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Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Says Pricing And Games Will Be Different For Wii U

Nintendo president Reggie Fils-Aime has told Time that the pricing and the types of games available on Wii U will be different from what we’ve become to expect from Wii. Hinting towards a higher price tag Reggie also says pricing will also be different than Wii.

The consumer buying Wii hardware today is going to be a different consumer than the one who will be buying Wii U in the future. This is the first holiday that the Wii is available at $149.99 or below, so its an expanded demographic we’re reaching. These are consumers who have heard about Wii for the past couple years, but at $199 or $249 it was economically out of their reach.

We haven’t announced pricing for Wii U, but you can definitely expect that pricing is going to be different and that the games are going to be different. We do believe that Wii and Wii U will coexist for some time. As we drive the install base of Wii, we’re really setting people up to take their gaming library and be able to transfer it over to Wii U.

73 thoughts on “Nintendo Wii U: Nintendo Says Pricing And Games Will Be Different For Wii U”

  1. Hope Im 9001…!

    Though OT: Just dont make 70$//80€ games that last 10 hours or less! Dont focus solely on multiplayer modes and get some descent single player HD experiences with a lot of awesome new gameplay!
    (Its an issue, look at God of War 3, it was awesome but so damn short…that’s like bad development for the entire industry….)

    1. No apparently we cant because the same rules apply for transferring virtual console games from 1 wii to another wii even if you used an SD card to copy and then move the save data that specific virtual console channel stays on the console it was purchased on,so just because you move the Save data the Virtual console game channel itself stays on the console it was purchased on,

  2. If I had to hazard a guess as to what the WiiU is gonna cost, it’ll probably be somewhere around $300. I just can’t see them selling it for more, but I could be proven wrong~

  3. That is to say Wii U will be quite a bit more expensive so we’ll be needing to sell the wii alongside it for those who can’t afford Wii U. At least that’s how I read it.

    1. Same here, im honestly confuse, wouldnt this just hurt the wiiU sales? i feel like its going to confuse the casual market again, driving then to ultimately buy the cheaper of two, since Wii & WiiU to “casual” gamer must be the same. smh (3ds/ds dilema here we go again)

      1. no it worked with sony i ve known people to still be buying new PS2s as of last Christmas just because they are more affordable.

        1. The difference with the PS2 and Wii is that that Sony dropped backwards compatibility for the PS3, so people are still buying a PS2. The Wii U will play all Wii games, so people may choose to go with the Wii U instead like they are doing with the 3DS.

          1. Yea but then again Wii U doesnt have backward compatibility with gamcecube Wii does then again nobody sell gcn games anymore

          2. I get what you mean, but the 3Ds and XL are price at the same price, the wii is 150 and god knows how much the WiiU will cost, i think the name is a bad idea, but hopefully im wrong.

          3. Only the first iteration of the PS3 lacked backwards compatibility. My slim PS3 has played every PSX and PS2 game I’ve thrown at it.

        2. That was my exact point, people will ultimately buy the less expensive product, hell the day mario 3D Land came out a mother and her kid walked in game stop asking for uncharted on the PS2 (yes i laughed) but the mom was clueless and thought a ps2 was a smaller ps3. the casual market is just not as informed as most gamers and i think this will hurt the WiiU sales.

  4. hmmmmm.different games?anyway i know it will be hard but dont worry wii u wont be 700 dollars as the ps3 will be chiper and the games dont worry about em.

  5. if there isn’t a transfer capability for the Wii U so i can transfer my Wii save data to it, that will be a big no from me. i’m not gonna replay al those games i clocked 400+ hours in, i also don’t wanna respend the 4000+ Wii Points i’ve spent getting virtual console games and rock band songs.

    if nintendo truly wants its Wii base to move up to Wii U, then a transfer feature is a must. especially with games like Animal Crossing, Brawl, and Mario Kart. its stupid we can’t move that data to an SD card god-forbid a poor souls Wii breaks.

    1. I agree completely im not gonna give up and leave behind all my Virtual console games just because nintendo cannot make a simple transfer tool/App/channel for us to move it from our current wii to whenever the hell we get the Wii u,Especially practically half of my game save data that has wifi connection such as Call of duty world at war,Cal of duty black ops,And Goldeneye 007 Just because i cant Move my save data that uses Nintendo Wifi connection onto an SD card so i would rather keep my wii then lose all my Nintendo wifi connection save data for online multiplayer games and all my virtual console games.

      1. I heard there was a tool to play purchased VC games on the Wii U. Maybe when the account is linked, you can re-download the titles.

        I really hope that save files can be transferred. When I want to replay Skyward Sword, I’d like to see my completed file.

        1. Also since we wont be able to use gamecube controllers on the Wii u for us to play VC games most people are practically Gonna have to buy a Classic controller or classic controller pro but that depends on if the Wii U controller can play virtual console games,But im Very disappointed that Most ppl who have a wii with an SD card cant Transfer game save data that uses Nintendo wifi connection Due to the friend codes and we also probably wont be able to transfer VC games since they’re supposed to Stay on the console they’re purchased on even if you try transferring the save data of the VC game using an SD card.

          1. The VC games are better with the classic controller. I have 2 classics and 1 classic pro already. Only the N64 games feel better with the GameCube since most games used the joystick, and the placement on the gamecube controller is better than the classic. Only Brawl was best with the GameCube remote, rest I used Wii remotes, or classic pro.

  6. Sounds more and more likely they will price it at 300-350USD. If that doesn’t happen I don’t see it going above 450USD.

  7. Hopefully games will be 60$ just like Xbox 360 and PS3. When they say “coexist for some time”, it makes you think that it will be at a high price for a while.

  8. This is why the rumors and IMO the Wii U is going to be a mature, hardcore power beast. I think nintendo is going to suprise people when they show Wii U in final form at E3 2012.

  9. Its funny all the people talk about casual games. My mother in law(who is a casual as you can get) saw me playing Skyward Sword and she said I expected the graphics to be better than this. Believe me there are casuals that are gonna be first day buyers.

  10. Why does everybody say that its going to be more expensive? Doesn’t Reggie say right in the article that: “but at $199 or $249 it was economically out of their reach.” and that: “but you can definitely expect that pricing is going to be different…” This to me makes it sound like its actually going to be less expensive… also if you take into account how they have also mentioned they have learned a lesson from the 3DS launch… how it was too expensive.. and that they don’t want a repeat of that.

    I wonder how many consoles they could sell if it was the cheapest next gen console as well as being the first out…

    1. That quote was referring to the Wii. The Wii U will get price drops as well. Pricing to be different refers to a more expensive console and games. Hence the console will start at $250+ (US) (meaning higher than 250), games will likely be $60, unless they are setting it higher. I wouldn’t think it would be higher, but we shall see.

      Also, the economically quote applies to their profits. If it costs $100 to make and they sell it at $400, that nets them a larger profit. This is in regards to they will lower their profit margin per console to make it as affordable as possible. I made up those numbers above to prove this point.

  11. What??! I already had to pay 70 dollars to get Mario Galaxy in my country and they want me to pay more for WiiU games??! When i hear things like this from Nintendo, smartphones gaming doesn’t sound that bad.

    1. HD costs money, so does currency exchange rates and shipping.

      I’d say Mario Galaxy was worth that amount, now if you paid $70 for like Carnival games or Wii Play Motion, sucks to be you.

        1. In total yes, but HD content is typically more expensive, compare blu-ray to DVD. They are both discs, but the Blu-Ray is more expensive. You buy the game for all the new controller features, but HD games cost more. I wouldn’t be surprised if Wii U games were more than 60 due to the extra screen that has to have streaming game content.

  12. i would not want to spend more than $70 for one game, and im sure a lot of other people would not. so this could be bad news.

  13. casual games will be on ps4 and xbox 720.nintendo knows how to make intense games.if they buy rare back i swear (and its founders) games will be just like the n64 just more beter and better graphics.

    1. football socker is a casual.third party developers do a litlle casual games but not so casual as metal gear for examble.(metal gear is intense game series exept for mtg4(metal gear 4 was fail,because it had many cinematics and 5 mins of gameplay)

    2. The reason Nintendo sold Rareware to MS was because they were not making any games for Nintendo at one time. In other words, they became a dead weight. I would be fine if they bought only the IPs like Killer Insctinct and Conker.

    1. dont worry it will not cost too many as ps3 costed in the begining.i say it will cost about 450 euros or 350.i say it will be cheaper.i know some companies try to steel ur money like sony does but i know that nintendo makes the cheaper consoles ever made.u know nintendo never do an expensive console like ps4 or psp vita.psp vita will cost 300 euros with the 3g or wifi wtf!? or 250 euros (no wtf for that).do u understand now sony tries to steal ur money to pay for a 3g or wifi for vita just think about it.i just know it!also about wii u i can say that the games will be a litlle expensive but not too much dont worry and u can w8 for a price cut(discount)

      1. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

        I lol’ed.
        How do you know if the WiiU games won’t be too expensive ? You can’t know.
        Why would anyone who wants the WiiU wait for a price cut ? That’s probably going to take months, unless they fail as bad as they did with the 3DS.
        And about Sony “stealing” our money… Every single Euro I paid for Sony’s platforms were worth it, and I’m sure a lot of other people think the same way. Same goes for Nintendo, every Euro was worth it (except for paying 250€ for the 3DS, I kinda regret that tbh.). You are complaining about the PSVita going to be 300€ with 3G… When comparing with the 3DS, which was 250€ at the beginning, the PSVita actually can be considered cheap (or reasonably priced at least).

      2. Sony loses money on every PS3 sold…. It’s the most expensive console to make and at 250$ they are losing a good bit of money.

        NINTENDO on the other hand has the wii which is cheap and can still make a great deal of profit on the wii even at 150$ they could lower the price to 100 and still make out. Unfortunately for retailers, Nintendo sells the wii for more than 100$ (see Walmart situation)

        So it seems nintendo is more money grubbing with its console than Sony.

        LE GASP

        1. Obviously Nintendo can’t lower the price yet since it’s still worth more than $100.

          It was WalMart’s pricing strategy to sell it at a loss. It’s not Nintendo’s fault if a retailer takes a hit on the console. Why should Nintendo foot the bill if a retailer charges less than they are supposed to?

          Sony could still charge $500 for their console, but they use their marketing guide and economics to figure out more consumers will buy the product at a lower price.

          Basic economics, marketing, advertising, business strategy applies to this.

        2. Also, it’s Sony’s business sense to sell it at a loss. Why else is the Playstation brand costing Sony millions of dollars? It’s the only division operating at a loss while Sony Pictures and other Sony business units are in the green. Nintendo does not have this luxury to fall back on other business units to pay the bills. They need profits on each unit to maintain their organization.

          Microsoft can also afford to sell at a loss, they have other business units to depend on to keep the company afloat. Although I believe the 360 makes money on each console now.

    1. I think wii will die soon, but it’s still the best 7 gen console!! wii u will be almost the same concept, you will be playing gams like wii sports on it as well but with the option to be a hardcore console.

  14. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

    No shit.
    If I got it right, the “news” are basically telling us that the WiiU will be more expensive than the Wii…
    Wasn’t that obvious ? o-o

      1. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

        If I would want it, I wouldn’t wait months to get it.
        Plus, the controller’s price probably will be high as shit also and they usually drop the controller prices rarely or even never.

          1. EnjoyVideoGamesPlz-Girl

            Hmm well, true, but since I live in Germany I didn’t notice much of Black Friday here. I wasn’t really thinking of that one.
            Though, I said they do drop it rarely.

  15. I still feel bad for people buying a brand new wii that comes with no gamecube support. No 5 player Bomberman on the VC for them! I’m personally going to keep my wii, because… well… I have an adapter to use an SNES controller in my Gamecube controller slot, so I can play a lot of games the way things were intended. I might buy newer games and play them on WiiU just because the Wii’s memory is a joke though.

  16. I’m guessing this will cost around $350. It’s won’t be too expensive to throw people off, and it won’t be too cheap that they’ll lose money on. Maybe they can even have two models like MS; one at around $250 and a premium one between $350-$400. Games will be between $60 and $70. There may be lower-end games that will cost $40 like we have now on the 360 and PS3. If developers have to use more resources like an engine upgrade, better AI, etc., then it’s not illogical for games to cost that much. I’d say $65 would be the sweet spot.

    This also applies to the 720 and the PS4. If they are on par with the Wii U, then that’s what they’re going to cost. If they are “much more powerful,” then they will cost most. I don’t want to pay too much for games, but if people want better graphics and stuff, then the games become much more expensive to develop. You could say that they can sell their games on every console and easily make a profit, but not every game is successful.

    Rage was developed to take advantage of the consoles power as well as PC. It runs at 60fps on consoles and it looks great, yet the game is consider a flop because of the poor sales. They may have been able to make a profit, but if the budget of the game was indeed higher than usual, then there’s not much for people to hang on to. A different example is Battlefield 3 and Modern Warfare 3. One has a higher budget and is more difficult to develop than the other, yet it’s the other game that has sold more balancing the lack of a higher budget with content (for multiplayer at least). In that sense, developer may choose not to raise the price of game and ditch really complex development, which can already be achieved on PCs.

  17. Same thing happened with the Cube. It co-existed with the Wii for a while but now it’s practically forgotten. And as a side note, Nintendo, please make a black WiiU at launch.

  18. I hope Nintendo makes the Wii2 275 or 300 dollars, and I hope prices of games will be moved up to just 55 or 60 at most.

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