Amazon Advertised Call Of Duty Black Ops 2 And Then Promptly Took It Down, Activison Mad

Amazon France apparently advertised a product page for Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 and then quickly pulled it down according to Gameblog. We already know that Activision are set to release another instalment of the immensely popular Call of Duty franchise this year, but the publisher has yet to confirm the name or the setting.

When Gameblog published the news Activision stepped in and demanded they take the news article down and when the blog refused to comply Acitvision disinvited the site from a preview event for Transformers: Fall of Cybertron and canceled advertising campaigns it had with the website. I guess Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 is pretty much official then.


      1. probably was gonna say first. Yeah I don’t get what the big deal of saying first.

    1. Thanks! I hope they’re not too intrusive. Just signed up with a new advertising partner as the Google ads weren’t doing the trick.

      1. sigh… but why is the ad right on my right, it just squished the comments section to the left for me. It’s weird.

      2. Yeah, originally the content from a single post would be centred, but there’s now a right sidebar that displays an add which pushes the content to the left. It’s meant to be like that.

      3. Seem to be okay in Firefox but in IE9, the ads are appearing outside the boxes you’ve got marked for advertisements.
        I also noticed you have an autoload for older news stories

      4. I’m using safari and the ads are out of the boxes for me.

        I have firefox installed but it takes long.

      5. The ad on the top is kind of intrusive for me. I liked it when I was able to open the internet and immediately see the newest news without having to scroll down (your website is my homepage btw).

  1. All shall kneel before my almighty first-ness! I’m sure everyone will love me in their own way including their hurtful words

  2. Activision weren’t mad, read the recent Kotaku article on it all. It was all professionally done and dealt with and they’ve ‘made up’ now. How would you like it if a game you had been working on for a while was just announced without your consent and suddenly the whole internet knew of its existence. I’d be pretty pissed too

    1. Sickr didn’t say Activision was Wrongfully mad. He just said that they were, as you just did confirming they were justified.

      He just had a funny punch-line at the end, “CoD2 is official then?” (or something like that) – don’t blame sicker Activistion was mad, blame Amazon, Gameblog… And whoever the hell else was involved! :P

  3. am I the only one hoping they’ll release a portable version on the 3DS? cuz I personally would love to play 3D black-ops online anywhere that has wi-fi.

    1. I hate FPS on handhelds… But the 3DS might just be strong enough to pull it off…

      They would need the gameplay quality of Resident Evil Revelations, minus the load-lag.

    2. That would be interesting, I guess. But about the 3D, 3rd party games have terrible 3D compared to 1st party games.

      1. Depends on what game really.

        Resident Evil and MGS was good 3D, but DOAD had weird 3D and low FPS.

        Nintendo handles 3D best.

  4. activision, you guys are a bunch of F***ing IDIOTS. no one is surprised that this game is coming out. did you really think that it was going to be some big, shocking announcement? are you kidding? here is another shocker. a new “madden” game is coming out this year.

    secondly, you guys already know that this game is going to sell 20+ million copies, regardless of ANYTHING. are you guys really that moneygrubbing, that you are worried about your financial situation? you, the owners of “CALL OF DUTY”??? this is a joke.

    F*** activision and F*** call of duty

  5. Wow! I officially hate you sickr! Your such a dumbass CoD fanboy! What does this this Black Ops 2 shit have to do with Nintendo?! I suggest you leave the Internet and go rethink your life. Your a fat Nintendo hating whore. No wonder your the only one on this site, nobody would want to work with a greasy asshole like you. I bet when you read this comment you’ll cry to your granny. She’ll stick a hairy dick in your mouth and then you’ll roll on the floor and semen wil spray out of your tiny cock!

    1. Wow, you just really made yourself look like a real asshole lol Did you seriously think that by posting this ridiculous troll hate on this page (under Anonymous btw) would make you look like a hero or something under the impression you were just telling it like it was? Really now, think before you trololololol with pointless reasoning and childish banter

    2. It’s news because it’s most likely coming to Wii U and 3DS.

      All call of duty games come on Nintendo anyway.

  6. Figures they tried so hard to conceal the slip that they confirmed it lol If they would’ve just let it go it at least would’ve been dis-guarded as a mistake or SOMETHING…

    1. call of duty is the best and top 1 game ever made and better than golden eye which is horrible

      1. Dude! Golden eye reloaded was brilliant, have you even played it? Best movie to game ever.

        MW2 was the best Call of Duty so far.

    1. People are bound to buy the series because it’s so big.

      For some reason people only buy for Multiplayer :/

      1. Tekken?

        Ubisoft joined making two hardcore Wii U console exclusives?


        Started of console gaming?

        First handheld back in 1981?

        First to release 3D handheld?

        First for rumble?

        First for a screen on controller?

        Cuz Nintendo unleashed the Wii U this is whats going to happen

      2. Copiers are never better.

        Apple > Microsoft.

        Windows is full of bugs and always froze when i played spore (Nothing to do with the specs because it was a brilliant computer), I have a mac and never had problems.

  7. Activision was pissed. I think they made up now, though. They most likely want to do a big reveal at E3.

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