Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Says Expect ‘Big Things’ From Zelda On Wii U

Famed Zelda producer Eiji Aonuma has told Nintendo Power that gamers should expect big things from the next iteration of the Zelda franchise which will be on Wii U. Aonuma obviously wouldn’t go into too much detail but he did say that the next Zelda will challenge the series conventions. What would you like to see featured in Zelda Wii U?

“Skyward Sword is a title where we took aim at all the conventions of the Zelda series. While that may have been difficult, I think that confronting those challenges resulted in something that has a great deal of value. When it comes to Wii U, we’ll obviously want to add new elements that take advantage of the capabilities of the platform. I think using that as a lens through which we once again challenge the conventions of Zelda is more important than just making another Zelda game. With that in mind, please expect big things from the Zelda series to come!”


      1. Since the comments from the team have been along the lines of not wanting to go back from motion, I’d guess that is exactly what they’re planning. Assign character controls and more instant item-selection activity to the remote and nunchuck, map everything else to the Wii U controller. That would be the perfect scheme for Zelda on Wii U.

        The only downside to building the game around that: Since Wii Motion Plus isn’t packed with the Wii U (so far as we know), the install base isn’t as assured as if it were designed entirely around the Wii U’s controller. If WMP were the control scheme at the launch of Wii this wouldn’t be a problem given the install base, but it wasn’t. The only way to solve the problem is to release a remote bundle like they did with Skyward Sword to help new adopters, but it would have to come with a nunchuck too.

        1. Here’s an idea, get and attachment to add on to the back of the tablet and hold that in either hand while you hold the Wii Remote in the other. You use the Remote like the sword, but the tablet will be used as the shield, and when you pause the game the menu is brought up on the touch screen, but you swap items out on the fly like Skyward Sword with the Wii Remote and the B button.

          1. as I tought. It’s better this way, so they can make a improved motionplus in few years, that will be even more responsive

            1. I want to use motion controls to chop up ingredients for potions put them in a pot and pulvarise them with a pestle and mortar!

  1. Miyamoto said after the use of the WiiMote to control the sword, he wouldn’t be able to go back.
    I wonder if the next game will be more of the usual or if there’s gonna be some motion control.

      1. I’m more inclined to believe their dream is to fuse the two. You can read more higher up the page along with my issues with the idea, but it’s basically this: It would assign character and quick item-accessing actions to the remote and nunchuck, and the rest of the game would utilize the Wii U’s controller.

        1. the touch screen would be too take notes solve puzzles like in Zelda PH, items on as well as the ability to use the M+ to select items like in SS also it could be used as a leans of truth.

          i can’t play Zelda without motion now i just love the SS way to play it!

  2. Well As we saw in okami, You were able to control the way you slash with the brush. maybe on the touch screen you use that to slash? Like if you slash upwards it does that and the same for the other slashes?

  3. Anything is fine as long as they don’t add voice acting. The sounds characters make now are perfect for giving them personality… Real voices would ruin the magic

    1. Link ahhhh he’s a miracle dadadadada Link ahhhhh savour of the universe.

      Anyone remember Flash Gordan

  4. Awesome news!!! This only makes me crave the Wii U so much more than what I already was. More info Ninty!!!!

  5. I REALLY hope there is at least an option for Motion+. It’s hard to imagine Zelda without it now.

  6. Off topic a bit but if you could get OoT for $20-25 bucks brand new would you get it even if you played a couple of months ago and is still fresh in your head.

  7. Different control methods would be cool. The tablet and motion plus. Hopefully it will be a dark realistic game with amazing graphics.

    1. I don’t know why everyone wants Zelda games to look dark, yes it’s epic, but I love the feel of games like Windwaker and Skyward Sword they’re so different and awesome in their own way.

  8. Always enjoy seeing any article’s title with “Wii U” in it on the front page. E3 can’t come any sooner, not just for Wii U but for Sony and Xbox360 games too. Being a gamer is so rewarding.

  9. AH, so we’ll just use the Wii Mote as the sword and the Wii U Pad/Tablet/Touchy thingy as the shield. XD

    1. and how would you move around? you want to hold that big thing with one hand and trying to play with your thumb? think about it gain :P

  10. I am just interested to see the next asthetic they choose to go with. USually they alternate between cell-shaded semi-cartoon-style and the realistic versions (or at least a less characterised version) so isnce Skyward Sword was the style it is then we could assume a more realistic version. On the other hand they almost always change from the first mentions look which at the E3 made-up demo was realistic. So I am wondering which they will pick or at least which will be closer to. They could go with a realistic one as it is probably the most wanted version (and will bring in those put off by Skyward Sword) yet then they won’t have as big an unveiling as it was already expected from this years E3 clip.

    Other than that I am sure I will enjoy any gameplay thing they decide to do as no Zelda game (the CDi ones don’t count to me lol) have dissappointed me (except maybe Zelda 2 but I played that after I had gotton used to the 3D ones.
    Picking one thing though, I would like to see them bring back the magic areas and see that expanded. This allowing for alternate uses for items like using some of the magic bar to increase the power of a thrown bomb or some magic abilities that don’t just cut off the action for a second like Din’s Fire did in OoT. That is an aspect that has been touched upon in previou installments but never in a very game-changing or developed way.

    1. There really isn’t a pattern to their selection of art direction, despite the fact that it may look that way. I do agree with your comment about the magic, though. I’d love to see Link casting spells and moving at the same time, a la Skyward Sword.

  11. Just shut up already Nintendo. Seriously, Skyward Sword has just barely made it out the door and they’re already talking about the next one. If you’re really making the game, then just make it and don’t tell us anything until the year you’re actually releasing the damn game. Zelda is my favorite franchise, but I don’t like it how they announce it one year and wait a long time to actually play it. What’s worse is that this is a game on a system that is still no where near releasing, and a game that’ll take at least 3 more years to develop. It’s like with the 3DS Zelda; couldn’t they have waited until E3 or something to actually announce the game and surprise us with its gameplay instead of telling us that they’re making it? I thought they were all about surprising us, but it seems they talking about finished products when they are barely getting started on those projects. Same with Smash Bros.

    1. not everyone likes surprises and so confirming a game is in development is, for some people, better than hoping they would surprise us. Like instead of surprising me with a debut trailer for metroid 3ds I would instead like for them to confirm it’s in development. As for zelda I’m glad that they’re already at work with the new one.

      1. My problem is that they’re not letting Skyward Sword stretch its legs. Think about it. AAA Nintendo games keep on selling forever. Once the Wii U drops, a lot of people who didn’t get SS will want to play it since the Wii U can play Wii games. By announcing this, they’ll be cutting its legs early on. There’s no point in telling me that a game is in development when I have to wait at least 3 years to finally play it.

        It’s like with the 3DS. Kid Icarus Uprising was supposed to be the 3DS’s lead title, yet it hasn’t even been given a release date. They don’t really have to “surprise us, but they shouldn’t announce a game within the same franchise as a game that has just barely made it out of the door. They also shouldn’t announce it so far off.

        1. When is Nintendo NOT making the next Mario or Zelda game? There’s almost always a period of overlap anymore, especially with the Zelda games. You can pretend to be ignorant about it, but Nintendo is making a new game as I type this whether it’s been announced or not. But why’d you’d want to remain ignorant to this fact is beyond me. Surprises lie in the details, not in the PR announcements.

        2. And it’s like you said, many of Nintendo’s AAA titles sell forever. Ocarina of Time and the original Super Mario Bros. sell sell sell even though they’re years old. Do you really think Skyward Sword will struggle to maintain post-launch sales because a new Zelda is confirmed to be in the works?

          1. exactly, those people would have to be really patient to wait 3-5 years to get their hands on a new zelda instead of just buying skyward sword. And why would they wait? if they are a fan of LoZ then surely they would buy both games right?

        3. I get what you’re saying, but you’re zelda argument technically isn’t correct. Nintendo is going to be making another zelda for Wii u. Of course. We all new it was going to happen. But they didn’t formally announce the game, and they maybe haven’t even started on it. Nintendo was speaking on statistics. Skyward sword was big, and they’re obviously not going to lower the bar for the next game, which is zelda’s first installment in HD. We could already expect big things for the first HD installment of zelda, so they’re pretty much confirming our expectations. Also, chances are that casual people who bought Skyward Sword probably don’t even know the wii u exists, and the project is likely 3-5 years off. Skyward sword will have plenty of time to be thoroughly enjoyed.

  12. i prefare to make new items.BUT in fact if they want to make a good zelda, zelda wii u must have at least 10 stages or more as ocarina of time has!i want that game to kick asses as fils aime said to his first prresentation.he is about kicking asses.

  13. Nintendo knows how to invent their franchises.
    And they are doing better by ignore their fans, cause most of them just want
    the same again. I trust them and wait for the next Zelda in 3+ Years.

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