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Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition Press Conference Being Held Next Week

The Pokemon Company has announced that it plans to hold a press event for Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition next week on Thursday 19th January. The press event will give the Pokemon Company a chance to show off the eagerly anticipated game and will feature an introduction to the game, developer interviews, special guests and more. The event will be live streamed online through UStream. I’ll update with a link when it becomes available.

31 thoughts on “Pokemon + Nobunaga’s Ambition Press Conference Being Held Next Week”

    1. dude its gamefreak and KT(kOIE TECMO) the creators of Dead or Alive 5 and Samurai Warriors/Dynasty Warriors its going to be bad ass man,,,

  1. It’s still just a crossover game…a crossover game I’m not particularly interested in.

    Hmm…I wonder how many people in this community has even played a Nobunaga’s Ambition title before. I bet 99% of the West doesn’t even know that franchise exists. XD

    1. Exactly, with this game, that franchise will grow, like Fortune Street (DS and probably the Wii version) did with Dragon Quest.

    2. I have played these characters in Samuri Chronicles 3DS, (and the two shown above are great in the streetpass team) but no, I didn’t know they were part of a different game as well.

    3. I never heard about it until they announced this pokemon game.

      I really wanted R/S remakes… but I guess another spin off that will probaly never come to the west anyways is ok -_-

    4. Nobunaga’s Ambition for the NES is in my top 5 favorite games of all time. It was so freaking amazing. No 2 games were the same with random events. So much strategy to plan, so many options. The music got annoying, but I absolutely loved this game and made a mission to win with all 18 daimyos (18 Fief mode)

  2. Awesome can’t wait. This seems to take a different approach toward the Pokemon series. Hope for the best, can’t wait for more info.

  3. It would be pretty cool if this game came over to the West, but I wouldn’t be bothered if it didn’t. Looks very Japanese, and probably wouldn’t sell well outside of Japan. I would still buy it, being the Pokemanic that I am, but most likely pre-owned.

    1. well samurai chronicles made it
      and samurai Warriors (note the warriors, different game) made it to dubai and was dubbed in arabic, it was hilarious, thats because i know arabic and the way they talked was EXTEMLY cheeze

      ستستانس يا ملك الشيطان
      thats not even proper arabic!

  4. Are they change their mind and make it a 3DS title only???? Stupid ideia of still making a new game for DS and then complaining about bad sells.

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