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Next US Nintendo Direct Conference Plus Japanese Nintendo Direct Conference Scheduled For Tomorrow

Nintendo of America and Nintendo of Japan has announced that its next Nintendo Direct conference will be streamed on the internet tomorrow. The Japanese Nintendo Direct Conference will be streamed here at 3am PST and 11am GMT. The Nintendo of America conference hosted by Reggie Fils-Aime will be streamed here at 6am PST and 2pm GMT. The conference will feature footage from Wii and 3DS rather than Wii U. What would you like to see?


      1. If you have heard of google you might wanna search that up but anyway I am an Nintendo fanboy but I believe that all consoles have their strong points. Plus I own a Xbox 360 and It’s ok but I always am playing Wii and 3DS


  1. Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom 3 port for the 3DS , New Love Pus US announcement , and release dates for games like Luigi’s Mansion 2.


  2. More WII U. I want to know what kind of cool driving / racing games it will have.
    I love Mario cart, but I yearn for a good “Crash-em-up” Like the T.V. Show Top Gear.


  3. Here’s betting they officially reveal that new 2D Mario game scheduled for this year. And Luigi’s Mansion 2 and Paper Mario will get more stuff revealed about them, like release dates.


  4. Something about Swapnote upgrade it’s likely. I would like to know some news about FLIPNOTE MEMO! It will be an awesome app! And PLEASE say SOMETHING about ANY KIND of CHAT app!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That’s quite NECESSARY!
    Please! T-T ;)


  5. I’m not expecting megatons at all, but I am expecting a few release dates for already announced 3DS games such as Mario Tennis, Paper Mario, Animal Crossing, Fire Emblem, and Luigi’s Mansion 2.

    Also, props to Nintendo for airing Nintendo Direct in the U.S., Europe, and Japan on the day that Vita releases in America.

    A part of me can’t help but feel that this particular Nintendo Direct will be very important, and I say that because of the recent rumors surround a new Pokemon game announcement, as well as yesterday’s Nikkei/Andriasang report on Nintendo reviving third-parties’ software, with the first being Seaman on the 3DS.

    Still debating whether or not I should wake up early to see this air at 8am.


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