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Resident Evil Revelations Demo Is Now Available In North America

The frankly gorgeous demo for Resident Evil: Revelations is now available to download via the Nintendo 3DS eShop in North America. The demo went live in Europe earlier today and is well worth a download. Resident Evil: Revelations is due to be released January 27th in Europe and February 7th in North America. Let me know what you think of the demo.

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50 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations Demo Is Now Available In North America”

  1. I’m still working HARD at the office… However I’ll go to the bathroom to start the download hahaha Quite useful the fact a download can continie with the 3DS closed, for those of us who are at the office and don’t want to be that cheeky XD =D

      1. Congrats on having the avatar of one of the most boring games I have ever played. Now if it was red dead I’d give you a high five.

  2. i have always just watched my brothers play Resident Evil because every time i try to play, the controls were too difficult for me. i just played the demo and i have to say it’s AMAZING! i also love how many options that put. i can shoot in 3rd or 1st person. change the lazer pointer to red, green, blue, or white. can change the strength of 3D, aiming speed, and more. this is an amazing demo and it does encourage me to purchase the game. as for the ‘scary’ effect, im not sure yet. but i did go “OH @#$%” a couple of times cuz the monsters popped out of no where. or if i walked into a room and there was like 2 huge strong zombies. the way they move is creepy to. i was gonna pass this game up, but now i will definitely buy it! even though i can only play it 30 times, the actual game comes out in 19 days.

  3. I just finished playing the demo. the built-in record tracker on the 3DS says I played it for 22 minutes, but that includes the boot up sequence and the time I spent on the options menu. I’d say it’s about 15 minutes long.

    It definitely feels like a nice blend between the classic games and modern gameplay. I love the controls as they are without the circle pad. They feel better than the controls in RE 4 and even RE5. Ammo management is a MUST it seems. The 3D doesn’t really play a big role in the game, but it adds a natural sense to it. It’s like OoT 3D where it feels natural as if you were in the game. The game/demo makes you want to peek at every corner to see if there is something around it. This is definitely a buy for me.

    I’d rather have zombies, but this will do for now. It’s kind of hard to pull off a headshot since these new enemies move from side to side.

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  5. Played the Demo, I love it. This game could be on my list of future purchases, even if it isn’t day one. Now, are there any other Resident Evil games you guys would recommend?

    1. Sure! Play the past games, from the original ’till code veronica, then resident 4. Resident evil 4 changed the series, I think it’s worth playing, even if a lot of people say it killed the intense survivor past games, cause, first: it’s really a good game, with an intense gameplay, great cinematics and history. plus, this game have one of the greatest REPLAY factor I’ve ever seen. and second: there’s no way back, the way Resident evil 4 changed the series, its a point of no return.

      I don’t recommend you to play RE:5 it will ruin your experience, seriously! I love the series, but this one, I HATE.

    2. It really depends on what style you want to play. The first RE games had more horror elements and puzzles, until RE4, which changed the formula to include much more action (this demo feels a lot like RE4, though).

      Personally, I recommend RE4 since it’s available in any console.

    1. No everyone got to play at E3… This is so Amazing!! Much better than the prototype demo on te RE mercenaries Cartrige.

      This demo sealed the deal. I’m pre-ordering!

  6. IT’S ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! I love the variety of options ( aiming in first person or third, choosing different controls, choosing different colored lasers). The 3D looks even better than SM3DL. I get scared easily, but I love it! XD I yelled when those two creatures dropped from the ceiling

  7. I don’t like it but that doesn’t mean it isn’t good and I hope it sells well I’ve just never been a fan of resident evil…now give me a side scroller mega man X reboot capcom and I’ll play it all day.

  8. Havent been a fan but i will buy on day one. Had gyroscopic aiming the entire time. stood up most of the time slowly walking in circles. sweet play.

    1. I bet they’re doing that so you decide to buy the game if you like it as opposed to playing it over and over. The demo will remain on the eShop, but they have given you a limit on the number of times you can play it. I just need to play a demo twice before deciding if it’s for me or not.

    2. Really? After 30 plays of the same thing, I’m pretty sure you’d be decided whether to buy the game or not. Now people are just being whiny.

  9. I’m pleasantly surprised with this. Been a while since I’ve liked a RE game. But, I wouldn’t say it’s ‘amazing’ either. =x I’m just glad that it added some of the survival horror elements back into it. Finally getting a RE that isn’t an action shooter. I’m not sure if I want this though..

  10. Capcom did a great job in this one. You feel like playing something well done, it pushes the graphics standards forward (on 3DS obviously) you don’t need 2 analog sticks to feel comfortable playing, you have a lot of options. there’s new adds to the series, like the scanning (metroid style!), I feel playing those old resident evil games, you fear every corner, you miss the shot cause you’re tense, plus the controls are smooth and work very well. I’m looking forward to this!

  11. Hell yeah! I finished the RE demo. It’s freakin’ cool! Finally, back to the roots of RE with a blend of the action RE4 brought to the series. All right Capcom, you have my money. I’m giving it to you next month in the third week of February. ;)

    Seriously, those two monsters from the ceiling scared the living hell out of me. I’ve never felt that scare for a while now. And man! The cliffhanger! XD must get it next month!

  12. I really love the demo! I did not expect to be this impressed with it at all! The visuals are amazing and the controls are quite good. I hope it’s a long game in the end!

  13. I try out “HELL” and shit man, its hard, items(ammo/herbs) and enemy placements, new scans, an SMG and more stronger enemies not to mention there’s MORE of them. It’s really a fight for survival with “HELL”, really am liking the game so far, will be looking forward to first day buy.. :)

    1. on that note, love playing with 3D set to stronger, give it more depth and play in 3rd perspective, gyro is a welcome change too, am looking forward to try the game out with the PRO..

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