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Grand Theft Auto V Is ‘Making Great Progress’

Take Two has told investors that the highly anticipated Grand Theft Auto V is currently making good progress. Rockstar has yet to announce which platforms the next instalment in the Grand Theft Auto series will be appearing on, but it’s widely speculated that it could come to Wii U given Rockstar’s previous support to Nintendo platforms.

“Grand Theft Auto V is making great process”.

” [Rockstar] promises to continue [their] incredible track record of delighting fans by raising the bar in interactive entertainment”.

– Strauss Zelnick, chairman of Take Two

98 thoughts on “Grand Theft Auto V Is ‘Making Great Progress’”

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        1. better looking third party games are not gonna start coming until almost all next gen consoles are on board. but if you mean better first party then definitely yes.

      1. Damn, I cant believe it that final boss battle against the Veltro was hard. He ingests more of the virus, which transformed him more at an accelerated rate. But after killing him, they upload the video of Morgan and the Veltro leader and transmit it to the BSAA headquarters, saving O’brian and incriminating Morgan. All in all, Residents Evil Revelations was kinda good. But Morgan being the traitor was kinda lame. :/ Oh well, at least after you beat the game, you get to see them ride a helicopter over the ocean.

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    1. if it doesn’t rockstar can go suck ah dick, and that right there would prove that dev dont like nintendo and just want to see them die, seeing how they didnt relese GTA SA and manhunt on gamecube!

    1. Attention Viewers:
      These guys are obviously trying to pick fights with Nintendo fans. Avoid trying to argue with them as they’re just looking for attention :) Thank you!

      1. Attention Viewers:

        This fanboy misunderstood since things didn’t go his/her way. Avoid trying to argue with them as they’re just looking for attention :) Thank you!

        1. This site is called, “MyNintendoNews” … Lots of people have trouble reading, it’s nothing to be ashamed of if you thought you were on IGN or an xBox website.

          1. Gta only on Xbox and Ps3.

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              1. Your attempt was weak. You fail as well you forgot to add a comma after you separate thoughts. ‘id est’? Learn proper punctuation you idot.

  1. If Nintendo learned anything from the 3ds… It’s “make sure you have great first and third party launch titles.” If they include a stealable mariokart exclusive to the Nintendo version, that kills two birds with one stone.

    1. Lol, i would buy the game just to go around stealing Mario Karts :p Ive never played GTA…so that’s be a jump for me xD

  2. If it gets a PC release then it’ll be a day 1 pirate for me, but knowing Rockstar and their abysmal optimising skills, it’ll render it unplayable and not even worth the download.

      1. Not really I pirate and rom only Nintendo games. Haha poor faggotass you tell mommy to waste her whore cash on vc and wiiware price ripoff while I have all of it for free. Btw I use homebrew to kill fags like u in mario kart wii buy using bullet bill lightning,blue/red shell and adding the custom mod on bullet bill to manuver and hit u even if u dodge. also teleport. And my Vr points 999999 haha u losa dweeb.

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  3. Never played GTA in my life….not sure if I would start now, but it’s good to see that the Wii U might be the most successful home console since the N64! :D

  4. I know EVERYONE but me is Happy, but I really enjoy the simple and fun games that make Nintendo, Nintendo.
    I don’t wanna see Mario “ice” anything but a koopa troopa, nor do I want to see link “gettin’ some” from a lady of the night. I Do think this added power is going to make some of the BEST ever Nintendo Games.
    I’m not going to tell anyone else NOT to buy anything. I’m just looking forward to a really exciting time in Nintendo’s history, when Nintendo Gamers don’t need to run out and buy an XboX for decent 3rd party games. This is going to really hurt the other two game consoles.

    you can start calling me a twit or a “percy” now…..

    1. You’re not a twit, sir. I love Nintendo games for their simplicity too. At the same time I play GTA at my friends house (I get bored shooting people so I don’t buy my own GTAs).

          1. and quit it u are the bigest trolls here.i know why ur here to troll thats why nintendo sites has ps or xbox fanboys and sony or microsoft sites has nintendo fans

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  5. I want this for Wii U. Shut all the ignorant clowns who think Nintendo only has kiddie games on their consoles up.

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      1. Agreed on the Nintendo bit. God of War is great. I like ancient Greek storyline. The over the top violence is awesome too, but too much violence is bad. So I balance it with Nintendo.

        1. well i am a greek too and i like ancient greeks but thats ancient mythology not the ORIGINAL STORY LIKE thoukididis history!! it rules!

  6. Some of the funniest moments i’ve ever had while playing games was with this series, BRING IT OOOOOOOOOOOON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. They haven’t confirmed it would come to any platform, and by the looks of the trailer, it will probably be a PC exclusive or released with the 720 and PS4. There is no way in hell the PS3/360 would be able to handle that kind of graphical level.

      1. well if it can handle games like BF3, RAGE,crysis 2, and on a first party level UC3 and Gears3, i would doubt that the ps3/360 cant run GTA 5. im not too sure about rockstar going PC exclusive, they go where the money is and the money is on the console. but since im not patcher i cant tell the ‘future’ and know what rockstar might do .

        oh and thanks for reminding me about the “They haven’t confirmed it would come to any platform”, i didn’t had that in mind when i wrote my comment.

  8. Exactly what previous support of Nintendo platforms are you referring to here? Did Rockstar pull out some games for Nintendo’s stuff lately and no one told me about it?

  9. That’s all they said? I clicked on the link to this article, then the link to the full story after seeing just the one “making great progress” text and that’s all there is?

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  10. my ps3 sucks,all of its games are boring and they do only games with graphics and shooter games!Wii is better than ps3 because it has fun and good games including good graphics

    1. i agree with u i see so many kids playing CoD or unshited and they think that they are serius,get a life and get a wii and a wiiU

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