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Capcom Says Wii U Will Be Radically Different From Last Years E3 And Will Offer Many New Possibilities

Capcom’s Yoshinori Ono has told Nintendo 3DS publication 3D Juegos that the Wii U will be radically different from the Wii U we saw revealed at last years E3 event, and will offer many more possibilities. Ono joked that he couldn’t say any more on the subject due to the possibility of being attacked by Nintendo’s infamous Ninjas

“What we saw last E3 is not a reflection of everything this console is able to offer. We have been trying the development kits and some of its new characteristics will improve its possibilities. It isn’t something like Kinect or similar accessories, it’s something different.

I can’t tell you more about it because, if I do, Nintendo will send assassins to finish me! (laughs) But let’s say that Wii U will be a console with so many and unique possibilities that it will be difficult to show them in the box they are going to sell it or to be published by magazines and other mediums.”

– Capcom’s, Yoshinori Ono


123 thoughts on “Capcom Says Wii U Will Be Radically Different From Last Years E3 And Will Offer Many New Possibilities”

        1. You’re not what I call mature because you just pointed it out AND made a whole comment about not pointing it out the first time. You need more humility!

          1. ^This. We would’ve realized you hadn’t said first. Stupid to mention it and be glad about it. To me it’s the same thing.

            And I’m stupid to take time to tell you this. So at least I’ll talk about the article : really eager to learn about those possibilities! With the fact that the next Xbox might only be 20% more powerful, I mean…. great!!!! Looks like Nintendo is true to his words : they wanna get back the hardcore market and stop being tagged : for children.

            1. Considering that the Xbox 360 was at least twice as good as the Wii’s, this is a better step up. My guess is that the Wii U will be able to display graphics on a similar level to a 1024mb DDR3 graphics card which is more than good enough for me.

          1. I think that by explaining ho he made a choice not to say “first”, he says that not to brag about his matureness to the crowd who saw what he did, but rather to the people who usually does say “first”. It´s a hint from him to them that “Hey, you don´t have to say first, people can count.”

            And by confirming this in the comment section here, you´ve all backed up that point he was trying to get across.

      1. Ofcourse it’s a toy. You use toys to play with. Therefore it’s a toy. Same goes for all other video game systems x’D

      1. YESYESYES!!! I would love that! I would also would gladly welcome Dragon’s Dogma and Ni No Kuni on the Wii U. If you don’t know one or both of them, make sure to check it on youtube! It’s awesome!

  1. I am getting more and more excited for the Wii U. Now the games will not only be filled with amazing gameplay, but also gorgeous graphics! Zelda HD? Hell yeah.

    1. It’s funny how guys always pretend that girls they wanna fuck but have no chance to are ugly. The very definition of sour grapes.

  2. I hope they moved the circle pads down, because I’m fairly certain that people with smaller hands/fingers would have a tough time using the tablet controller comfortably.

    1. I think people with large hands will have a tough time with it. I myself really struggle to use the 3DS because my hands are just too big. The Wii U looks like it’ll be the same story. Regardless I’m really looking forward to this console but at the same time feel really sceptical of its design.

      1. The 3ds is smaller and thinner, the circle pads aren’t even the same. Trust me they’ve already confirmed the controller has seen changes ovet at neogaf, like ACTUAL TRIGGERS! This will be nintendos return to greatness :)

  3. If you ask me, I’d say he’s referring to the fact that the wii u. Now supports multiple tablet controllers
    Michael Patcher is a TROLL

  4. Well damn if even Capcom likes it…

    I see! It seems Nintendo has their own LAW NINJAS! Hopefully they didn’t borrow from Thief, otherwise they’re gonna get charged a whoopass of interest; Thief gonna guarantee it.

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      1. agreed.. we need to get away from analog sticks… they are a crutch that gamers have been leaning on for too long..

        1. Agree. Most people forget they’re 16 years old this year, and there’s been very little progress in the design of them. I like the circle pads. I find them very comfortable.

          1. i personally am not a big fan of circle pads, they keep sliping of my finger! but if the wiiu is gonna have circle pads atleast make them rubbery,.

  6. Sounding better and better. Got my $800 saved up for the wii u :D Sucks living in AUS we pay premium for all electronics.

      1. 600 max? R u poor (Zelda reference obvious). I’ve saved 1000$ (will probably be more) for this and yet I’m disappointed in the amound of money I’ve saved up for this :/ But that’s something I’ve to take, I’m not that rich..

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  8. Livin Aint Eazy When You Cheezy

    Hmmmmmmmmm *pondering* Isn’t there a Nintendo conference tomorrow? Hopefully they at least mention SOMETHING!

  9. Possibly the haptic feedback that was rumored is the “something different”.
    Ya never know with Nintendo. Anything is possible.

  10. Holy mother freaking crap. I like to think of evey second that passes is another second closer to me and that already beloved Wii U to finally unite. Im going to treat it like my child. What do you guys think Nintendo changed with their next console?

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  12. Hope the controller is rounder … it’ll look really look futuristic and in many colors.I want a black WiiU to go with my black 3ds .Super Mario sunshine 2 for 3ds and a new mario game for WiiU and a sequel for colors.sfxt and UMVC for both Wiiu and 3ds.Kingdom hearts 3 for ps vita wiiu and ps3 too:)

  13. Well I’ll be. Looks like Nintendo may have been listening to consumer feedback after all. I’d like to see higher-raised analog sticks and PS3/360-style trigger buttons, instead of the flat ones it currently has. Hopefully we’ll get atleast a black console too?

    1. Why don’t you just ask for a PS3? That way you’re the only one who needs to waste money buying a PS3, and Nintendo doesn’t have to waste time and money changing up everything they’ve done just because you wanted something that’s pretty much a PS3. Listening to consumer feedback? Get over yourself, they’ve planned out far more for their products than we consumers will ever hope to imagine.

      1. stop being such an asshole. nintendo had enough time from E3 to today to change whatever they had to change, why do you think they said back then “this is not the official model” or something? because they were still polishing the console. either way the analogs and triggers are obvious things to fix, more precis control> design.

        1. I think the circle pads are way better than analog. My experience with the circle pad on 3DS has been nothing but great and precise.

  14. I only hope this doesn’t result in Nintendo’s advertising for it being too unfocused. At the same time, it needs to effectively present the wealth of the features Ono spoke of.

  15. I am very proud that Nintendo is stepping up their game and bringing a console that will be strong in competition.

  16. i like the fact that Yoshinori ono San is working on something for the WII U hopefully its Street Fighter X Tekken or Street Fighter 5 Surprise :)

    1. It could be SF X Tekken.I hope so. I doubt it will be SF5 tho. We won’t see that for a long long time i think.
      Most of all, i’m hoping for a GOOD 3D megaman game. Make it happen Ono.

  17. Does anybody else smells re6 for the Wii u??? Cause with this report capcom is basically on board for the Wii u and wat better way than re6 if dat game comes out at the same time dat Wii u ill be happy cause dat

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  20. This is exciting news! I was excited about Wii U at last year’s E3 but also had a lot of doubts and worries that it was going end up like the Gamecube (gave the gamers what they complained the last system didn’t have but failed to sell well). Now I’m pumped to see how it will innovate even more. Plus the third party launch titles are looking mighty sexy.

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