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Resident Evil 6 Is Apparently Well Under Way And Will Feature Chris And Leon As Main Characters

A source within Capcom has told games publication GamesBeat that development on Resident Evil 6 is well under way and that the game will feature both Chris Redfield and Leon Kennedy as the main protagonists. The source also stated that Ada Wong will be returning but wouldn’t disclose any further information. The gameplay of Resident Evil 6 will apparently be more like Resident Evil 4 rather than the fairly disappointing Resident Evil 5 and will be a fine mix between action and horror. No platforms have been revealed.

42 thoughts on “Resident Evil 6 Is Apparently Well Under Way And Will Feature Chris And Leon As Main Characters”

    1. I am assuming Capcom and Nintendo will be showing Resident Evil 6 on Wii U by either E3 or the Tokyo Game Show. I think the final game will be released by holiday 2012 or by early in 2013, like how they’re releasing RE: Revelations early in the year.

    1. It was an ok game, but it was bad in terms of a RE game. The Story was uninteresting, and it was more of an action game.

  1. PS3, Xbox 360, Wii U, PC.

    Chris and Leon?! that will rule! now my big question is, will it emphasize on Co-op like RE5, or switch characters like in Revelations?

    1. Or maybe I’ll have the choice to not be that faggot chris. I had no problems with Chris in RE1 playing through it again with him now but, his character design since 5 is god awful.

      1. Well, I don’t know about the way you say that, but I do agree that I’d rather be Leon than Chris. Chris is just too uninteresting.

  2. I bet this will be multiplat. There is no reason to keep a numbered RE game exclusive today. It will be on the Wii U as well considering Capcom’s support for the Wii and 3DS. They even asked fans if they wanted Azura’s Wrath on the Wii U.

    With that out of the way, I hope they make a new RE game exclusive for the Wii U featuring Rebecca and Billy again. I say exclusive because they will be able to take advantage of the system like that, and RE 0 was a gamecube exclusive. Keep RE 6 a multiplat, but give us an exclusive WII U RE game.

    1. Ugghhhh I hate when my gf does that. She refuses to accept that his name is squall cuz she’s too much of a kingdom hearts fangirl yet doesnt know crap about final fantasy. bigger buzz kill than Buzz Killington

  3. looking. forward. to. this. Chris. Redfield. is. my. favorite. character. in. Resident. Evil.
    and. a. Jill. Sandwich. too.

  4. YESS FINALLY LEONS BACK! i just think leon is such a bad ass and i really think they should make a sequal to resident evil degeneration that movie was just plain awesome really wish that was a game!

  5. Leon needs to come back. My god, he is so cool. This will be the first time that Chris and Leon are in a game together too. Sweeeeeet.

  6. No Way. I am just in shock, so excited at the same time. Wow Resident Evil 6. This will be a great game! Better be on the Wii-U!

  7. Nintendo need strong exclusives to push the Wii U to the hardcore audience, you think giving what the other 2 consoles give will make the Wii U a success in the hardcore demographic? think again. RE6 will be a exclusive for the Wii U, reason why the game announcementsbeen push twise already, because nintendo is trying to make a deal with then.

    Now, Christ+Leon seems a bit unlikely, Capcom been always one girl and one guy in each RE game, except R3. I am still hoping for leon+Rebbecca comeback : ) .

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