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Super Mario 3D Land And Mario Kart 7 Sell Over One Million Units Each In The US

Nintendo of America has announced that the superb Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 have sold over one million units each in the United States. Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7 system not only became the fastest-selling titles in the history of their respective franchises when they launched, but they are now also the first Nintendo 3DS titles to sell 1 million units each in the United States.



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      1. Those are not estimated numbers. They are real.
        Actually, they are pretty off too. Because they’re like 10 days old.
        Nintendo’s numbers (like all “official” numbers) are always pretty off.
        They always tell they sold 1, when they already sold 5. lol.
        Don’t ask me why.


  1. Weird.. I didn’t like SM3DL that much. I’m kinda surprised that it sold so much. It was way too short, in my opinion. I was done with it in 2 days, so I brought it back the next day and got my money back. Plus, the levels were waaaay too easy. I mean, you could easily have 50 lives at the end of world 1, without even trying. The game itself was pretty nice though, but as I said, it was too easy and too short.
    Anyway, it was obvious that Mario Kart would sell very well. (:
    Pretty good news for Nintendo, I guess.


    1. Nintendo are making Mario games more and more easier. I think the reason, for this case, is that they wanted to make the 3D levels just as simple as the 2D ones. But even though, I want to see a new 3D Mario game that actually packs a punch in the future.


  2. Did Ocarina of Time 3D get passed the 1 million mark in the US a while ago? The game has sold almost 3 million since then WW.


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  4. My friend got a 3DS for Christmas with MK7, OoT, and SM3DL.

    Already on his shelf collecting dust. Was enough to entice me not to get one.


    1. Oh and you just admitted you don’t have one so your in no position to ever talk shit on the 3ds….yes I know I was kinda talking shit on the vita but that was just to piss you off because I know your a die hard Sony fan…..


    1. Actually vgchartz is renowned for being rather bad. The only accurate sales numbers come from retailer statistics.

      As a second note: never go off “units shipped”


    1. Some people like to know when certain games are flying off the shelves. Besides, it’s nice to have an article about incredibly successful sales in contrast to the ones about the Vita’s terrible launch sales.


  5. I honestly assumed that both SM3DL and MK7 would have sold more than just a million copies each in the U.S.

    I figured because of Christmas and holiday shopping season that both games would have sold a lot more. Still, the fact that they sold more than a million each is pretty phenomenal, especially considering that they’ve been out for a very short time. MK7 hasn’t even had a full month of availability.

    I’m looking forward to the NPD December tallies.


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