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Resident Evil Revelations Was Originally Going To Take Place In A “Floating Mansion”

Masachika Kawata, the producer behind Resident Evil: Revelations has revealed that game was originally intended to take place in a floating mansion on the sea, but Capcom USA forced the development team to change the floating mansion to the cruise ship which is named the Queen Zenobia.

“The concept for Revelations, it was actually just a floating mansion. That was the concept. It was just a mansion at sea. Capcom USA forced them to change it to a cruise ship.”

– Capcom community manager, Seth Killian

43 thoughts on “Resident Evil Revelations Was Originally Going To Take Place In A “Floating Mansion””

  1. lol that confused me in the demo, the woman thought she was in a mansion but they were on a ship…
    I’m guessing Capcom USA wanted it to be a more realistic setting.

    1. More realistic setting is one thing but still… they are some homes that are built on lake surfaces… like really nice homes, especially in the western part of America. Mansions shouldn’t be an exception IMO.

      Or maybe they’ll be too heavy for the water to support, lol.

  2. Leave it to Capcom USA to change all fresh, colorful and crisp ideas into something cognate and vapid. >:(
    But still, the game looks fun :)

    1. Does anyone remember Resident Evil: Dead Aim for the PS2? It also took place on a cruise ship. Here’s what the back of my game case says. “Join anti-Umbrella search and pursuit team agent, Bruce MacGavin, as he encounters a new layer of Umbrella’s insidious activities. In this all-new Resident Evil first-person action-shooter, you must search, sneak and use battle moves to regain control of a sea-jacked cruise ship lost in the Atlantic. And should you find yourself trapped amongst hordes of zombies and mutant beasts, your aim better be dead on!”. Makes me wonder if “Revelations” is an attempt at redemption for all that was wrong with “Dead Aim.”

  3. ahhh I miss the time when creativity was important in video games :( a floating mansion would bring so much more to the mistery of the game … just trying to know why the house is on the ocean all that stuff …

      1. its a comment section moron, he can give his opinion on what ever he likes, i honestly didnt like the demo either, the button lay out felt ackward and the 3ds shoulder button didnt help either. RE needs to stay on consoles.

  4. This would actually be the third RE game at sea.

    1. Gameboy Color: Resident Evil Gaiden. It had Leon, Barry, and a woman. It was nearly unplayable, but was released.

    2. RE Dead Aim (Gun Survivor 4 in other regions), mentioned above

    3. This one.

    I think it’s just easy to put zombies or monsters on a boat. Not too much explanation needed. Someone was sick, got on the boat; or virus is being shipped, and there’s an outbreak.

  5. Ok I know that 5 introduced a lot of stupid fucking bio-weapon organisms but, does it not bother anyone else that the things in this game aren’t fucking zombies? They are blind club fisted abominations and that is not the Resident Evil I know and love (1-4.) I even enjoyed RE Gaiden (GBC) and Dead Aim, let us not forget that both of those took place on cruise ships so this idea is already played out. Those were not fantastic but at least they were still zombies.

    1. i thought that the villagers from 4 werent zombies. arent they las plagua or something like that? other than that i agree with you, those oozes arent too bad but i miss the zombies.

  6. I’m sooooo glad that they changed that idea.

    Honestly I have had enough of mansions in Resident Evil games.

    First a mansion in the woods then a mansion in the sea and then what a mansion in the sky…seriously.

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