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THQ Says Less Than Half Of uDraw Tablet Stock Was Sold Holiday 2011, 1.4 Million Tablets Sitting In Warehouses

THQ has admitted that it took a massive gamble releasing the uDraw tablet on platforms other than the Wii. CEO Brian Farrell confessed that the company sold one million uDraw tablets to retail stores, but the vast majority of the tablets remain unsold to consumers. Farrell estimates that there’s roughly 1.4 million uDraw tablets left sitting in warehouses.

“We were confident that uDraw would resonate again this holiday, given last year’s robust sell-through. Our confidence was misplaced.”

“We were looking at uDraw as a bridge to this core and digital future, and that bridge turned out to be a plank that we walked off of.”

51 thoughts on “THQ Says Less Than Half Of uDraw Tablet Stock Was Sold Holiday 2011, 1.4 Million Tablets Sitting In Warehouses”

  1. Just make saints row games one every 2 years would be cool. Vita and 3DS versions too. Alternate years. Console year 1, handheld year 2, console year 3, etc.

  2. awww they changed the avatars on the site.. i like my pixelated whatever thingy… oh well… back on topic. i dont understand why anyone would buy that thing esspecially because there arent any good game that could use it well

  3. I almost got one of this, glad I didnt. Do they make software for it so that you can create REAL digital art? Btw anime is not real art so you leave that out.

  4. This is painful to see happening, mostly because the uDraw tablet was such fail and its having a repercussion on THQ, whom, I guess in response is having an epiphany to go towards the core gamers instead of dumb licensed game shit, which is a good thing in return I suppose, because we wouldnt be getting games like Metro Last Light and Darksiders 2, but its still painful to see.


  5. There sits a used copy of some Marvel Superhero Kids “uDraw” game for PS3 on the shelf at my store that will sit there until the end of time. As soon as I saw it traded in, I thought, “Fuck.” Potential sales item? Not really. Piece of insulation for a Minnesota store in the winter? Much better function.

  6. The concept is alright, but you’re essentially drawing blind. The tablet shows nothing, so I’d be hard to draw anything nicely. There are also not too many games for it, so it doesn’t have a broad appeal. Sadly, I saw the thing’s doom from the beginning.

  7. Things can change. If they just try to sell out the inventory with a smaller mark up then they may savage the udraw tablet. You take risk and sometimes it’s gold and sometimes it’s what you see in the toilet.

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