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New Kingdom Hearts 3D Gameplay Footage Surfaces Online

Square Enix has uploaded some new gameplay footage of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance for the Nintendo 3DS. Kingdom Hearts 3D is currently scheduled to be released in Japan sometime during March with a North American and European release confirmed for later this year by Square Enix.

22 thoughts on “New Kingdom Hearts 3D Gameplay Footage Surfaces Online”

  1. Sickr, have you considered shutting down the site on Jan. 18th in protest of SOPA?

    OT: Looks great, I’m watching some LP’s of all the other KHs to be ready when this releases.

      1. I would prefer if this site was still up. I don’t think the correct response to sopa to shutdown. IMO boycotting those Sopa supporting sites for a day would be a better way to send a message.

        1. ^Theres a majority of people in the US that does not know about this. Shutting down a few of the biggest websites and social networks, IMO, will bring in the word of what SOPA is capable of. People needs to be aware. In this generation, Google and Facebook (among others) are part of people’s lives, just imagine the impact it will have on people when they can’t access it for that day.

  2. Cannot wait for this to be released. I might even put up with EB Games’ ridiculous pricing just to pick it up ASAP.

    Nintendo and Square-Enix alone make the 3DS worth picking up.

  3. Can’t wait. Definitely a pre-order for me. I’m hoping this is as good as the first two console releases and BBS. Sure is looking that way so far. One of the best looking 3DS titles from what I’ve seen so far.

  4. I hate it when People remove videos shortly after posting it.

    I was looking forward to pressing the play button on the video.

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