Capcom has finally announced that it’s busy developing Ace Attorney 5. The developers wouldn’t reveal precisely what formats the next instalment of Ace Attorney would come to, but given the series history it wouldn’t be a long-shot to say it’s coming to Nintendo 3DS. Capcom neglected to announce a release date for Ace Attorney 5.



  1. I sincerely hope we do get this game outside of Japan, although given that Ace Attorney Investigations 2 isn’t getting localised and Layton vs Ace Attorney most likely isn’t either (which is strange because surely that game would sell like hotcakes, given that both Layton and Ace Attorney fans would buy it?).
    I also hope AA5 stars Apollo again. So many fans seemed to dislike him, and wanted Phoenix back in the starring role, but I always though Apollo was an interesting character, a bit more cold and logical than Phoenix, plus Capcom seemed to establish a hidden backstory to him in AA4 to be expanded upon in later games, so I hope that’s not abandoned in favour of Phoenix for AA5 simply because fans don’t like change.


    • I would gladly take Apollo if they left Phoenix out entirely. I think what fans hated more than changing the main character was bringing the main character back just to turn him into a hobo.


    • I don’t think it’s possible for Phoenix to return as the main character, even if they wanted him to be because there’s no room left on the timeline. Phoenix was only a lawyer for almost 3 years and all three previous games take up that time. Then just two months after the last case of AA3, he was disbarred.

      So lucky for us, it’ll more than likely star Apollo and dat sexy hobo-Phoenix <3


  2. I hope they release the first couple games on the eShop… never had a DS (went from GBA to 3DS) so the only one I’ve played was the first Ace Attorney on the iPhone… loved it… I’ve held off from buying the rest of the series in the hope that they’ll release it on the eShop or release a “bundle” of all the games for the DS/3DS…


  3. If this game follow the story after Ace Attorney Investigations 2 then no, i don’t want it, fuck you Capcom, if you are going to give us a excellent series of solving clues and puzzles, do it right, give us the whole series.


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