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Here’s The Latest Club Nintendo Rewards (With Pics)

Nintendo has revealed precisely what you can get this month with your hard-earned coins on Club Nintendo. Firstly, you can claim DSiware Art Academy: First Semester which is available for 150 Club Nintendo coins. The second reward that’s available is the Nintendo Card Case which was revealed a few months ago. The Card Case can hold up to 18 games and comes with replacement double-sided covers, and can be yours for 250 coins. Oh, and if you’re looking for Mario Party 2 then that can be yours for 150 coins.

85 thoughts on “Here’s The Latest Club Nintendo Rewards (With Pics)”

  1. Someone was talking about this video in an earlier post, I watched it myself and thought it was interesting. Note: this is NOT bashing Nintendo, if it was I wouldn’t have posted it.

  2. Sickr, I used the website you posted before to try to change my Gravatar…does it just take time to change, or did I do something wrong?

  3. “Nintendo”: making things more easy for robbers :)
    They now know what to look for … and you will loose all your games

  4. The Only Pokemon Champion

    Hey Mike S you wanna be friends?
    ive seen you on nintendo3dsblog too
    you mightve seen me too

  5. im tempted to get that case, but i rather wait for those Mario/Luigi/toad/Peach 3Ds Cases to come to the states. (if they do) :(

  6. so are they going to release super mario bros from the nes? i never had an nes or snes so i really want to try super mario bros 1 completely

    1. Various ways to get it:
      1) if you are a 3DS Ambassador, you should already have it (on 3DS)
      2) It’s already on Wii VC, came out Xmas day in either 2006 or 2007. You can already buy it for 500 Wii Points.
      3) If you have the original NES, an original copy shouldn’t be hard to come by

        1. I’d think it’d be 4 or something, I don’t see why they’d charge more for it on the 3DS. Either that or $4.99 with the tax pushing it over the Wii VC.

  7. Ordered this item, lol. It’ll come in handy, as I won’t have to keep opening and reopening various game cases just to play a single game.

    1. It comes with Zelda covers. Assuming you are part of Club Nintendo of North America, log in and see. It comes with 3 original inter-changable covers. Sickr only featured the Mario one, but there’s a black Legend of Zelda one (items from entire series), and there’s a basic plain one. Not sure why Sickr didn’t show all 3 pictures.

        1. Sweet, I guess I never saw pictures for the retro one. It’ll be surprise in 2-8 business days (I ordered it the day it was announced). Name change since Gamer Greg was not available on word press :(

  8. Dude, you people are so lucky.
    We only have useless rewards in the European (or German… I’m not sure if it’s for whole Europe) Club Nintendo. And if there’s something useful, it’s daaamn expensive.
    I wish we had those awesome things japanese people get D:

    1. Don’t feel too bad – the Australian version of Club Nintendo is just as bad… Nothing but junk and many of the items available in the North American, British and European versions of Club Nintendo are not available in the Australian version of Club Nintendo.

      1. Don’t worry, you’re not missing out. The British Club Nintendo ‘stars catalogue’ is overpriced and complete SHIT. I just had a look at the rewards catalogue on the US & Canadian Club Nintendo website and they have tons of good stuff that hardly cost a thing! :'(

  9. stuff is tempting but i need 10 more coins for the 25th anniversary edition Zelda and then i have to wait till they are in stock,sigh… off topic but wouldent it be sweet on wii u if you earned coins through an achievement like system?

    1. I can see that puttin nintendo at a financial downfall. That’s like them practically givin us free coins. “Oh you beat the game for the first time? Here, lemme give you 100 coins, enough to get this 500 wii point vc game for FREE” That’s $5 right down the drain. And trust me, that stuff really adds up when EVERYONE and their mothers are doin it. So that would be a fool route to go

      1. It can give just a little amount of coins for each achievement, it’s not needed to give you 100 coins each time, could be just 10 coins for each achievemet.

          1. Nintendo would not be losing money if they gave out coins,because if you buy a game it contributes to them, for achievements it would be like this. 5 coins for a for a mushroom rank achievement(lowest one) 10 coins for flower rank achievement (second highest) and 15 coins for a star rank achievement.I personally think that would be an reasonable amount of coins,but makes these coins separate from club nintendo coins,so they are called U coins in which you can buy certain games and applications off the U Shop or various things.of course there should be a converter to make u coins into club nintendo coins say 2 u coins is 1 club nintendo coins saying u coins are easier to get and that there are i gotta stop typeing.

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