Amazon Cancels All Monado (Xenoblade Chronicles) Pre-Orders

Amazon has informed customers that pre-ordered Monado that their pre-orders have been cancelled. Xenoblade Chronicles will only be sold in North America via Nintendo’s online shop or GameStop. Xenoblade Chronicles is scheduled to be released in April in North America and is available to purchase now in Europe.


We’re contacting you about order #104-1665660-1281053 for “Monado: Beginning of the World.” We recently learned that we won’t be able to offer the game directly from We’re very sorry about this.

As a result, we’ve canceled your order and you have not been charged. We appreciate that you chose to pre-order “Monado: Beginning of the World,” and are sorry that we were unable to fulfill the order.

We look forward to seeing you again soon.


  1. If anyone is still crying foul about this, PUH-LEASE. Thank Amazon that they cancel it; if you pre-order somewhere else you don’t have to worry about having two separate pre-orders anyway. ;)

      1. these problems wouldn’t happen on either ps3 or vita because if it did sony would destory those company, just look at capcom they need sony because sony sells the games. also sega, who was epically destroyed by ps1, make better games for sony as an apology to being embarrassing screwups. ps3 got tons of games nintendo should copy how to make good hd blue ray content rich voice chat suppeior online games. also sony gives u new games everytime while nintendo gives u 2 mediocre games every 5 yrs smh slowasses took 2 yrs for kid icurus 3ds and its gunna suck cuz its a god of war+kingdom hearts clone with sonic voice actors. BTW VITA COMES OUT NEXT MONTH MAKING WII U OBSOLETE AND TRASH -_-.

        1. hey fagott sega wasnt destroyed by the gaystation one the new president of sega wanted the company to become a software company and thats it. BTW you should remember that sony copies what nintendo does

        2. How can the Vita make the Wii U obsolete when the console isn’t even finished and out yet? I don’t think you know what that word means, buddy.

        3. Yeah, in PS3 you just get your online hacked. smh
          And Kid Icarus, a clone? Seriously? You gotta be ten years old or started playing games yesterday, right after learning how to use the internet

      1. The fact that I got the first comment doesn’t make me feel proud or anything. Yay, so I got to say something before anyone else, how swell. But I’d prefer to say my own opinion filled with content and be one of the bottom comments than simply say “FIRST” with no thought or reason *just* because I want to be *first*.

    1. People should be thankful it’s at least coming out. For a game they were reluctant on bringing over, they most likely want to minimize possible risks and maximize sales potential. EB/Gamestop is a store many people know about and by also having it available in their own store, they don’t have to worry about shipping it out across the NA region too much.

      1. They didn’t. GameStop and Nintendo were basically working together to bring the game to North America, and it’s a GameStop exclusive.

  2. Does this mean Canadians will have to buy from Nintendo’s online shop? Or will it be coming to EB Games in Canada?

    1. First I thought you were a troll; then I look more closely and realised you were comparing the systems’ prices.

  3. It seems to me gamestop might have hit a big deal with Nintendo for this or they are helping in the localization of the game. Otherwise, they would not limit themselves to just one retailer, specially when they’ve been in good relationship with bestbuy and stuff.

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