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Conduit Developer High Voltage To Make Wii U Games

High Voltage, the development studio behind The Conduit has announced that it’s the latest developer to sign up for the Wii U. High Voltage wouldn’t reveal exactly what they’re working on, but hopefully we shall see the fruit of their endeavours at this years E3 event in Los Angeles during June.

63 thoughts on “Conduit Developer High Voltage To Make Wii U Games”

    1. Sickr just a little piece of news. Nintendo isn’t joking around

      1. First Nintendo got people from Naughty Dog and Vigil, now Crytek? Whatever they’re working on, it’s going to be epic.

  1. Fuck yeah! All aboard the Wii U train. Developers seem to really be embracing the system. Nintendo seems to be on the right track.

  2. I loved both Conduit 1 and 2 (found them to be nice, fun games, but not quite “great”). I’d love to see what they can do with either the 3DS or the Wii U… but if you’re making a game for the 3DS, it better be something suited to its capabilities (as in not an FPS).

    1. There is actually a conduit 2 tech demo on the 3DS. It looks better than the Wii version and you can change between 1st person perspective to 3rd person perspective.

        1. I don’t know I can see Conduit 3 looking playing realy nice on 3DS. Plus I think it would stand out more on 3DS than on Wii U since the Wii U will get some bigger name shooters that will obviously over-shadow Conduit 3.

  3. I got the first Conduit and really had no complaints except the story was too short and the multiplayer was full of hackers. I never got the second one, but I know that they switched voice actors to the guy who did Duke Nukem. Imo, the guy from the first game was a better fit.

  4. The more developers they support Nintendo, the more we see games coming to the Wii U (or Ultra NES). I’m sure High Voltage will be creating an epic blockbuster for the 8th generation… the U.

        1. I like the name as it is. It’s a Wii made for YOU, the core gamer. Sure, it has all those family games and favorite Nintendo franchises the Wii is known for (hopefully not including shovelware), but it also has all those hardcore single player games. Think of it that way and the current name makes sense :)

  5. Well, this was a given. I fully expected to see them there. Hopefully they’ll advance on their engine as opposed to just simply get on the unreal bandwagon.

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  7. Conduit 1 was a great game, but they let the quality go down in the second one. If they can somehow strike a deal to work with Nintendo/Retro Studios, then we could get something really big. Those guys have nice ideas, specially for multiplayer, but a small budget/team seems to be holding them from accomplishing that.

  8. If they want to attract people to the Wii U, I vote Nintendo buy Free Radical from Crytek and get them started on an exclusive Timesplitters 4. :-)

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  10. Hopefully if they make a Conduit 2 it will be better than the second game. I mean don’t get me wrong, the conduit is a good series but the every time I played the second one I would get sick and the voice actor annoyed the crap out of me.

  11. Fuck High Voltage. The Conduit games suck donkey balls. I was really hoping the second game was gonna be good but High Voltage seem like they’ve never played another fps before in their lives.

    I love playing Conduit 2, but communicating with Friends is sooo hard I hope they change it. But they definately will with the Wii U and all.

  13. If they do a Conduit 3, they should push beyond fixing the problems, and making something completely epic. Also, they should take the good stuff from both of the Conduit games, and bring back the original voice actors. Grinder on Wii-U seems like a better fit, let’s hope they don’t change it to that god awful looking top-loader.

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