Alternate The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword Box Art Comes To Europe

A poster over at Neogaf has discovered that Nintendo is currently distributing an alternative box-art for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword in Europe. This alternate box art was previously only available in the East, but it seems to have made its way to the West. I’m sure the collectors amongst you will be hunting feverishly for this one.

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      1. @zackery261

        oh my god you’re so funny, you must be the life of the party everywhere you go, I really want to hang out with you…


  1. Wow, second. Like it matters.
    This art is all well and good but I wonder if they’ll print the Loftwing’s outline wrong again =) It’s the same image as the poster Club Nintendo issued and then re-issued.


  2. I actually like this one better than the shipped version.

    @Mike: Don’t bother, I felt it to be a huge disappointment. Trying renting it before commiting full purchase price.


      1. The controls definately get easier as you go on, and it is a fantastic game, but not really the best starter point for a Zelda newbie. I’d recommend you give A Link To The Past or Twilight Princess a shot first.


      2. It’s not a game for Non-Gamers or New Hylians(If you know what I mean[Ok, Spirit Tracks wasn’t THAT bad, but, too easy…]), but it was the BEST Zelda game imo. The story was GREAT and because I had played 10 Zelda games before this one, it kind of brought everything together(this and Hyrule HIstoria READ IT!!! It BLEW MY MIND!!!) I know that oot is like the classic, but Skyward Sword was just AWESOME!!! You just have to know not to under-estimate the controls. They take a bit of getting used to, but don’t swing like a madman, because that just messes you up! It is DEFINITELY worth buying and keeping and playing OVER and OVER again! But if you’re new… play Oot/Mm/Tp and THEN SS. You kind of get the hang of the puzzles after playing a few games.^^
        Hope this helped,


      3. i felt the OLD stuff was better than the new for the most part. i don’t want the zelda games to change ever in how it plays. imagine how pissed you would be if it became like Call Of Hero: Modern Hyrule 3. you know… though it would be nice it they included some of the elements from assassin’s creed with all of the free running and what not. and id never ever want zelda to be like elder scrolls. it is fine the way it is, stop trying to change what is already good. i play zelda games to play ZELDA games if it tried to copy other games i would stop playing.


  3. @ninty15: do they need a reason/occasion to release epic box art? here’s hoping it comes to u.s. if so i’ll get it cuz i sadly don’t have a normal box art copy yet and i would love an excuse to get this more epic art.


  4. I’m guessing this will be the new box art everywhere, period. The gold cover was probably the initial limited press, with this being the downgraded replacement. (Note the fact that the cover no longer advertises the bundled symphony cd.)


  5. Nice cover, but it does seem a little too cluttered for a game cover. Twilight Princess was I think the perfect example of what a game cover should look like; simple but with enough detail to intrigue. The gold Skyward Sword box was also pretty awesome, but I wished they’d picked a little better painting of Link.


  6. Please don’t hate me, but i’ve never really liked legend of zelda. I tried getting into the series a couple of times, but i could never really enjoy it. But I do enjoy LoZ a link to the past. That’s a game i do enjoy and love playing while it being hard as fuck lol.


    1. Like

    2. I only got into LoZ last year (25th Anniversary, it means something 0_0) and I’ve played 7 games and finished 4… these games are difficult!


  7. me mites buy this.was goings to get original one but someone on here said it sucked and remote was unresponsive also the music was full of mistakes.


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