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PlayStation Vita Blog Is Back Up And Running

PlayStation Vita Life, my side-project, is back up and running and I’ve enlisted the help of Robert from 88-Central to make sure we have the hottest content. If you’re interested in the PlayStation Vita and how it fares against the Nintendo 3DS then be sure to check it out.

79 thoughts on “PlayStation Vita Blog Is Back Up And Running”

  1. Cool. I really want it, but I think I’m going to hold out for a priced-drop like I did for the 3DS (which happened incredibly quick). If the Vita does end up dropping down to $170 and issuing free games like the 3DS, I’ll have scored DOUBLE!!!!!

    1. I didn’t have the time due to MNN and the awesome games we’ve been graced with this holiday season. I’ve roped in Robert for some extra help.

  2. They really did a great job with that picture.

    Is anyone else thinking of the Animaniacs episode where they repaint the Sistene Chapel roof with stuff from Speilberg movies? I’ve got to go look that up again. XD

  3. (yawn).i dont realy care about the vita.anyway i just recieaved via spot pass a game for the 3ds.euro sports i think.

    1. i knew this fag would have something to say about this. see even you’re beloved sickr plays and enjoys other companys work.

    1. so basically all the multiplat FPS the 3ds aint gonna get. how is that overpopulating? it just adds to the already large vita list. besides only one FPS was announced, resistance burning skies.

      1. I know fps will crush the 3rd person shooters Nintendo is releasing, oh that would be Sony. Platforming in hd is going to finally rock and there will no longer be a reason to get a Sony console unless you love some Sony games.

    2. Oh god… Playing that card again, eh?

      Really, the silly FPS-argument is getting old and it’s still as untrue as ever.

    1. I care, Vita is a good handheld gaming device and so is the 3ds. Its all about the software and the only game I can see myself getting is probably uncharted so I think I’ll hold out until the vita gets a few more good games.

      1. good point… but theres a lot more against the vita than just good software… i’d hold off on design flaws and battery life and price and mem cards and such… and on top of that… no good software yet… it will be a while until the vita makes sense to purchase

  4. I was looking for a vita blog and if its anything like this (consistently updates) then I’ll be sure to check it out daily. Thanks

  5. My brother came over and brought his xBox, we played some battlefield, some Batman… But the truth is, just having better graphics bored me.

    I was like… So, I just push buttons, yeah?

    After skyward sword, and the multitude of motion-actions required to play, and creative sword-play, I can’t go back to a “push-button” play style, no matter how much better the graphics are, just too damn boring.

    (we ended up playing Bit-Trip Flux on the Wii)

    1. I’m impressed that you managed to play Skyward Sword without pressing buttons. I’m surprised that you’d dismiss buttons entirely when Miyamoto himself says there’s no alternative to a button press. But mostly, I’m disappointed you tried to compare Zelda with Batman in the first place; they are two completely different games. Stringing combos wouldn’t work in Zelda, just as motion controls wouldn’t work in Batman.

      Try to see it from both sides, yeah?

      1. You havnt played Zelda SS. Yes we have had combos for a while now. Yes it is the same as most combo fighters. Motion fighting isn’t.

  6. vita sucks it’s just like the ps3 and is going to have no gamez cuz ps3 haz no gamez. It will be able to watch movies because that’s the only thing the ps3 can do.

    1. The PS3 has some amazing games, you obviously just haven’t looked into them. I was also a Nintendo fanboy, but I gave the PS3 a try and found I loved it. Don’t talk down to something if you know literally nothing about it.

      1. I am still a nintendo fanboy and I hate these fanboy comments. The ps3 had many good exclusives and it is an awesome inclusion into my console collection.

        1. Not seriously please tell me you want to play your ps3 games over and over every day? When you bring friends over they want a ps3 and the game you just showed them? Nope… I’ve told many people about uncharted and the other great ps3 games and ps3 owners hate them even after I’ve shown it to them. Actually uncharted 3 is at best buy and every one that tries it quickly stops. It look great ok but it’s just no fun unless your a cell chip believer still rooting for it.

    2. I wouldn’t call myself a nintendo “fanboy” but I do love nintendo more than other companies. Anybody who says the PS3 is horrible has never tried it. Simple as that. I do look down on sony a bit because of their tendencies……(to copy) But that is no reason to say the PS3 sucks. It is a fantastic console. Just like the wii is.

      1. Lbp platforming officially sucks and you know it. The level editing is the only hope for it to be fun and challenging. Great presentation yet no one wants to play it. I’d rather play sonic or bonk lol or even adventure island. It’s a shared opinion. I know no hardcore gamer with unchartered or lbp in their collection as a play it every month title. These games have no skill involved.

    1. “mario is trash, zelda is trash, every nintendo IP is trash”… theres actual people who would say this (not me personally). so you saying UC and LBP sucks is just an opinion.

      1. Notice that the same people that say that don’t say uncharted or lbp is good, they are playing black ops and mw3. Tomb raider wAs complete trash, unchartered just has better environment. Still boring… Lbp is still floaty mess physic ragdoll clone wannabe.

  7. I hope the Vita’s launch goes better than the 3DS’s. It’s a fantastic system, and you really can’t say it’s not. The things it’s capable of puts the 3DS to shame (though I do love my 3DS). It has a good launch lineup, so it should do fantastic. Glad to see there’s a blog for it, I love this blog but wouldn’t mind following a Vita one as well!

  8. i do hope Vita does great, but knowing Sony’s history it wont be big until its later its not a DS vs PSP anymore, graphically the 3ds can compete with Vita,..but still the DS beat the PSP…Nintendo will be stronger than ever ..maybe ill buy Vita the next 2-3 years..

    1. Spec wise it’s suppose to be better but the new res evil, sf4 playing just like the console hd system and monster hunter looking crazy good says who cares, I’m sure the next iPad will look better too, yet still suck. It doesn’t help that most vita games look like they can run on the 3ds.

    1. To let you know it sort of sucks. You guys look like a bunch of early ps3 adopters. We know how powerful that is lol. Power is always best used by the lazy since it takes less effort lol. NOt more.

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