Legendary games designer Shigeru Miyamoto has confessed that he’s really enjoying working on Pikmin 3 for Wii U. The game was originally developed for Wii, but Miyamoto says that having high definition graphics and a touch screen at his disposal is enabling him to create a game he’s truly happy with.

“Originally, I was making Pikmin 3 to be launched on the Wii platform. Because the Wii U is capable of HD quality pictures, and will be accompanied by the subscreen on your hand. I thought that I would be able to make a Pikmin that was closer to my ideal. I am now actually enjoying myself, working on the game.”



    • Me neither! I think the Wii U is the perfect console for Pikmin. The style of the game will look it’s best with as much detail as possible. The awesome graphics of the Wii U would accommodate the detailed and realistic style of Pikmin. And having HD for Pikmin is something that I think is perfect as well. It would allow you to have the camera zoomed out very far, but still be able to see detail of the characters/Pikmin below. Also there is so much info and numbers that you have to pay attention to while playing Pikmin, so having all that stuff on a separate controller would be great.


  1. I’m glad he enjoys his job, is excellent at it, and doesn’t do it just for the money, although obviously, yes he needs to be paid in order to make a living. But I’m glad there’s more to it than just the money.


    • You made a true statement.

      These days movie directors and Game developers seem to care about money more then anything else… you knew about MW3 when the fans did not like it… it was activation trying to take Money.

      HOWEVER! companies like nintendo don’t care about the money… they care about the fan base.


      • Agreed, however not to play Devil’s advocate, but Nintendo Does care about Money, they Just believe the best way to make money and be profitable is to keep their buyers happy with quality gaming.

        Just trying to troll-proof your statement. (Not that it’s possible, Lol)


  2. me wants this but me miniumums wage in dah greece gons down nows.so me get less 4 sucking dah cock.so wills takes longer or more cocks for me to affords.


  3. Ah man, I really wish Play Control Pikmin 2 came out. The Pikmin 2 game starts at about $30 used for Gamecube in America. I have Pikmin for GCN but never got Pikmin 2. I hope Wii U has a bundle or DLC or something so those who never got to play Pikmin 2 get a chance to.


    You fell for the “HD Gimmick” long before we fell for the “3D Gimmick.”
    You were hypocrites before we were Fanboys.

    Post in a forum where your idiocy will go unnoticed. You just appear ignorant here.


  5. The trailer for the game to be announced should use that blue “U” logo like in the first Wii U trailer where it made that “popping” noise. Only for the pikmin trailer, some pikmin seeds should “to everyone’s suprise” pop out XD


  6. New consoles at E3 are always a treat to see, and I also hope a trailer for Pikmin 3 is shown. Can’t wait to see what Nintendo has done to the Wii U since E3 2011.


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