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Famous UK Racing Developer Committed To Wii U

Develop has learned from a source that a famous UK racing developer is looking to commit to the Wii U, and have decided to release one title per-year for the forthcoming system. Develop wouldn’t say which studio it was, but the more third-party developers committing to Wii U the better.

17 thoughts on “Famous UK Racing Developer Committed To Wii U”

  1. So many options! It could be Codemasters… or Codemasters. Maybe Codemasters?

    Seriously, how many UK studios are there that make racing games?

  2. Wait, Sickr, this might be slightly irrelevant but, is GTA V going to be in the WiiU or is the game coming out before the console?

  3. YES!!! the Wii Had no racing games worth playing … and if it did I didn’t have them… I’m looking forward to some Wii U racing!!

  4. Eh, I was never really interested in racing games besides F-Zero, Mario cart, and that Star Wars racing game for the N64. People just aren’t that creative with racing games, most of them have very similar features(existing cars, cosmetic customizations, boost, power ups.)
    I want to see something with a real twist.

      1. I feel the same way

        as much as i enjoy realistic Driving games
        sometimes i just feel that they are all the same

        I loved the days when i could put down Gran Turismo and pick up Diddy Kong Racing

        Racing games with no serious aspect just Complete Raw Fun
        Im still hoping one day for a Nintendo All Stars Racing game
        Mario Kart is awesome but for once i’d love to see other characters involved
        Link and Ganondorf, Captain Olimar, fox Mccloud, Captain Falcon, maybe even Sonic lol he woudlnt even need a kart :P
        it would more or less be Mario Kart but with a Smash bros Character list

        would just seem like fun to me

  5. Don’t get me wrong. I’m a strong supporter of the Wii U. But I’m REALLY surprised they’ve managed to get a regular 3rd-party racing series. Racing games seem to rely on some kind of analog-button for acceleration and brakes, and the back buttons on the Wii U controller don’t provide that. I’m happy my doubts about Wii U’s place in the racing genre (outside of arcade ones like Mario Kart) were ultimately unnecessary.

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