Nintendo 3DS: The Ten Free Gameboy Advance Ambassador Games Are Coming This Year

Despite Nintendo of Spain listing the ten free Gameboy Advance games for release next year Nintendo has confirmed that the Ambassador Games are still on track for a release this year and will be available before the end of December. Great news for all of us!

“The forthcoming 10 GBA Virtual Console titles available for registrants of the Nintendo 3DS Ambassador Programme will be available before the end of December 2011.

“We will make further announcements in due course.”

– Nintendo


        1. cant wait for mario kart and super mario andvance!i wish if they can to release a pokemon for gameboy advance(green leaf and flame red)

  1. they didnt want to say anything until probably a week after mario kart 7 comes out, but this whole rumor caused them to speak on the subject

      1. oh no it’s actually from a fan comic. Link had to get his heart piece from a a boss (ganondorf) by cutting into his chest and ripping out his heart lol. Not sure if i can link it properly from my phone. If i can’t post the image i’ll just put a link to it below my attempt.


        Here’s a link to it:

    1. i dont think so.if u have payed the first price of 3ds u would become.but now u cant.more info go to wikipedia:.

    2. That would defeat the purpose of being an ambassador in the first place. Not to mention it would further gyp the earlier adopters.

    3. sortof. you will need someone who is an ambassador and someone who isnt. put the non- ambassadors sd card into the ambassadors 3ds and ”re”-download them to the sd card. once finished put the non-ambassadors sd card back into the non- ambassadors 3ds. (to redownload, go to e- shop, click on settings, then ”my downloads”. from there you can redownload stuff to the sd card)
      this is technically filesharing…

    1. That’s what I’ve been thinking since it’s a second party game and Nintendo will most likely only release 1st party games. I hope everybody remembers that the 2-player function (Balloon Fight, SMB, etc.) still doesn’t work for the NES games but Nintendo said that they will update those games for free. Also remember that these games will be sold separately to non-ambassadors for a price (probably $1.99-4.99) in the eShop.

  2. Unfornately, given Nintendo’s track record, the phrase, “before the end” usually means last week, last day, or the follow week of the next month. Considering that Nintendo likes to do updates on Thurdays, we will get this the last Thurday of December (29th), or the 1st Thursday of January (5th)…

    1. that would be cool but i dont think they will put that on there since they already gave us the first two zelda games plus the free fourswords thing

  3. I want my f-ing 3D screen fixed, there are two scratches due to a closed system problem, but I’m afraid I will lose my Ambassador-status. I should’ve done this before the price cut…

    1. You can call the support line. Also, I don’t think those are scratches. You can wipe them off using a screen cleaner. It’s just that dust, oil, and other stuff get stuck in the opening of the lower screen.

        1. Yeah i Have the the same issue with mine. two vertical lines that co-inside with the sides of the screen on the bottom. i take my system everywhere with me now im having to deal with both left and right triggers are dieing. Getting another system soon. then system transfer all my information after the 8th.

    1. YES please fire emblem. saw it on ssbb [super smash bros brawl] and never played it but it looks FUN

  4. Sorry to annoy anyone, but to be completely honest, can you see Nintendo giving away a completely free main series pokemon game like Emerald and Firered and Leafgreen? I would bet everything I own that they won’t do it.

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