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Cave Story Developer Says Nintendo Has Really Turned Things Around With The eShop

Tyrone Rodriguez, CEO of Nicalis, the development team behind Cave Story, has told Destructoid that the eShop has really turned things around for Nintendo. Rodriguez is immensely happy with what Nintendo has managed to achieve with the eShop, and he believes that it’s a vast improvement for both consumers and developers.

“The eShop, I feel, has really turned things around for Nintendo on the digital side because the storefront is heavily feature-driven. Any publisher can still produce whatever it wants, similar to iOS in both regards. However, given the feature-oriented nature, the eShop is quasi-curated without being some lame PR line like, ‘consciously developing a curated portfolio’ . That’s a steaming pile of PR right there, but that’s another story altogether.”

“If we look back at WiiWare, that system was broken because it was trying to be fair and feature nothing. WRONG. In the WiiWare system all games were created equal, but life’s not fair and all games are NOT made equal. Some suck hard, particularly on WiiWare. However, that doesn’t matter much in a system like the WiiWare shop because customers aren’t being directed anywhere. The top 20 is the easiest filter and being on the top 20 doesn’t mean a game is good/great, it just means they sell. Frogger, really?

I’m pretty certain that the number of total downloads (across all games etc) on most platforms typically hovers around the same rough figure.  So, say you have 200 total customers to a given service per day, in the case of WiiWare, they’re getting lost in an ocean of blah. Other services, like eShop, have systems in place to control what people get to see and, to me, this is ideal.

Since the eShop is heavily feature-driven,  this not only helps promote titles, it forces publishers and developers to make better games, hopefully. You want to get featured? You better have something good to show, curated or not. Will this change in the future? I have no idea as I’m not Mr.Iwata, but I do know that compared to how we did on WiiWare and DSiWare, eShop has a much better outlook. “

41 thoughts on “Cave Story Developer Says Nintendo Has Really Turned Things Around With The eShop”

    1. Hmm I actually like Cave story its the most original story ive seen in ages. Plus the graphics are amazing and charming. I like the 3ds version but it lacked a few features and the graphical charm of its previous installments but it did offer a great challenge that modern companies should take note. I hope it gets a sequel its soo good. its one of the few games I actually like and can’t find any complaints except just minor nitpickings like there character development more background story but since its old school they do it without cutscences, except 4 ninja gaiden, overall its perfect game for all consoles.

      1. I men’t the comment the Dev left not the game. He seems very passionate and such, but I think it is far to say wii-wear was a total failure.

        You can’t run before you walk.

      1. Do you know of any support megssae boards that are helpful? I used one years ago and now would like to recommend one to a good friend. She suffers from depression and anxiety. She is on medication and sees a psychologist.

  1. Nicalis did not develop Cave Story. It was developed by a one man development team known as studio pixel, over the course of five years. Nicalis potted Cave Story, but they did not originally develop it.

  2. This guy is smart. wiiware really was an ocean of blah. I much prefer the eshop. And supposedly it’s getting another update so it could get even better.

          1. The Only Pokemon Champion

            lol so naive, i just put a random address and it worked :P
            you guys should put like any postal code from low tax areas
            saves lots on the eshop :D

  3. It’s a shame to see Nicalis and Tyrone Rodriguez being called “The Developer of Cave Story”. Not to undermine their work in bringing Cave Story to the 3DS, Wiiware and Steam, but they did not develop it; they ported it. Cave Story was originally a freeware game made by one guy, Daisuke Amaya (Pixel) over the course of 5 years.

  4. The eshoo is not Eshoo wander through as well. When I would wder the Wii shop, I felt like I was in a clinic waiting room. It was a very bland experience and slow too.

  5. Batman spends thousands of dollars for state of the art computer equipment for the new bat cave but was very disappointed to find out it can only run shitty windows 7.

    Few more hours till I pick up Resident Evil:Revelation.

  6. Well Nintendo did say that they were going to step up their digital games service at E3 2011 with the eShop. Looks like Nintendo is very true to it’s word.

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