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Check Out The Awesome Official Trailer For Resident Evil 6 (Wii U Not Mentioned)

Capcom has unveiled the Resident Evil 6 trailer a little earlier than expected due to a leak of information to major games publications. As I reported earlier the game will see the return of Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy as the main protagonists. Those expecting to find a Wii U logo at the end of the trailer will be left disappointed as Capcom has only announced it for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PC at present. Hopefully we will hear something about a Wii U version at E3. Resident Evil 6 comes out November 20th.

97 thoughts on “Check Out The Awesome Official Trailer For Resident Evil 6 (Wii U Not Mentioned)”

  1. So… You post about a game that it’s not even sure yet will come to a Nintendo system on a Nintendo related blog? You HAVE to stop doing things like this :/

    1. I’m a gamer and you are all gamers. This interests me, so I’ll post it.

      Also, given Capcom’s relationship with Nintendo it would be reasonable to expect this to come out on Wii U, as the system launches later this year

      1. Yes we all are and I am interested in this game too. But we’re here to read about Nintendo related things. I know this game well might make it for the Wii U. But as long as it’s very unsure I don’t really think that this blog is the right place for it YET :/ It might just build up a false expectation and make people disappointed if it doesn’t come for the Wii U…

      2. Sickr, you realize most of us don’t care what the web-site wanna-be’s who think they should police the Internet, micromanaging blogs, right?

        There’s nothing wrong with how you post articles, and it’s funny that those lackIng talent and resources feel they can comment on how you run MyNintendoNews.

      3. Man you’re awesome, do what you want and post what you want, It’s YOUR website, and it’s like a 80% that this game is coming for Wii U maybe in 2013.

      4. I’m a huge Resident Evil fan so I appreciate you posting this video. Besides, with two resident evil games for the wii, two for the 3DS and one for the DS, I think your actions are valid.

    2. Agreed. Also hate when he posts about Vita VS 3DS things to start flame wars. I come here because I want to hear 3DS news, because I have one, but I’m also getting a Vita and it’s annoying how biased Sickr can be. I’m looking forward to the Wii U but this hasn’t been announced for it, so why post it?

      1. Biased? You realise I run a PlayStation Vita site?

        As I stated in an earlier comment given how close Capcom and Nintendo’s relationship is it wouldn’t be too far fetched to say this will be coming to Wii U when the system launches later this year.

        1. Hahaha i love these down syndrome complaints! sickr does a great job, and this is an awesime site. Yet people complain every chance they get! Why click on the article if its something you don’t like? The crying and the whinning is ruining this site(for me at least) and it just amazes me the level of ignorance sickr can withstand(really, surprised he hasn’t just said “fuck it” and closed down this place). If you don’t like how things are run here LEAVE! sickr i have no issue with the fantastic job you do with this site, i come here daily, constantly updated, and its one of the better gaming sites out there. Keep up the good work.

          1. Down Syndrome? My friend has down syndrome and that’s really idiotic to say. I come on this site because I want nintendo news, like in the name “mynintendonews” but occasionally there are flamebate articles.

            1. Uh..yes i was attacking people with actual down syndrome(sticks and stones i don’t know you or your friend personally so don’t come @ me like that douche). My thing is the unnecessary complaining, so what if its something your not particullary interested in, if you don’t even have to read it, is it really that bad? Those articles non-nintendo aren’t even abundant, its every once in a while. I say if its gaming related, its fine, its not like its NOT nintendo related. Hell even the vita articles are linked to the 3ds.

            2. to be honest sometimes I go on this site just to read the ridiculous conversations and laugh at them. Although it is also a great informational website for anything Nintendo related. Good job sickr.

      2. Why do you hate it? People going nuts in the internet is one of the funniest things in LIFE. It’s like trowing a bone for the dogs to catch, quite amusing.

        1. Well, I don’t mean to be negative, but after having the 3DS for almost a year, the 3D affect is cool, but I turn it off after 5 minutes, the battery life is abysmal, it looks too much like a DS, I bought it it at $250 but the Gameboy games don’t make up for the price drop, the hing on mine is already broken, I’m going to buy the 2nd analogue stick attachment, the Start Select and Home buttons feel cheap, and it’s stylus is on the left side….

        2. Also, Nintendo should’ve learned their lesson with the DS and Wii. I want to play real multiplayer and give my friends my username instead of a long number. The launch games were terrible and I had to play Super Street Fighter IV until Mercenaries and Zelda came along. Nintendo download is just barely starting to offer good demos. The 3DS isn’t perfect either, but we still bought one. You just hate the Vita because it has the brand name “Sony” but if it had “nintendo” you would think it’s the most amazing thing in the world.

    3. I am SO FUCKING sick of dumbasses telling Sickr how to run his site and what news to post.

      @fire-fucker (and other 2nd graders), stop wasting your time acting arrogant, and go create your own fucking “kick ass” blog.

      Yes. I’m mad “bro,” so if you decide to ask, the answer is “yes.”

  2. This looks like what the sequel to 4 should have been as well as what that game’s story hinted at. Looks cool, I’ll try it out for sure, probably get it on PS3 if no Wii U

  3. Looks okay. As long as it goes with the feel of the Revelations demo, I’m very okay with this. I missed Resi being survival horror.

    1. i thought the same thing,it could be Ashley. And Leon looks motherfuckin cool. Hes my favourite resident evil character.

      1. Leon looked like a badass! I mean he shoots the president! Thats on a whole new level of badassness right there! And was that NEMESIS they were running from?!!!!! :OOO

  4. The Darksiders II trailer didn’t have the Wii U logo at the end of the trailer but it’s confirmed to be on Wii U. Give it time I’m sure they will announce something about it shortly, if not at E3 maybe. Wii U is more than capable of supporting the game and Capcom has been very supportive to Nintendo.

  5. I’m a bit wary on this, I hope they make it go back to being a survival horror game than an action, third-person shooter game with minimal horror like in 5.

    1. *Watched the whole trailer*

      So Leon fights zombies and Chris doesn’t? I’d rather just play as Leon, but ok.

      Other than that, this looks fantastic. And… showed some GAMEPLAY scenes. You hear that Revelations? GAMEPLAY.

  6. Ahhh it’s about damn time they bring back the zombies… gonna need some story on how the las plagas dies out unless it’s the same virus but now it turns them into real zombies

  7. Graphics look good for an RE game, but look fairly crap for a modern-day game. Hope Wii U’s graphics offer and substantial improvement over whatever console this is. Textures are not detailed at all (especially the character models, namely the faces), and models are fairly blocky looking.

    1. You’ve got a serious graphics problem buddy. You always make comments about how bad graphics are. Seriously if graphics are so important to you, why don’t you just give up on video games and watch beautiful movies?

      We all know graphics are important, so don’t get the impression that i’m not saying that, but why is your entire comment about the graphics? What about the fact that you’re fighting zombies again? Or the completely different play styles of Leon and Chris? I mean, do you PLAY video games or watch them? You PLAY them. Thats one of the reasons the old 8 bit consoles are considered better than the newer ones. Nobody cared about graphics on an NES. They cared about if the game was fun.

      Dude, the only people who think graphics are the most important thing, counting the polygons, looking at shaders and textures, are people who just started gaming this generation. If not, Than I have NOOOOO idea how the heck you made it through the 80s.

      1. Because it’s a video so I can’t comment on gameplay now can he, genius? I happen to agree with him… Somewhat.

    2. Resident Evil 6 still uses the MT Framework engine, which is considered to be one of the pinnacles of current-gen graphics. The reason why it doesn’t look as good as you expected it to be is because this generation is at its peak. The current HD consoles can no longer push any further than what we have.

      1. No, you missed my point completely. I said it doesn’t even look passable as an XBOX 360 game. Meaning there are other games that have already come out and BEEN out for a while that look loads better. I know the current gen can’t be pushed much more, but this doesn’t even look like it is pushing it as far as games like Rage, Crysis 2, or even Call of Duty.

  8. I’m sure the reason for the Wii U not being mentioned is because if it said the game was released in November, then everyone would be “Oh cool, so Wii U will be released by then” and if they used a line like the PC version coming later line, then people would be “Crap, that means the Wii U won’t be out until later!”

      1. Yep. I was comparing what it said about the PC version to what they could’ve said about the Wii U which would’ve implied the Wii U wasn’t out by November.

  9. With regards to posting things that aren’t specifically Wii U: I agree. I visit another Wii U Updates site way more frequently because it’s SPECIFICALLY about Wii U, not 3DS or any other console. There are plenty of other all-inclusive gamer news websites out there, but there are very few quality Wii U news sites. That’s what I started coming here for. I realize there isn’t a whole lot of Wii U news all the time, but that’s no reason to clutter it up with old rehashed stories and non-Wii U news. That’s just annoying.

    1. It’s especially annoying that the “Wii U” fanpage on Facebook posts links to non-Wii U stories, including the 3DS. Sure they’re both Nintendo consoles, and they may even have some interactivity with each other when Wii U debuts, but I didn’t join that page to hear about 3DS.

      The better solution is to have a 3DS fanpage on Facebook that links to the 3DS stories on this site, and leave the Wii U fanpage for JUST Wii U updates/news. Why can’t that be done?

  10. The only reason why I think there is no WiiU confirmation yet is because if they did say it was for WiiU right now it would tell us the WiiU would release on or before Nov. 20th. Nintendo could have asked capcom to not yet confirm it until after E3 or they are still thinking about it. But I am 90% sure this will be on WiiU.

  11. Damn RE6 <3!!! I hope they don't do the same mistake with 5 though *co-op*

    & BTW revelation looks so cool and the demo scared the shit out of me lol. But the 3D wasn't noticeable.

  12. From the looks of the trailer, it appears that true ‘Survival Horror’ isn’t going to be making a return for the sixth installment of the series. =(

  13. This had better come to Wii U or there will be hell to pay Capcom! Also we should get an upgraded port of Resident Evil 5 on Wii U so it Nintendo platforms will have all of the main series. Anyways I loved the Revelations demo. Keep up the good work!

  14. I think Nintendos Wii U needs to set itself apart from current gen consoles and stand on its own legs and not alot of ports. Yes some ports are good for the WII U console but not all ports will do it justice as a next-gen console. Not saying it shouldnt have RE5 and RE6 I hope devs take advantage of the WII U power to set it apart from current gen

    1. Indeed the same probably goes for any other game that developers are putting on Wii U, they probably have to keep it a secret or they can’t say anything until the system is fully shown at E3.

  15. It’s good to see that the RE franchise has improved massively, but it however disappoints me that this is not the Resident Evil I grew up playing with. This looks more like an action packed Left 4 Dead. It looks like the horror in the series has died since 5 and now we get this. Capcom, what the hell happened? First Megaman, now Resident Evil? You just keep on failing on failing on your fans that was playing your games from the start and try to impress this generation gamers… :( (alot of people will go apeshit on this comment)

  16. Freak yeAh!!!! It’s gonna be the year of the zombies! Resident evil revaltions and now this and then in the fall Resident evil the movie … hell yeah!!!!

  17. Freak yeAh!!!! It’s gonna be the year of the zombies! Resident evil revaltions and now this and then in the fall Resident evil the movie … hell yeah!!!!

  18. I am really excited for Resident Evil 6:).

    There is like a 90% chance it’s coming to the Wii U because most RE games are on Nintendo systems, if it is on it then the only reason the trailer did not have the Wii U logo is because Nintendo told the third party’s not to announce any of there games in development until E3 2012.

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