Nintendo Wii U: Bit Trip Developer Has A Wii U Development Kit

Gaijin Games, the developer behind the acclaimed Bit Trip franchise has revealed via Twitter that it has a Wii U development kit.

“I wonder what this mysterious device on my desk is… Let’s see… It has a giant touchscreen, a camera, microphone… It’s white… Hm…”

The company denied that its cryptic clue refers to an iPad or tablet so the next logical thing would be a Wii U development kit. What would you like to see from the developer on Wii U?


  1. I always wondered why every pic of the wii U always shows the damn controller but not the system. How the hell can we play the game without the system??? Show the system! Anyways, i would like the developers to see just how far the controller can go away from the system. Make it seem like a 3ds lol. 20 – 50ft wont do. I want 300 400 ft.

          1. There is still some time for improvements before the system is released, but they are probably working on titles to release. If I can jack in my headphones to the controller then I’ll be good.

    1. Damn, I was just about to. Can’t help it, she’s very fuckable and she’s holding the SEXY Wii U controller. What more do you want?

    2. she’s not as hot as the girls they normally have. then again i’d bang anything, so i’d bang her.

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