Grab Metroid Other M For $6.99 At GameStop

GameStop is selling the entertaining Metroid: Other M for a mere $6.99. It appears as though the price is just online, so you won’t be able to pick it up for that price if you pop down to your local store. I’d highly recommend purchasing it.

Tip: Samuel M


    1. Your certificate is in the mail as we speak. Though it appears that your intelligence has been stuck at the post office; I guess we forgot to put the stamps on it, all those years ago.

    1. Nintendo’s Ambassador Program 2: For those of you who bought Metriod Before the 42 dollar price drop will receive 1000000 dollars…. lol

  1. I got it $50 when it came out, worth every penny. Yeah, Best Buy had it $4.99 on Black Friday except you could only get one per order. Bummer though I did scoop up one. I can’t support Gamestop though since they screwed me out of preorder money on two games and then harassed my friend. Plus unless you find the rare deal (such as this) or buy used they are a total rip-off. Best selling used games on eBay. For example Metroid Prime is $.49. Goes for about $10 if you have everything in good shape. They were going to give me $50 for my Xbox 360, I sold it for $120. Local store even offered me $90. They aren’t good to their customers despite, “Power to the players”. Even the whole Xenoblade Chronicles doesn’t cut it. ::disgruntled::

      1. You guys serious? I loved it! One of my favourite games on Wii! Love the platform style, with the first-person twist! Amazing :)

        ^thats my opinion though

        1. Is was just okay. It has nothing on the Prime series. Plus I didn’t like the new Samus or that she had a voice.

  2. The interesting thing is that this game was criticized a lot even though not enough people bought it to make a valid argument. My first Metroid game was Prime 3 Corruption on the Wii, but Other M had a much deeper storyline; I liked it more. In terms of gameplay, Other M is also a win for me because of the variety. The only thing I didn’t like was the fact that you are ordered to use your equipment only when you are told to do so. That really pissed me off. Other than that, it’s an awesome game. It’s a shame so many people didn’t give it a chance.

    1. People weren’t criticizing it because of its gameplay or its story, they criticizing it because it completely changed Samus. It turned her from a head-strong bounty hunter who doesn’t like following orders into a poorly voice-acted grunt who did exactly as she was told even when it didn’t make any sense.

      “I know I authorized you to use that weapon 10 minutes ago, but I’m taking that back; even though it could save your life and I have no good reason to do this”

      Samus: “okay dokay”

      1. I think it followed the manga well. Samus Aran was psychologically terrified by Ridley and while they played up the whole Elektra complex with Adam it showed she had emotions and wasn’t the stoic in all the other titles. Shift in personality was in part incorrect. She shouldn’t have a chip on her shoulder as they depicted her but the rebellious attitude could have been a segue to why she became a loner. In the manga she is a delinquent both as a child with Old Bird and as a rookie on the force. Though I do agree the whole weapons and items thing was unrealistic to the point of stupidity. And as much as I try to defend Other M I can’t help but think her last encounter with Adam (to the literal point of begging) was too far out of character..

        1. I agree. How can we even know what Samus is like as a person until Other M? She has never spoken before nor has she revealed her thoughts in any game (to my knowledge)!

          People just assume that cuz she has wicked-sweet weapons, a big suit and ‘moves like jagger’ that she’s the coldest chick in the galaxy. Her parents died when she was young, and they were killed by space pirates, including Ridley. If I had to take revenge on things that killed my family/city and left me alone, I’d be scared too.

  3. I really liked Metroid as a whole :D I gladly payed $50 at launch. It’s a shame Nintendo didn’t do anything for the 25th anniversary :'(

  4. Can never get enough of that Samus pic lol. But seriously the game is absolutely amazing. I couldn’t fault it at all. I recommend this to all hardcore Ninty fans :D

  5. That armor seems to have a weak spot…..a very, adventure ruining weak spot…….

  6. this game is a must own for anyone that loves Metroid! seriously the game is awesome if you ignore the long cutscenes! very fun gameplay!

  7. Everybody look up Sagia Casteneda and Nayer Ragalado, both of them would make the perfect Samus in a movie!!!! What do you guy’s think?

  8. maybe Nintendo didn’t do anything for Metroid’s 25th Anniversary cuz they were focused only on Zelda and Mario, but will celebrate Metroid’s 30th Anniversary w/ a Metroid 3DS and Wii U game

    1. Yeah, they only have so many dev teams…they can’t make everything! :P

      Would love to see a sequel to Metroid on 3DS, and if it interacted with a WiiU game that would be awesome!

      WiiU would be great for a Metroid game though! When you want to use the scanner, you lift up the controller to the screen and the touch screen becomes the scanner! :P

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