Miyamoto Doesn’t Enjoy Smartphone Games

Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed to the Mercury News that despite owning a smartphone he has yet to find a game he actually likes. Miyamoto also went on to reiterate that Nintendo is committed to creating games and experiences that just couldn’t be replicated on other devices.

To me, the utmost concern is how we can create games for dedicated game machines that are unique enough so that they can never be reproduced on any other devices.

I believe as time goes by, the kinds of games people are expecting on smartphones are going to be largely different from what games people are expecting from the dedicated video game machines.

I recently purchased a smartphone and tried several games myself, but I just have not been able to find any games so far that I particularly like.


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  1. Miyamoto dislikes Angry Birds CONFIRMED! :P

    Seriously though, the only thing I like to play on my iPhone 4 is Bejeweled and Word Warp. Everything else I’ve tried to play on their is close to impossible because of the lack of buttons and a dpad or thumb stick.

    1. I myself hate all Smartphone, iPhone, and Mobile games. Especially Angry Birds I can play a game on the internet that a flash game that plays like it.

    2. Wait wait if he hates them so much why is there smartphone games on Eshop I mean he is Pretty much ruler on nintendo(Overlord)

      1. he produce’s games for Nintendo system, he has little to nothing to do with what games come to the eshop. i think.

          1. Well Sonic CD, a game originally designed for a dedicated gaming console, is available on smartphones, and it plays wodneerfully. Even better than the original thing.See? Not all smarthpone games suck, and a game doesn’t automatically suck just because it is on a smartphone.

            And to those using the oh-so-old excuse “but Nintendo makes deep games, not casual games like those you play on phones”, you better have a second thought. Remember what made the Wii so popular? Remember games MADE BY NINTENDO like Wii Sports and Wii Music? Those are casual games akin to those you play on smartphones, and are as deep as a puddle of water, so stop bashing them. They’re different markets, that’s all. If you don’t like smartphone games, juts don’t play them and let other people enjoy them.

  2. I don’t really HATE smartphone games, they just don’t compare to ACTUAL games meant to be played on a gaming system.

  3. lol i only play gba games on my phone (coff emulator coff) and then minecraft an wordwf. then a couple of other end up being repeptitive andd boring

      1. Plus, note he’s not criticizing the format. He only said he didn’t care for the games that are available there. That is why it’s not hypocritical he put time into the Wii U since its controller merely serves to enhance the traditional scheme.

  4. me too oi dont like smartphone games they are too boring and without buttons and analog
    (analog which is nintendos platform…)

  5. I have to agree with Miyamatos reasoning there, though I do think that Nintendo should expand into smartphone games. It is a massive enterprise, and something they should really take advantage of.

    1. hey troll,if nintendo do that they will be ancient should do that because they do iphones!!!

      1. No, they will not. Nintendo should actually use smartphones for DLC by connectivity with free DLC. And he’s not a troll, he is just suggesting and said that he agreed with Miyamoto. So shut up, you TROLL, peteriuss.

          1. What the fuck??? Are you like seven years old? If you’re over 15 then humanity is in for some deep shit for the future…

      2. Oh, grow up. Let him have his opinion. Are you a pre-teen kid who can’t take an opinion you don’t agree with?

    1. I was thinking the same thing, I looked and found about the same thing just being said Wall Street Journal.

  6. Yeah I don’t like smartphone gaming either, I don’t know, I can’t as hooked on a Racing app as Mario Kart 7 for example. I mean I’m open to gaming, I like new Ideas and such but I don’t know smartphone gaming is just “bleh” to me. Sadly all my friends love it. DX

  7. I bought an iPod on 2010 and used to enjoy apps, but then I quickly lost interest and now I mainly use my ipod for Twitter, Toonzone & MxTube (videos & stuff). It feels like a chore to upadte the apps now….

    1. I think he has an android phones, im not sure but i think…. i think it was stated on an older post on here.

  8. Well I don’t really care for smartphone games, I just play them when I am bored. Angry Birds is a very good pastime.

  9. Comparing smartphone games with 3DS games is like comparing a pistol with a rifle. I mean yeah, a pistol can be convenient sometimes, but DAUM I’d prefer a rifle anyday if some serious shit happens!

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    1. I had Nesoid for my Android. Even playing a simple game like Mario becomes difficult due to no buttons. It’s pretty difficult holding down run and sliding over to jump, especially compared to a regular controller.

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    1. the irony in your coment is….. histerical, why complain about our opinion to belittle some one elves opinion??

  11. I personall dont really like or dislike smartphone games. i enjoy them when i’m waiting for a pizza or something, but when i wanna do some serious gaming, i reach for my beloved gamecube controller, wiimote, or 3ds. dr pizza, its sad when you’re 18 and yet you act like a 12-year-old whenever someone disagrees with you. just because i personally disaree with somene doesn’t mean i shoot them down and completely reject their opinion. and to all fake peteriusses out there, you’re not funny. at all. period. the whole “i’m peteriuss” thing may have been a meme at some point, i dont know, but if it was you killed it. you may think you’re original and funny, but the joke is just stale, overused and annoying.

    1. You rang?[/stupid joke]

      Anyway, I’ve gotta agree with Miyamoto. Smartphone games are good for a nice distraction, but I can’t see myself ever playing them for an extended period of time.

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  14. Something to consider: Is the smartphone gaming public the true casual gaming crowd? You can argue that games like Wii Fit, Wii Music, Wii Party, and Wii Sports (and it’s sequel) helped start a revolution with reaching out to people who don’t take gaming seriously, perhaps due to lack of devoted time for playing video games. However, personally, when I think casual gaming I instantly think of mobile/smartphone gaming, as it’s mainly done casually (like while commuting.)

    What do you guys think?

  15. Me neither 99% of the games are level based stuff that repeats over and over and never has deep experiences, good ones are ports or lower versions of good games

  16. The only game I’ve played on my Iphone is Final Fantasy 3. It’s alright I guess, but the D-pad is kinda awkward to use. I think smart pone games are for casual gamers and people who are trying to kill 5 or 10 minutes

  17. I wouldnt say that I hate games on smart phones. They can be fun if your stuck somewhere with absolutly nothing to do. Or I guess just in a really boring situation. But i’d still take a 3ds game over a smart phone game everytime

  18. The only games that work on smartphones are games like Angry Birds and board games like Monopoly.

  19. I think the Zenonia series on the smart phones are the best for me. I mean that the only I games I play on the phone.

  20. I quit downloading iPod Apps a few months after I got my 3DS. They just seemed boring…

    Since the 3DS has “sleep mode,” even enriched games can be played in 15 min chunks.

  21. Someone needs to show him Superbrothers: Sword & Sworcery EP. Although I have not played it as I do not own a smartphone, I hear fantastic things about it and it definitely looks quite great – this game alone gives me hope in the otherwise lackluster phone gaming areas.

  22. you Guys are all wrong not trolling the best smart phone game is infiniti blade for ios is gorgeous

  23. I’m honestly not sure how anyone can actually enjoy smartphone games, they’re as crap as internet flash games. The only games I play on my phone is the GBA games on the emulator. (I own the carts too before anyone accuses me of piracy)

  24. not if i previously owned the game but dont have it anymore cz i gave it away and i usually do with old games such as the gba

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  26. Me too, I did not enjoy the Dead Space game on Android. I only finish the first stage on every Angry Birds games but I spend hundreds of hours playing Skyward Sword, Skyrim and the Triple-A games. I don’t enjoy casual games much as the console/PC games.

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