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Japan Is Getting Rayman Origins 3D Dirt Cheap

Ubisoft has revealed that when Rayman Origins 3D launches in Japan on April 12th it will retail for a mere 2,500 yen which is roughly $32 on all-formats. Compared to other new releases such as Soulcalibur V for PlayStation 3 which is 8,380 yen ($110) and Resident Evil Revelations which costs 5,990 yen ($79) you can see that Rayman Origins is a steal. I’m not entirely sure why Rayman Origins 3D is launching so cheap in Japan, but it’s a shame it isn’t here in the West.

48 thoughts on “Japan Is Getting Rayman Origins 3D Dirt Cheap”

    1. In Japan… they have much higher wages then in USA, so stuff there in Japan is more expensive.

      That’s why games in Europe are not cheep.

    2. Remember that the Yen is ridiculously strong at the moment so the conversion makes it seem like a lot more (which is why the rayman origins price is even stranger than it seems)

  1. @MyNintendoNews It’s cheap here in Brazil too,35(g7 reais_ dollars,most games cost more than 50 dollars in the lauching.

    1. really?

      It costs around £40 new 3DS games in England… all the older games has dropped to £16.

      Games are always expensive in the UK.

    2. você quer dizer, mais barato em relação aos preços atuais daqui do brasil né, porque a maioria dos jogos dos eua custam de 30 a 40 dolars. o Rayman origins custa 99 reais aqui, oque dá 57 dolars mais ou menos. Mais caro em relação aos EUA.

      1. english:

        you mean, it’s cheaper compared to current prices in Brazil, because most north american games cost 30 to 40 dolars. Rayman origins costs 99 reais here, which is 57 dolars. More expensive than the U.S..price.

  2. What i hate most is the region locking so if i import rayman 3DS into where i am… it won’t work… i will need a Japanese 3DS for it to work.

  3. Lol, what’s with the avatars.

    Anyway, I want the game. I don’t have friends with a 3DS, so no multiplayer modes isn’t that bad.

      1. Darksiders is suppose to be one of the WiiU launch tittles, im assuming he thinks he stumble in the “released” date for the wiiU.

    1. Just Dance and other Ubisoft games are popular over there, though they’re published by Nintendo in Japan.

      Rayman Origins in general is not popular anywhere. You can expect a similar “price drop” when it arrives for the 3DS in other regions.

      1. most rayman games didnt get released in japan….

        not all ubisoft’s products are unpopular in japan but most of them dont even get a release there

  4. UK to get rayman 20th Feb for 24.95…I may consider I guess. There’s a new gundam game available fpr uk to preorder on limited units tho so pre order quick

  5. UK to get rayman 20th Feb for 24.95…I may consider I guess. There’s a new gundam game available fpr uk to preorder on limited units tho so pre order quick

  6. It should be even cheaper than that.

    It’s a terrible game. Mediocre platforming, lame characters, and gameplay that literally put me to sleep.

    Besides, it’s so cheap on home consoles now that you could just buy it on one of the big three.

    1. I’m glad someone gets it, most people just look at the art with old-style run and jump controls and say “Wow, this game is great” but in reality it’s really not that good; in my opinion at least.

      1. I find it’s good entirely because it is simple (Easy to grasp, tough to master type thing), I just wish it came when there was a lull in blockbusters, haven’t been able to play my wii because RE:revelations, Mario Kart 7, Mario 3Dland and Tales of the abyss have been eating my time >.<

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