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Check Out This Hilarious Face-Off Between Street Fighter Producer & Tekken Producer For Tekken Prime 3D

Acclaimed Street Fighter producer Yoshinori Ono and Tekken producer Katsuhiro Harada have joined forces to promote the upcoming Tekken Prime 3D for the Nintendo 3DS. Both producers can be seen duelling it out against each other, but it looks as though Harada  clearly has the upper-hand. Tekken Prime 3D is due out February 17th in Europe and February 14th in North America. Here’s some of the key details for the game:

  • Tekken Prime 3D Edition sees the famous King of Iron Fist Tournament fought in 3D for the first time
  • There are more than 40 characters to choose from, including a young Heihachi, and players will do battle on totally new stages alongside others redesigned especially for the Nintendo 3DS
  • Players can battle alone through various challenge modes or play versus battle via a local or Wi-Fi connection. All modes deliver fast-paced dynamic battles with impressive graphics running at a high frame rate
  • Players can collect and trade original Tekken cards through StreetPass
  • For the first time on Nintendo 3DS, a full-length CG movie will be available on the game cartridge. Tekken Blood Vengeance is 90 minutes long with 30 minutes bonus footage and was produced by Digital Frontier, directed by Youichi Mouri and covers the history and legacy of the Tekken universe – a real must for fans

49 thoughts on “Check Out This Hilarious Face-Off Between Street Fighter Producer & Tekken Producer For Tekken Prime 3D”

    1. Youtube account:Thegunnshop; TITLE of video:”Nintendos last chance”.

      Sources taken from:kotaku,Nintendo meeting,kwing,ign and screwattack.

      Hey sickr why haven’t you posted this. According to the article in which the video was center, the stock holders are not happy with Nintendo. Iwata posted now half a billion dollar lost. Investor are unsure because Iwata recently posted that although they have hd they don’t want to use it unless the want to=Wii all over again(pure stubborn nintendo). It doen’t matter how much wii’s You sell if your in a Financial crisis and still selling at a loss with 3ds.(ps3/Xbox did post their loss but they make it up in games unlike ninty who rely on consoles) that and Nintendo out of the 2 companies are in serious crisis. The investors are becoming very worried because of the financial report and Iwata stubborness to use hd. Will the wii u hd and other feature be enough of a catch up to the other 2 6 yr old tech or are they going to wind up as a wii again. This is nintendos last chance it doesnt matter how much they sell if stockers leave its checkmate. Wii u is trying for us mature old crowd,Not babys anymore that need momny to buy and we are happy with our hardware:pc,ps3,iphone and xbox=strike 1. The cost is greater meaning your hurting your very poor casuals whom help your sales=strike 2. kids cant buy shit and mommy cant afford the wii u:Iwata stated wii u wouldnt be cheap like wii=check-mate. NINTENDO am afaraid will make games 4 xbox. Wii may have sold but they’re still crashing and if the wii u fails well they could sale but stocker will jump boats=ninty new sega.

      watch utube video for ninty doom.
      btw the video has many likes so say bias or fight but ur fighting us hardcore and the balls in our court we decide your fate. hahaha

        1. Sony has lost even twice as much money from the gaming industry than Nintendo has, Sony probably wants to leave the gaming market but cant since there is still money to be made, Assuming you are correct, David; if the Wii U fails and Nintendo falls, Sony would get out of gaming and go to cell phones like they are already starting to do and Microsoft would go to PCs and then iPads take over, end of gaming. The end. But thats only assuming your correct

          1. Thegunnshop whos talking about Iwata confession. Thegunnshop is a stock analyst and held many jobs such as reading Insurance and legal documents and rewording it back in English to the Insurance agencies lol. But he knows hoe to read any special language that companies use thats why he was worried about Iwatas confession. Hmm I don’t know if Nintendo would die Pc gaming would still go strong as it is. Even in the death of gaming due to Atari pc gaming was still going strong although it didn’t have a huge following. But the Nes took the credit for revival of consoles as it was one and still best systems they ever made. Yes sony lost money there’s no arguing that but Iwata was the one who reported their crisis to the stockers. It doesn’t matter how many units you sell if stockers are thinking of leaving. Thats why Iwata had the conference. Why do you think Nintendo is doing dlc and things that they strongly are against…its because of the pressure from the stock holders to make them catch up but Nintendo is stubborn in that Iwata doesn’t want to Implement Hd on all the games smh. One things for sure Wii U success is very VERY important…their future depends on it. You might be right maybe thats why sony and microsoft are backing out this year of console…to give nintendo a break? I admit it doesn’t make sense to me but regardless he should post sometjing that important. just watch the vid of it you’ll be shock how many thumbs up the hardcore gave in agreement.

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  2. Could this ad mean that there is a small chance of streetfighter x tekken coming to 3ds sometime in the future too?

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  4. Uh odd..anyways…I’ll dare you to besmirch the name of Tekken with your penis talk!! I for on wont put up with it! anyways… Do you guys think this game will have character customization? I hope. (^w^)

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