to get richer and richer and richer, and guess what? I like distributing their software and sharing it with everyone, because software shouldn’t have a price on it, I’m an exremest in that way. lol

    2. I agree with this guy.

      I didn’t make a financial miscalculation, I made a Fanboy miscalculation. – I raved about Nintendo and their 3DS for months prior it’s release, and I feel like I’ve been getting screwed ever since launch.

      I’m not super angry anymore., and I’ve about bled dry of disappointment. Nintendo has me by the balls, and all I can do is keep taking the slaps in the face.

      Fine Nintendo, just keep doing what you want, when you want. But don’t set any more damn dates, and don’t make me any promises. Just surprise me.

      End Rant.

  2. Nintendo the company who releases things before they should or releases them way later then they should. They just can’t seem to find the perfect time to release anything :|

  3. i don’t know why is so hard to deliver on time something that they already have??? i mean they had like 5 month to only change controllers and upload them to the Eshop or i am missing something else??? (not trolling)

    1. They need to optimize them to run on the 3DS system. Since they won’t run natively, each of the ten GBA games needs to be specially emulated on the 3DS. It can take some time to properly code each game to run at full speed with no glitches in this manner. If you look at Majora’s Mask on Wii’s VC, you will notice a bit of slowdown at certain parts in the game.

        1. I have the one flashcart that allows GBA emulation with the use of expanded RAM, and it’s far from perfect. Very few GBA games run properly. Also, I highly doubt you could properly evaluate the amount of effort it takes to code specific emulators for 10 GBA games.

      1. I don’t think they are going to be emulated, the fact that there is not even sleep mode support seems to me like it they are being run natively. Just because the 3DS doesn’t have a Game Boy Slot doesn’t mean it can’t run GBA games natively.

    1. I know! OMG they’ve delayed the system update and then there is a rumor about GBA games! It’s over, Nintendo is finished!

      1. Wasn’t 2 players in Luigi’s Mansion posted on an official Nintendo website revealed to just be an error? I’m kinda hopin’ this is the same thing.


  5. This would make sense seeing as how tomorrow is the start of December, the final month of the year, and they haven’t released the full list of games yet.
    But hey, let’s look at the positive side of things; it’s almost Christmas so we can enjoy awesome games during this time and then the GameBoy Advance games will be a nice little treat to start off 2012.

    1. They didn’t release the full list of NES games until a day before they were released. For all we know they may announce them tomorrow and then release them the next day.

    1. Maybe Nintendo will listen to you if you weren’t commenting in the wrong site! Just a suggestion, no trolling involved.

  6. Hah, that makes me laugh, why I’m glad I’m going above Nintendo and grabbing a SuperCard DSTWO for GBA games.

    I do feel sorry though for those that were looking forward to the GBA games that deserve it after buying the 3DS for $250

    1. Yeah this is totally the end of Nintendo! To many delays. And geeez it shouldn’t even be that hard to push a simple update, to like, maybe a million consoles.

  7. Honestly, with Star Fox, 3D Land, and Sonic Generations to play and Mario Kart due in a few days I’ve kinda forgotten about the 10 remaining games. I don’t mind the wait too much, still got plenty of good stuff to play. Though I honestly expected this from Nintendo especially after the update got delayed. They really need to get it together.

    1. Yeah, store-owners can easily look at a person and say they’re a 3ds ambassador, life isn’t that easy. Then, if Ninty handed out actual Ambassador cards to show to stores would be difficult since they (hopefully) don’t know our full address (unless you entered your address in Club Nintendo even then it would still be hard)

    1. Cus it’s a long lost summer waitin to be a bummer looking how the town goes rou-ound. A dance in the rain somewhere in spain as the water comes do-ownn. Sorry, had to do that.

  8. I like how every one is pitchin a fit about not having these games cause I know when we finally do get them those same ppl will pitch a fit about how they dont like the games.

    Just like last time. :D

  9. i mario supersatr saga and i think that they haft to realse something in the update to get gba games to work and then test out and they plan for it to fail so that gives it time to fix it fos 2012 and i doubt i will play the games much so i dont care

  10. Just what i feared another delay. Hopefully Mario Kart 7 and 3D Classics: Kirby’s Adventure will tide me over. If not then i still have the Super Mario 3D Land Special Stages and OoT’s Master Quest to finish up.

      1. so trolling = doesnt have a 3DS? i bought mine on launch day with SSF4 and i also have OoT from when it came out. anyways your claim is as logical as people saying Minish Cap is first because link gets a hat.

          1. i dont hate nintendo per say but i HIGHLY disagree with the decisions that they make. I grew up with Nintendo man. i deffinitly cant hate it. but the generation they’ve just be scraping shit off the bottom of the barrel and calling them games.

              1. so i guess that makes you a fan of Penguin Tower Defense? or how about Carnival Games? Nintendo has completely ignored us this generation. seriously. 2 GOOD first party games a year doesnt cut it nintendo. if people think the Wii won this generation due to sales they are wrong. if anything they are dead last. because its not just hardware that counts for sales. its also software. i read a study a year or so ago maybe 2 that said the average person that buys a Wii just buys the wii…but a person that buys a xbox or a ps3 will buy 4-5 games when they buy it.

                1. Well, I’m not those people nor did I argue that Wii won. (Nintendo doesn’t even make those games anyway.)
                  Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Mario Galaxy 1/2, Twilight Princess, Mario Kart Wii, Skyward Sword
                  Those are all GOOD first party games. And then there’s Mario 3D Land, Mario Kart 7, Luigi’s Mansion 2, Kid Icarus, Paper Mario, and a new Zelda coming on the 3DS. Plus, the 3DS is getting a lot of 3rd party support, and so is Wii U. Nintendo is nowhere near death, and saying which console “won” is a personal opinion.

                  1. i wouldnt put 3DS in the no first party/third party war now cause Nintendo is stepping up their game but in my opinion they are a little to late to be taken seriously by hardcore gamers. it just seems like most teenagers switched to Xbox or Ps3 when the Wii came out and Nintendo will forever be labeled the “baby” or the “kiddie” company until they show us something good. my advice to nintendo would be to stop it with the gimmicks. its gonna get the company no where if they keep doing it. they had a chance with the Wii U to make something BRILLIANT and they ruined it with the announcement. they didnt show anything but the controller and games that they are going to have running on Xbox’s and PS3’s. also they announced no 1st party games (im not going to count SSB4 as a game that they announced because Sakurai was PISSED that Iwata announced it)…jesus i went really off topic with that but thats just my stance on stuff…

          2. I was (and try to remain) a hard-core Nintendo fan, but they are trying to breed trolls with all their disappointing bull sh**.

            I’m sided with the “troll” who owns a 3DS on this one.

  11. Oh great, cheers Ninty. 3DS update delayed, GBA games delayed, eShop still shit. Good job 3D Mario land is here and M K is pretty much here!

  12. Fuuuuuuuuuuu~!!!! I am so SICK of Nintendo. They always do this crap. I’m still waiting for some 3DS games that SHOULD’VE been available at launch. The 3DS came out in March. IT’S ALMOST EFFING DECEMBER!!! Really, Nintendo?!? Really!?

    I’m keeping my 3DS, but here’s looking to you, Sony.

    1. They’re free. FREE. It’s nice enough that Nintendo are actually giving us 10 free games after the last 10 free games. So stop whining.

      1. Free is good and all, but when you say something as a company, you’d best stick to your word. And after plopping down $250, I’ll “whine” all I want, bro.

        But anyway, I’m glad this turned out to be inaccurate. I’m not usually one to jump the gun, but after news of of a delayed “November” update, I was in Rage Mode.

  13. Kind of saw this coming. So… What was the point of the Ambassador certificate..? I haven’t gotten a single update on that thing..

  14. You people really should have expected this; if they’re known to have done it before, they are bound to do it again. I suspected it would happen since the delay of the Firmware Update. Sure, I’m disappointed, but honestly; MK7 is almost here and I am still enjoying the NES games until the GBA come around.

    Learn to be patient.

  15. There is some hope, apparently the UK version of the page says within the year, and the wording on the Spanish site could mean ‘close’ or ‘incoming’ or various other words, so it may just be a mistranslation. Especially as Nintendo of Europe is already slipping up a fair bit recently, what with the multiplayer Luigi’s Mansion 2 error and all.

  16. I’m not really a GBA fan so the only one I’ll probably enjoy is the Mario Kart game. I actually liked the news about the NES better than the GBA because the NES games just brought back my memories of the first time I played a Nintendo game (Super Mario Bros. at age 6 in 2002)

  17. That’s not good. It’s not like we are desperate to play games at the moment, but this hurst their image, which is a bad thing considering the Wii U has yet to be released.They promise something and then fail to deliver. While the free games are no big deal, the features that the 3DS should have had are still being pushed back. If that’s the case with the 3DS, then just imagine what would happen with the Wii U and its supposed “better online” (yeah, we still know nothing about it), and these are rather simple features in comparison.

  18. also. to continue my rant about nintendo. i have one thing to say. ONE thing. and its the most bull shitty thing nintendo does. they have to stop announcing release dates for things unless they are 100% positive. it was ok once or twice. but it happens with EVERY game they make. Twilight Princess. suppose to be late 2004. was late 2005. Skyward Sword. suppose to be Late 2010. Late 2011. Super Smash Brothers Brawl. Early December. Late January. Early March. it gets annoying and it makes Nintendo look like a bunch of retards.

    1. SS shouldn’t really be on that list since it wasn’t a complete announcement. Besides the whole time it’s been “delayed,” Nintendo was making it better.

      1. i went easy on Skyward Sword. in 09 Miyamoto said it would be released later that year. on January 5th 2010 Iwata said that u were less than 365 days away from Zelda Wii. and then. last week. they said that they could have released it A YEAR AGO but they didnt cause they “werent having money issues” then in the Spring/Summer God or whoever runs the universe was like “wut they could have released it last year but didnt because of money issues…lul ok lets see lets make the 3DS fail, lets make this guy from Nintendo loss 500 million dollars (err might have been yen) and last but not least lets make people from Nintendo give up hope :D! and that…is why u always release a game…on time…

  19. Oh no I was hoping to have these game’s before the holidays. I might have to actually talk to some relatives now lol.

  20. They should at least tell us what the games are! Then I’m fine with waiting however long they need!

  21. Apparently the rumor is true. You can see here that they have changes the text from “the games will be released before the end of the year” to “The remaining five Game Boy Advance games will be announced later this year. ” I mean, I’ve read all of the comments, and I do agree some people are being just a bit whiny. However, when I had heard that there was going to be another DS system, I too admittedly jumped the bandwagon and pre-ordered the system, along with one of the nintendogs games. Hey, I had to have something to play and sports aren’t my cup of tea. I also admit being in line for Gamestop to open an hour early to pick up my beautiful aqua 3DS, being second in line and the first to leave the store with one, I was super excited. However, I was quite upset at the fact that Nintendo decided to lower the price nearly $100, but the prospect of “getting ripped off” was replaced with freebies as “an apology to the system not quite being what it was supposed to be”. So, sure. Give me Zelda. Give me Mario. Awesome. Less money I have to spend. :) But the only reason I have to complain is that their empty promises give them an air of… insecurity and loss of respect towards a company who came out with Wii technology that had been born with the Original Nintendo in 1984. (Duck Hunt) And for a long time, Nintendo played a huge part in most of our lives. Then the Playstation was born, and eventually the xBox. Gameboys brought us an upgrade to SEGA and eventually Nintendo brought down it’s own downfall when they released the Gamecube. Essentially a dead system nowadays. At least where I’m from. No one plays Gamecube games anymore. The Wii wasn’t that big of a hit( at least in my area) because of the xBox and the PS2 was still pretty popular with the thousands of games released for it, and the fact that you can still play classic playstation games on it made it quite a bit more popular because nintendo always had a new game cartridge that was never compatible with old systems. (Except the GBC games that you could play on Super Nintendo and 64) But with the wii came promises of a “Virtual Console” which is still missing MANY old games that were super popular back in the day. And the 3DS virtual console was the only reason I was looking forward to the first update. I can care less to use the internet on it, when I have a personal computer. :L Anyways, Like I said, Nintendo has a very thick air if disappointment from old fans and new fans alike, and continues to worsen it’s rep with false release dates and whatnot. So in my opinion, Nintendo may fall in the next 10 years or so, unless they can kick themselves in the ass a bit harder and do their jobs. Hire a few more people to do coding and programming and stuff along those lines to help them meet their own goals.

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