Wii Users Spend A Third Of Their Time Streaming Video

Researchers at Nielsen claim that Wii users who are 13 and older spend 33% of their time with the system streaming videos, compared to 20% who did so with the console last year. 55% of Wii owners time is spent playing games offline and 8% of the time is spent playing online.


  1. I probably do spend that much time streaming.. :P Seeing as Skyward Sword and Kirby’s Return To DreamLand were the only games worth getting in 2011 for Wii.

  2. Doubt most of that comes from the UK. YouTube sucks on the Wii (I haven’t even seen if it still works, it was a hassle last time I checked.). The only other thing we have is the Nintendo Channel which I doubt is hardly used, and iPlayer.

    1. Netflix… and guilty. however in my defense after i got full body frost bite i haven’t
      been able to be in the cold longer then a half hour (17yrs of wintertime cabin fever.)

  3. I believe it. Most Wii users are casual and/or family systems. Gamers will use the Wii for games, but parents and old people will get bored of Wii Sports and use it for Netflix, seeing how it’s already connected to their tv’s.

    1. true enough and being a hardcore gamer myself i was saddened by the turn out of the Wii. however i do appreciate what it did for the gaming industry as a whole. never before in history has the gaming world been taken this serious. for that i tip my hat at Nintendo.

  4. Compared to ps3/360 users who use their systems as thus:

    97% online gaming
    1% Netflix
    1% single player games
    1% Internet (you know what they watching. I’m not saying it but it’s implied.)

  5. I use my 360 for Netflix and honestly haven’t played a game on it for months. Too busy with 3DS and Wii.

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