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New Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition Trailer For Nintendo DS

Nintendo has released a brand new trailer for the forthcoming Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition for the Nintendo DS. Nintendo has already announced that the game will be released March 7th in Japan but has yet to announce whether we will get the game here in the West.

41 thoughts on “New Pokémon + Nobunaga’s Ambition Trailer For Nintendo DS”

    1. The Nobunga series isn’t popular outside of Japan. So it’s doubted. Who knows with this one because it’s Pokemon.

    2. It’s doubted because the Nobunaga series isn’t popular outside of Japan… Who know’s because this is Pokemon though…

    3. If Juggernuat vs. hulk the juggernuat would win. yeah hulk gets mad but ultimately juggernuat is unstoppable.
      Superman vs. magneto
      magneto would kill superman all he has to do is concentrate all his inner iron into his lungs and suffocate superman.

      Spiderman vs. batman
      spiderman win batman to slow plus spiderman senses can dodge his attacks

      green lantern vs. invisable woman
      invisable women would win all she has to do is make psychic air bubble in crush his inner brain.
      marvel characters are better than dc.

      1. What makes you think Superman has iron in his body at all? He’s an alien with impenetrable skin, his composition is obviously different.

        1. true but superman has blood and alot of dc comics say kryptonians are identical to humans except kryptonians born under red sun

  1. i’m sorry but an eevee against an articuno, groudon, mewtwo and all those other huge guys?…. come on. that’d be impossible!!

  2. WazSupChad
    Pokemon company needs to bring red, blue, yellow, gold, silver, and crystal to the eshop.

    1. Sounds like a good idea, but I won’t buy them <3 at least not red blue and yellow. I never want to touch them again after how annoyed I got with the old mechanics. =c

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  4. WTF is this shit i like pokemon but the fuck? what the hell was they thinking mixing my pokemon with gay ass anime shit and emo final fantasy gameplay wont be getting this game japan can keep it just give me a remake of yellow or get your ass on gray

    1. hahahahaha. How ignorant can you be? Isn’t Pokémon style based on anime? Oh, what about THE OFFICIAL ANIME? And what is “emo” about this? What are you, 10?

    2. LOLWUT!? Pokemon was already in an anime style, jack ass. Just because you don’t like Final Fantasy or other JRPGs is no reason to flip the fuck out. The cool thing about Pokemon is similar to Megaman: There’s a genre to fit everyone’s interests. Not to mention that you can make it as simple or complex as you like.

    1. It was probably a way to get one last big profit for the DS. Nothing sells consoles like Pokemon. It sells them better than Mario does.

    2. Pokemon games sell millions most of the time, so it’d be safest for them to produce the game for the more available console. I’m sure 3ds will hit at least the 5million mark by the time this comes out, though.

      1. That, and I’m pretty sure they’re (not so) secretely counting on import to make even more profit, seeing how DS is region free.

  5. This looks awfull in my opinion, Pokemon`s rpg adventure style games in itself are great, and the dynasty warrior games were awesome with their tactical 3rd person beat-em-up and lvling style of game. Combining the two into a strategic chess game like Final Fantasy Tactics and Disgaea and Ogre Battle Tactics is distastefull, and uninteresting besides the character and pokemon drawings in there.

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