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Wii U ‘Twice As Powerful As Xbox 360’ Claims Develop Source

A developer has told online gaming publication Develop that the Wii U is twice as powerful as Microsoft’s Xbox 360 console. The developer who told the publication the news is currently working on a new title for Nintendo’s forthcoming Wii U platform. We’ve already heard that Wii U developers are currently using final Wii U development kits.

204 thoughts on “Wii U ‘Twice As Powerful As Xbox 360’ Claims Develop Source”

      1. I’m going to be honest. I don’t care ONE bit about all these rumors. XBOX 720 or PS4 can be 50x more powerfull for all i care.
        With the Zelde HD demo Nintendo showed me what i wanted to see. That in combination with the new controller makes me satisfied!


      1. just cos u cant take the fact that the xbox720 has just been leaked to be weaker than wii u, fuck off and enjoy ur shitty kinect casual xbox720

          1. Wow! Microsoft fanboys were making fun of the tablet-controller contreversy, now that Microsoft is rumored to make tablet-controllers for their next console too, it’s all the rage now! Hypocritical try-hards! Compliments of Nintendo ;D

        1. What’s illogical to me is spending hundreds, maybe even THOUSANDS, of Dollars upgrading your PC with the latest stuff rather than just spending a few hundred and sticking to a console for 5-6 years until the next one comes out.

          1. VERY, very true. I’ll stick with the consoles intead of wasting time and money trying keep up with computer tech all the time. Nintendo baby, stick with the innovation. I’d be worried about another ring of death before thinking of xbox.

          2. Geez, all the console kiddies are allways complaining about the pc. You don’t have to buy new hardware every time a new graphics card comes out. Thousands of dollars (like 3000) will get you a extreme high-end pc that won’t be needing a upgrade for years. It has also been proven that console hardware breaks down faster then pc hardware. If you have the money, pc is the way to go.

          3. Let me set thibgs straight by saying that it definatly does not cost 1000 dollars to upgrade a Pc. It costs MAYBE $200 IF you haven’t upgraded your graphics card in a couple years. I absolutely hate it when people over exaggerate how much it costs to have a gaming Pc.

          4. A $600 computer can pump out graphics much more powerful than anything current consoles (or next gen consoles, if these reports are true) can pump out. That’s not just a gaming computer, it’s a work, school, artistic, and social network as well, for those of you swayed by those specific words. Seems to work for tablets doesn’t it?

            1. Good point best sire. But PC has very few good exclusives and horrible gameplay compared to consoles in my opinion. Therefore so will consoles always be the prefered media for gaming in my heart.

              1. The PC has MORE quality exclusives in a year than ps3 and xbox 360 combined since their launch in 205-2006. You can play the pc with a 360, ps3 and wii controller. By the way, mouse and keyboard is way more accurate with aiming in fps’s then your 360/ps3 controller.

    1. I got 300 bucks Monday for Chinese New Year, and I’ve saved up hundreds from not buying lunch but eating the salad my friends would throw out anyway. =D

          1. Yeah my friends dad also resieves 1grand from unemployment, glad to see our mcdonals jobs are making you that much, dick

    2. I got $400 so far but i’m gonna save up to $750. I’ll assume Wii U will be $400 and each game will be $60 so i’ll get 5

    3. Lucky..I had to earn my 3ds with a yares work of a family restaurant and good grades and a I still needed help yo pay it off imma wait 2-3 months on the wiiu so all the defected models of the wiiu get out. My 3ds was defected but its fixed with mario in it.

  1. One story claims the 720 is only 20% more powerful than the WiiU, One story claims the 720 is 6 times more powerful than the 360 and this story claims the WiiU is twice as powerful as the 360.

    Somebody explain what is going on to me, it makes no sense?

    1. IGN said the 720 is 600% of the 360. It is also 20% more powerful than the Wii U.
      That would make the Wii U 480% of the 360.
      Other rumors say the Wii U is 150% of the 360/PS3.

      But who the heck knows for sure.

    2. From everything we KNOW about the wiiU its BARE MINIMUM 3x the power of ps3/360. Ign said its 5x more powerful. So anywhere from 3-5times more powerful is accurate, this “developer” doesn’t know what their talking about.

      1. Will somebody explain “powerful” to me?? Damn, it’s like, NUMBERS, is there hard evidence explaining framerate and graphic capabilities and compatibility with older games and online functionality and memory storage and on and on and on, comparing the 2 in their final forms? When we hear “powerful” does that take account all the factors of the new consoles or is this talking about horsepower or electrical power or the power glove or Nintendo Power or if either console could power a Falcon Punch or WHAT-THE HELL-EVER. I’m looking forward to both.

  2. Yeah, this is all pretty confusing, but thinking about it now. Being 2x more powerful than the Xbox 360 is pretty impressive. It would confirm it being more powerful than the PS3 as well.
    but yes, none of the latest news really lines up.

    1. first of all there are more components that contribute to console power

      secondly this wouldn’t be the first time a small typing flaw contributes to a big mistake. It might be 6????. Someone else can fill the rest

  3. This is contradictory!!! Its not possible for the x720 to be only 20percent more powerful then…. Well.. Guess we’ll never really know until the console itself comes out. But from the gpu specs, the console should be readily @ about r times the 360…
    Hey Patcher! SCREW YOU!!!

  4. I just read this article. It’s weird that they post it now even though the article states that these comments were done last year and not recently.

  5. “I’ve heard [a project designer] complain it’s underpowered compared to what Nintendo announced” when the FUCK did Nintendo announce anything? We STILL don’t know any confirmed final specs. The quote is from the link.

    1. Nintendo gives information to game designers, not to mere mortals… And if they leak Ninty will send their Ninjas on them!

  6. I think twice as powerful as an Xbox 360 sounds a bit on the low side – How can you even piece together a new console with modern chips today and NOT get something that’s 3-5 times as powerful as a 360? It’s like they’ve gone with mobile-versions of the chips or something.

    Maybe it’s to make for the expensive controller and still have a good price for the console.

  7. today’s maths problem:
    If xbox 720 is 20% more powerful than wii u and 6 times more powerful than the 360 and wii u is twice as powerful as the 360, then how powerful are wii u and the 720?

    1. Eh, that question has too many variables; you’ve got the 360’s GPU, CPU, and RAM (main “power” variables). You could lower one while raising the others greatly and end up with “twice as powerful.” So can’t be done. It’s like saying 2(xyz) is nml. n=2, m=2, l=4. What are xyz? Can’t be done.

  8. Interesting timing on this. We’ve got another rumour that pegs the next Xbox at 20% more powerful than Wii U whilst being 6x more powerful than the 360, and then this is released which would contradict that.

    The thing about that first rumour though is that it actually ties in with what Microsoft have been saying about their next gen console for the last few years, you just had to be paying attention.

      1. Microsoft have been dropping hints at a not so massive jump in performance on the next Xbox since 2008. The 6x more powerful would be a good jump, but it wouldn’t be the massive jump that I think some are expecting (some expect 10x 360 minimum).

        They’ve been aiming for the perfect mix of profitability and performance, because they don’t want another console that’s going to give them massive losses despite excellent performance, and I think that would be possible with such a jump.

  9. That is more than enough for me honestly…… we are about to reach a point where we are going to get so powerful that nothing can use all of it.. yay?

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  11. The developer said this comment a few months ago, before the final dev kits and apparently the final dev kits are more powerful then what the developers thought they where going to be, I am going to be on IGN side since they got the 720 news recently while like I said that comment about the Wii U being 2x more powerful then the 360 was made a few months ago.

      1. i noticed this yesterday… ALSO… the 4870 has 800 stream processors and the 6670 has only 480… hmmmmmmmmmmm…..

  12. Even if it’s only twice as powerful the games will look awesome since the wiiu’s disc can hold 50gb… It won’t need to compress as much textures…

      “wha- what?”
      DBZ abridged xD
      But I can’t wait to see how this will all turn out in the end :3

    1. i noticed this yesterday… ALSO… the 4870 has 800 stream processors and the 6670 has only 480… hmmmmmmmmmmm…..

  13. If this is true, which it hopefully is, this will open up so many possibilities for games on the Wii U.

    Surely, that should get the 3rd parties back into things. Hopefully, this can be enough to get Final Fantasy, Tales Of, Soul Calibur, and others back on Nintendo consoles. It’d be nice if it could knab at least a port of Kingdom Hearts 3 whenever it comes out as well.

    I do have to wonder what this will do for the Wii U’s pricing though. I get the feeling that it’ll be through the roof.

    1. Well. x-box will never get any of those games and Tales of the Abyss is already ported for 3DS so chances are big that 3rd part is finding their way back to Nintendo.

  14. Powerful is pretty vague and not really a good way to measure if it’s a good system or not. For example, it’s hand held, that’s good for some, but certaintly not all games. Weither or not it has memory, and it being stuck on that tiny screen would kill it for me.

    And it being 2x as powerful as the 360 is a brag, albeit a bad one since most people I know now were so fed up with their 360 they instead have the games on their computer and hooked them up to their televisions instead.

    Gaming systems will have to do a lot more if they want their consoles to stand out above computers and smart phones to be honest. I foresee another Wii failure of all hype, no carry-over. It’s a shame great series are doing badly because they’re limited by Nintendo, such as Mario and Zelda, but the Nintendo isn’t really adapting as a major label brand should be if they still want to be valuable for the gaming community.

  15. Hmm all these rumors….first the wiiu was said to be 50% more powerful than ps3 and xbox360 and than they say the next xbox is 6x more powerful than the current one but the new one would only be 20% more powerful than the wiiu…that makes the wiiu alot more powerful than 50% over current consoles…now the wiiu is twice as powerful as the 360 my head is going to explode with all these rumors please nintendo just confirm something I can’t wait until e3.

    1. yeah first it’s 50% more powerful… then it’s 480% more powerful… now it’s 200% more powerful… … well I guess if you average all these claims… it equals 243.3% … haha!… I’ll go by that one…

          1. Jake is right. And this seems fully legit due to the fact that the GPU 720 uses is pretty new and fits into the wished pricezone for 720.

  16. I think Wii U will be 100% fun. If it’s online services are up to par I will be all over it. PSN is starting to piss me off.

  17. We’ll see. I’m not believing anything I hear about the comparative power of the systems until I’ve played the Wii U for myself.

  18. the words “MORE POWERFUL” are such vague claims… microsoft could only be counting the RAM… if it had 3GB of RAM then it would have 6 times the ram as the 360… thus bending the truth a little bit to make such outrageous claims as this one… Remember SONY said the PS3 was 6 times as powerful as the 360… and we all know that is completely untrue… hardly any games look better on the PS3 and many of them look worse… “MORE POWERFUL” just isn’t enough evident to Substantiate a claim like that. …

    in order to truly be 6x the 360 it would have to have:
    an 18core processor
    3 gigs of RAM
    and a WAY better video card than the rumored 6670…
    it would also cost 6 times as much i bet.

    I know it’s fun to get caught up in the hype people, but take a step back do some logical thinking and figure out the details that they aren’t telling us… at this point I’m believing that the Wii U has 200% more power and that the 720 will have 220% … a difference equivalent to the difference between a GameCube and a PS2… not very much.

    1. I think people wanting the stronger console are spelling said company’s doom… as we all know, the cheapest console always sells the most. So company’s have to be the cheapest price while simultaneously being powerful enough to be relevant with 3rd parties. Frankly, all Nintendo needs to do is be $50 cheaper than the competition and it has this generation in the bag.

  19. Hahaha, Patcher’s gonna have nightmares again about another good move by Nintendo. End result, he’s gonna wake up and write his frustration down on the net to try to get even. Just watch.

  20. Chill I got like seven different mathematical equations for this.. dudes be saying 600% more powerful than this n that and some shit about half as powerful


  21. Isn’t tomorrow Nintendo’s investors meeting that a lot of people were talking about? Let’s see of they reveal anything themselves.

  22. With the XBOX 720 being 6 times more powerful than the 360 (mentioned in your other article), wouldn’t that make the XBOX 720 close to 300% more powerful than the Wii U rather than the 20% claim you made in your other article? Am I misinterpreting your news?

  23. Thats it? The next box is going to be six times more powerful than the 360. Talk about behind the times already :)

  24. lol its funny how people say that one console is better than the other based on RUMORS. cant you guys just wait until real info is out to start comparing, you just seam like pathetic fanboys.

    oh and what happen to the “its not about the graphics, its about the gameplay” ?

      1. GTFO Sonyfag.

        See what both of your comments had in common? NOTHING ABOUT SONY, THAT’S WHAT! Yet somehow, you still called him a Sonyfag… therefore you must either know something we don’t, or you’re a complete asshole! CONSPIRACY THEORY!

          1. i didn’t even brought up sony, i was talking about fanboys in general (xbox,nintendo..). and wtf i cant have an opinion on other article if its not about kissing nintendos ass? grow up dude.

    1. Anyone who complains about fanboys are hypocrites themselves. Everybody undeniably has one thing they prefer above others, so don’t call out others for what you also are.

      Also, you’d have to be a real dumbass to think these guys are serious about comparing specs based on rumors.

      1. by your logic anyone who complains about complaints by a fanboy is a complaining fanboy. so we all must be complaining fanboys

      2. but they are comparing specs based on rumors, cant you see the comments above?

        ” Everybody undeniably has one thing they prefer above others” yea but i don’t go saying it to ppl and rubbing it in there faces.

    2. smash 64, melee, brawl; good graphics don’t make of a game a good game, but also don’t hurt if you have them.

  25. Etecoons and Dachoras

    I refuse to believe all of these “a is more powerful than b” rumors. I’ll wait until the system is out and available for people to pick apart to find out tech spec details. Until then, I’ll treat these rumors the same way I treat anything Michael Pachter says: with apathy.

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  27. I think IGN are tripping on acid. A lot of gamers will prove these hypocrites wrong when the Wii U is presented this June and when it’s released.

  28. This web link basically breaks down the rumored GPU for both the WiiU and Xbox720. Very interesting stuff and helps explain why it is said the Xbox720 will only be about 20% better than the WiiU.

    “…What the “more powerful than expected” statement could mean is that Nintendo was able (with help) to develop a highly modified Radeon HD 4850 or something that is the equivalent and shrink it down to fit the smaller console environment. Nintendo most likely told developers that performance would be very close to the HD 4850 but the actual chip would be something totally new.

    So now we move on to the Xbox 720’s GPU target for it’s dev kits: the HD Radeon 6670. This GPU is a bargain bin type GPU that was released last year and can play most games at a decent frame rate at medium settings….”

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  30. …….Okay so let me get this straight.

    The wii u is 2x more powerful than the 360..
    The nexbox is 6x more powerful than the 360,
    yet only 20% more powerful than the wii u?

    …….. Here. Skip to 7:04

    See this is why I don’t care about shit like this. I don’t care about GPU and advanced multicore processors or shit like that. Why do we care about power anyway? That’s for devs to worry about. I just want games. GAMES, GAMES, GAMES. Why do I buy nintendo consoles? Because I like nintendo and nintendo games. Why do I buy sony consoles? I like the ps2’s library of games. Why do I not buy microsoft consoles? Because the library doesn’t interest me, not because I dislike microsoft or anything like that. Maybe it interests you, not me. I don’t buy game consoles because some are more powerful, and you’re not a gamer if you do. Seriously, stick to pc gaming if all you do is count polygons and textures……

  31. This article is based of old information and is rendered useless.

    Even with ign’s error (maybe?) Ign is still more credible.

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  33. Im buying 2 wii u one for my son and I and a OLED tv for the wii u my son can have my old led tv. It will be so sweet to see the wii u on a OLED tv.

  34. Everyone knows that if Nintendo started using at least 360 level graphics since the beginning of the Wii developers would be spawning games left and right. Nintendo is that kind of company, its fun and intuitive, and I bet Gears of War wouldve been on the console in a different reality. Theyd be neck high with exclusives.

    1. The Xbox isn’t all that better. Who wants to pay $60 to play games online where Nintendo and Sony has the power to play games online without paying a single dime? Think about it.

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