Pokemon Scam Hits The App Store

Apple has approved a Pokemon game which doesn’t actually include any content on the App Store. The ‘game’ which is titled Pokémon Pocket Edition and retails for $5 hasn’t actually got any gameplay, and is just a gallery of Pokémon photos from the games.

Numerous consumers have purchased the title only to find out that there’s no gameplay and are greeted more often than not with the application crashing The developer behind the application has written the following misleading information about Pokémon Pocket Edition::

“Marking the Pokémon series’ glorious debut on the App Store, Pokémon lets you verse and play as everyone’s favorite Pokémon, Pikachu, around awesome lands.”

“Using the stylus to control your favourite Pokémon, zip across land and sea—even through the air—on a mad dash for the finish line”.

– Pokémon Pocket Edition scam text


    1. You would think people would realize that the ipod has no stylus…granted how many people actually read the description of apps…


  1. Nintendo has said that they wouldn’t be putting their franchises on the App Store nor would they be allowing anyone else to create one of their games for the App Store. You’d have to be a dumb ass to buy it it…


    1. This is true, but in technicality nintendo only owns a part of pokèmon, a third I believe. So if gamefreak and the pokèmon company wanted to put something on a smartphone app store, they could and nintendo wouldn’t really have any say in it


      1. Nintendo owns part of gamefreak and part of pokemon franchise. They probably have some sort of agreement stating that pokemon can only be made available on nintendo device. Otherwise it would be silly on nintendo part. So I’m positive even if gamefreak want to develop for sony/microsoft, they just can’t.


      2. there already is a pokemon game developed by game freak on the app store…It’s called “Pokemon Say Tap”. What he described basically happened.
        So actually, he’s right.


      3. Nintendo owns part of gamfreak, but they own Pokemon in its entirety. Unlike game likes Professor Layton, they get to decide when and where Pokemon games will appear. Gamefreaks have a contract to work for Nintendo platforms only, but they have some freedom to make games for other open platforms. The thing is, they do not receive any money from Nintendo and if they fail, they get the cold shoulder. Games owned by Nintendo thought are not the exception. Gamefreaks was built with Nintendo developers, so it makes sense.


    2. Why should we care anyways not like an Actual Pokemon Game will be made on iOS or Smartphone and Android.

      They just gonna get some crap games like Pokemon Tozei, Dash, Global Link Dream World stuff.

      They will never recieve a Main Pokemon game, or spinoff like XD, Dungeon, Ranger or Rumble.


  2. Sounds like the description of Pokemon Dash, only with nintendo ds replaced with app store… Nintendo needs to sue this guy.

    This is the type of thing ACTA should be designed to stop, not sending people to jail for 5 years for downloading a picture of a Bulbasaur… This needs to be stopped, not free internet usage.


    1. Is it right to just blame Apple for all of this? I enjoy the iPhone, but I actually despise applications. I nabbed the ones I liked and won’t go near any others. I don’t understand how apps are taking from the video game market


      1. It is right to blame Apple claims to have the safest and most strict app store regulations out of any marketplace they should have prevented this when they saw it was a licensed property in the first place


    2. Pokemon Main Games or the great spin off XD, Ranger, Dungeon, Puzzle League, Trading Card, or Rumble will never be on Mobile so you shouldn’t worry cause I don’t how people will trade pokemon on iPhone. Maybe make a phone call.


  3. I cant believe people are stupid enough to fall for this scam…

    They must:

    A: Have the IQ of a toaster.
    B: Have more money than sense.
    C: Both.


  4. You can’t blame people for falling for this scam. The average iPad user doesn’t know that Nintendo stated that their IPs will not be appearing on other platforms, shit, they don’t even know Pokemon is a Nintendo product. So when they see a pokemon app pop up on the app store, they see no need to be suspicious. Nintnedo and Apple need to take action against this dude.

    Leave luck to heaven.


      1. If they didn’t know that Pokemon was a Nintendo IP and would therefore not be appearing on an IOS, they wouldn’t think twice about putting money down for this scam.


      2. People are stupid, i was in game stop aswell, and a kid asked the guy at the counter if he had Uncharted 3 or SMG2 for the original xbox



    1. I agree. Apple, the prestigious APPLE, “TESTED” the app, then approved it?

      Apple’s policies are bullshit. They can’t even do their fucking Job. First, No Porn on iPhone App Store – It happened, for the same fucking reason- half ass app testing. I use their hardware for third party software, that isn’t blessed by the all-mighty Apple. The day I can’t Jailbreak my device, is the day I stop using their hardware.



      1. Apple’s policies of them checking apps are a fail.

        Apple really should test them instead of just dumping them on the app store.


    1. Someone above blames you, not Apple. Probably works for apple.

      Your mistake was trusting Apple to keep you safe. They can’t. The odds of finding a cheap ass game worth playing on iOS is 1:100.


    2. :(

      Apple owns you 5 bucks.

      It’s not your fault it’s apples because they said that they tested it so you should be owned $5.


    1. Why are you here then if everything Nintendo makes is crap.If you was so happy with your crapbox you spend time on it instead of here on a Nintendo site? You obviously love Nintendo you cant fool me you love em. But if someone leaves you house in a car make sure your head is under one of the tires


    2. :O

      you mad bro? I’ve played worse RPG’s… Why do so many people play WOW? that’s an RPG.

      You need to know three things now.

      What the Genre Sci-Fi means

      What the Genre RPG means

      And that trolls always fails.


  5. This guy made a ass load of money because some people would turn their back on Nintendo to buy a cheap pokemon game WTF.I knew it was a scam but come on i wouldnt buy a pokemon game on no apple store app for $5 period. Im not that hard up for a deal lol . You know the old saying you get what you pay for.






  7. T_T Really? First of all the description clearly pointed out that it was a fake. “using a stylus…” THAT RIGHT THERE IS A DEAD GIVEAWAY THAT IT’S FAKE. Everyone should know what a DS system is by now to know the difference.
    And if any of those people had stopped to actually think before they bought it, they would realize that Pokemon is only appeared in Nintendo systems. It’s pretty obvious that Pokemon mainly belongs to Nintendo.
    Apple really sucks. BIG TIME. >:[


  8. When i saw the title all i saw was Pokemon hit’s App Store.

    I thought to my self COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT!

    But then i read the article. SCAM!!!


  9. Stylus is what it said in the description? is the scammer retarded or what?

    Also people who fell to this are…


    2)To lazy to look at description

    3) Trust apple and believe that they never make mistakes in which every company in the world makes mistakes.

    4) People read everything but was to retarded to think for them selfs.


    1. Wow…

      I’m using a macbook right now and my friend owns a Iphone 4S. Siri :)

      Seriously i hate the testing policies of apple.


  10. On a slightly more serious note – the scammer won’t make a penny. Apple itunes accounting periods are 30 to 90 days so the scammer would have to wait for payment… and I would imagine refunds have already been processed.


  11. I just saw today there is also a game called Pokemon Yellow on the App Store, what is sad is that it was in the Top Sellers list, like in the Top 10, and it’s not Pokemon Yellow, people say they buy it and the game shows a picture and then crashes.

    The funny thing is that the developer is not Nintendo which makes it not official, so it’s obvious it will be a scam, it will not work and even if it did it’s obvious it is going to be taken down. And the saddest part is that people see it’s not official so it’s obvious it won’t be good and still buy it. People buy this like stupid, knowing Nintendo will never put a Pokemon game there since they are the competition. The app was sold for 0.99 cents, a friend just looked it up and it looks like it was already taken down.

    If you want to play Pokemon Yellow in an unofficial way get a GBC rom on your computer. You at least will have the game and for free, but the official way is the only very good way, you get the experience and the good stuff, like playing it on the console it was meant or a new one.

    I just can’t believe people are buying this Pokemon Yellow for 0.99 cents, so stupid, but oh well, and now I read there is another one people are buying too? And then you see in the reviews all the people complaining.

    So, at the end you are complaining of your own stupidity…


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