Junction Point Is “Implementing Wii U Support For Epic Mickey 2”

We already know that the sequel to the well received Epic Mickey is currently in development at Disney, but what we didn’t know is that it should be heading to Wii U. The information was found by internet sleuth Super Annuation who Tweeted the following:

Apparently Junction Point is “implementing Wii U support for Epic Mickey 2.” Not sure if that means WiiU SKU or Wii version supports tablet.



    1. mickiy mouse brings so many memories but 1 mickiy mouse for babys or not. i just asking i dont say that mickiy is for babys because i dont care about disney a litlle:)

  1. Cool, I liked the first one, if they learn from their mistakes this next one will be awesome :D

  2. It should come to Wii U because Epic Mickey 2 is rumored to release late 2012 and it could be an amazing launch title for Wii U, plus if the rumors about it also coming to 360/PS3/Wii then the Wii U will get the best version and it should since the first was a Wii exclusive.

  3. Let’s hope it’s longer and doesn’t have a game breaking glitch like the first one did. I ended up trading it in.

      1. Does anyone see my replies? Cause I can’t but when I try to repost it says “you already said that”.

      2. Did you encounter it, or did you return it because someone found this?

        Did you return Skyward Sword because of that glitch?

      3. Yes, I encountered it. Luckily I had an SD card so I backed up my save file. I traded it in cause it got boring. I haven’t gotten Skyward Sword yet.

      4. Try refreshing the page after each and every post you make.

        Should resolve your issue.
        May not be a “good” fix, but it should work for ya.

  4. Wasn’t it basically just a painting game? Ehh…well, that wasn’t the main problem for me. The glitches stopped me from caring about the first one.

  5. Since the first game was based mostly on Disneyland, this one should be based on Disney World. There are many forgotten rides that can be represented and some great concepts that never happened. The game could be great, if they do it right. I liked the first one a lot, it was just too short and had that really bad glitch I mentioned above.

    1. I managed to finish it, but not redoing the game on the alternate path (paint vs thinner).

      What exactly had to be done to activate the glitch, the link you posted made it seem the author was unsure of what he did. From what it sounded like, the game let you go back at a point where you should not have.

      1. Basically the game skips an entire boss battle and if you go the area where the battle occurs the game freezes, and since it auto saves you’re permanently stuck unless you delete your file or back it up from an SD card like I did.

  6. I absolutely loved “Epic Mickey” but given Disney’s past on not taking many chances, and the less than stellar sales from the game, I have many reservations that there is going to be a sequel. With that said, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it does see the light of day.

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